grade 3/4 camp 2006...3:00pm afternoon tea 3:30pm rotation 2 5:00pm settle in rooms / showers 6:00pm...

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Grade 3/4 Camp Information Evening Monday, August 10 th 2015 Anglesea Recreation Camp

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  • Grade 3/4 Camp

    Information Evening Monday, August 10th 2015

    Anglesea Recreation Camp

  • Staff and Parents

    Year 3 Camp Daniel Vuik

    Stella Stamatakis

    Robyn Law

    Julie Kelly

    Crissy Samaras

    Arlene Lawrence

    Branko Saran

    Glenn Beanland

    Travis Minns

    Tino Scasserra

    Year 4 Camp o Stephanie Taylor

    o Melissa Brown

    o Simon Radford

    o Malinda Vaughan

    o Lewis Mulvey

    o Anita Smith

    o Lauren Smilie

    o Julie Noonan

    o Arlene Lawrence

    o Gareth Campbell

    o Michael Ibbetson

    o Darren Minns

  • Camp Activities The Anglesea camp offers some

    really exciting and adventurous


    These activities


  • Students are harnessed then

    attached to the swing. A swinger is

    hauled by their team up to 16 metres

    and then they release themselves by

    a special trigger mechanism. Once

    released, adrenalin, excitement and

    achievement will take over.

    Giant Swing

  • Students are taught the basics of skating. They progress from sitting on the board through to learning the basics of rolling in on our 1 metre fun box. There is quick progression through multiple stages to get the students to attain the confidence to challenge the ramps. All levels and skills are provided to and are provided with knee/elbow pads, wrist guards and helmets.


  • Mountain biking is run by a qualified instructor who will teach children bike handling skills,

    through a series of activities and obstacle

    courses, as well as providing the opportunity to

    explore the local environment.

    Mountain Biking

  • Low Ropes

  • The Low Ropes course offers challenges

    for all abilities and ages. The qualified

    instructor will present the group with either

    personal challenges, team challenges or

    whole group challenges.

    Low Ropes

  • Beach volleyball will be held in an

    outdoors area, surrounded by sand.

    The students will learn basic skills and

    will be split into two teams to play a

    volleyball match.

    Beach Volleyball

  • Students will be taken back in time to hear

    the story of The Inverlochy, a cargo ship that

    ran around the reef off Anglesea and found

    occupants having to find their way to shore.

    The students are put into teams of ‘family

    groups’ who survived the wreck, and are

    given maps and task sheets. In a set time,

    teams collect objects lost at sea and

    complete challenges to ensure their survival.

    Inverlochy Challenge

  • Itinerary – Day 1

    8:30am Arrive at school 9:00am Depart school

    11:00am Arrive at Anglesea Camp

    11:30pm Welcome

    12:00pm Lunch

    1:00pm Settle into Rooms

    1:30pm Rotation 1

    3:00pm Afternoon Tea

    3:30pm Rotation 2

    5:00pm Settle in Rooms / Showers

    6:00pm Dinner

    7:30pm Night Walk / Camp Fire

    9:00pm Lights Out

  • Itinerary – Day 2

    8:00am Breakfast

    9:00am Rotation 3

    10:30am Morning Tea

    11:00pm Rotation 4

    12:30pm Lunch

    1:30pm Rotation 5

    3:00pm Afternoon Tea

    3:30pm Rotation 6

    5:00pm Settle in Rooms / Showers

    6:00pm Dinner

    7:30pm Disco / Movie

    9:00pm Lights Out

  • Itinerary – Day 3

    8:00am Breakfast

    8:45am Pack up / Clean up

    Luggage to car port

    10:00am Inverlochy Challenge

    12:30pm Lunch

    1:30pm Depart Camp

    3:00pm Arrive home to WNPS – tired but happy!

  • Night 1:

    Night Walk & Camp Fire

    Night 2:

    Camp Disco

    Night Activities

  • Students will be staying in

    dormitory style accommodation,

    which will hold up to six children.

    All girls will be sharing one large

    bathroom and the same for boys.


  • The kitchen staff at YMCA Anglesea

    Recreation Camp takes pride in offering

    wholesome meals. There is plenty of variety

    and plenty to eat. Fruit is available at all

    times for students to snack on. We ask that

    Students do not bring snack foods, lollies,

    chips or sweets to camp.

    Camp Food

  • Food and Dietary


    The camp will cater for dietary


    Medication will be collected and

    administered by Daniel Vuik (Year 3)

    and Stephanie Taylor (Year 4).

  • Food and Dietary


    Most meals will be eaten in the Dining

    room. Others will be eaten outside, mainly

    for lunch and snacks

    A typical daily menu may include;

    Breakfast: choice of cereal, toast and

    spreads, fruit juice

    Lunch: Hamburgers and salad

    Dinner: Roast / schnitzel with vegetables

    and gravy or pasta

    Dessert: Apple crumble and ice cream

  • What to Bring

    Suggested items to prepare:

    Warm clothing & jacket

    Comfortable walking shoes

    Sleeping bag & Pillowcase

    Drink bottle

    Cameras – clearly marked with your name

    Children should not bring any snack food,

    games, mobile phones, i-Pods or smart


  • Questions…

    Ask your child’s classroom teacher

    Contact Daniel or Stephanie