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The 4069 Report Residential property market Chapel Hill, Fig Tree Pocket, Kenmore, Kenmore Hills, Brookfield, Pinjarra Hills & Pullenvale Kathy de Jong 0418 985 969 Phil Zabaks 0403 753 518

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Page 1: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

The 4069 ReportResidential property marketChapel Hill, Fig Tree Pocket, Kenmore, Kenmore Hills, Brookfield, Pinjarra Hills & Pullenvale

Kathy de Jong 0418 985 969Phil Zabaks 0403 753 518

Page 2: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

Kathy de Jong & Phil ZabaksYour local experts for 4069As we start our climb towards the middle part of the year, it is interesting to see what

changes have taken place in the property market. Across Australia’s capital cities, and when

compared to the same time last year, house prices have continued to grow, albeit by smaller

percentages than previously, which suggests that we have returned to a more modest-paced

market or cycle.

Year on year, Brisbane as a whole grew by 4.5 per cent and remains one of Australia’s most

stable and most consistent market places in terms of capital growth. It is also unlikely that

Brisbane will see any significant swing or adjustment to this level throughout the remainder

of 2016.

There are a number of factors that have resulted in Brisbane’s resilient trend since 2012,

namely: consistent population growth change with an average growth rate of 2.2 per cent

per annum over the last ten years; less speculation based on property investment; and the

market has consistently seen a good level of supply – or homes – coming to the market.

Kathy de Jong I 0418 985 969 I [email protected]

Phil Zabaks I 0403 753 518 I [email protected]

Page 3: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

By Susan Prior

First came the coffee: roasted locally in

Woolloongabba, Brisbane, and supplied to an

assortment of cafés around Brisbane; then came

the vibrant coffee shop in downtown Kenmore.

With a philosophy of uncompromising quality, The

Single Guys Coffee Co, run by Ben Graham and Scott

Wilson, is a popular spot.

Newbies to the area may be surprised to find a café

with a definite happening vibe producing great

coffee out in the western suburbs of Brisbane. But

if you live around Kenmore, you won’t be in the

least bit surprised. Why wouldn’t a place like The

Single Guys open up here? The locals have clearly

embraced this little place, because at the weekends

there can be a bit of a queue to get a caffeine hit!

That, says Ben, is because they serve a quality

single-origin coffee, and it is fresh – a factor that is

often underestimated when it comes to getting a

brew’s best flavour.

The café is both minimalist in style, and lively. As for

the food, the café has an assortment of simple well-

thought-out menu items. Cakes are handmade by a

friend. And the French toast, the bacon and egg rolls,

and the beef brisket burger are huge winners.

I always like to find out how an establishment

gets its name. Often the story is fascinating and

unexpected. And the naming of The Single Guys is no

exception. I ask Ben where the name comes from.

‘No, in case you were thinking it, we aren’t two gay

guys, although we don’t mind if people think that.

The name comes from the fact that we roast single-

origin coffee, so we called ourselves “The Single

Guys Coffee Co”,’ says Ben.

So now you know.

The café also offers freshly ground coffee beans in

take-home packs. ‘A lot of people are getting into

making their coffee at home,’ says Ben. As we chat,

he explains to me the dreadful impact that coffee

pods are having on the environment. Not only that,

but they also cost three times as much as loose coffee.

So do yourself a favour, support a local business and

buy your coffee-to-go at the café, or buy their locally

roasted beans to make your own brew at home.

Firstcomes the coffee

Page 4: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

John Fitzgerald, Principal of Kenmore SHS

By Susan Prior

John Fitzgerald, the executive principal of Kenmore

State High School, has been teaching for 37 years,

and, even now, with a few years left to go before

retirement, he says his job still puts a spring in his


I caught up with John to find out about him and his


He tells me his first job was teaching at Pimlico State

High School in Townsville. John specialised in maths

and physics, which, he says, are ‘Two of my passions

in life’. Along with being a little bit of a cricket and

football tragic as well!

We reminisce about ‘the old days’ of log tables and

slide rules. John’s first degree was in surveying at

The University of Queensland, and when he taught at

Kelvin Grove, he had a large slide rule affixed to the

classroom wall, but none of the kids really knew what

it was!

John has been school principal at Mitchelton State

High, Craigslea State High, and for the last six years

at Kenmore. Kenmore is a large school with 1870

pupils. It offers a few specialist programmes including

German Immersion, Music Extension, Information

Communication Education (ICE), and Zenith.

German Immersion has about 50 students enrolled.

‘Immersion’ really means just that. Five core subjects

are undertaken completely in German: maths,

science, social science, physical education, and, of

course, German. Most of the kids do an exchange with

Kenmore’s sister school Engelsburg Gymnasium in

Kassel, Germany. John says, ‘By the end of Year 11

most of them are well and truly bilingual.’

The music extension is also notable. Specialist

musicians begin in Year 7. John tells me, ‘By the

end of Year 12, we have produced some pretty elite

musicians. And some go on to the Conservatorium as

well. Kenmore is noted for its music excellence.’

ICE is a programme where students do most of their

studies with direct tablet computer access; and Zenith

is designed for high-performing academic students.

KSHS is a popular State school with a great

reputation. John feels very strongly that the kids

who come through the State school system have

exceptional community values; they want to put

something back into their communities, and nurturing

this is ‘something that State schools do very well’.

Kenmore and Chapel Hill families are really lucky to

have a school with such a fine reputation on their


A StateSchool of Excellence

Page 5: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

KenmoreStatistics at a glance

median pricefor the period $624k highest price

for the period $5.29mnumber of sales

for the period 31 lowest pricefor the period $410k

total sales ($) for the period $28.96m days on market

for the period 57

KenmoreRecent sales

43 Trenton Street$410,000412m2

- - -

19 Durness Street$460,000711m2

3 1 2

20 Monter Court$480,000890m2

- - -

1 Glencarron Street$499,000589m2

4 1 1

19 Byambee Street$507,000642m2

3 2 2

45 Marland Street$515,000602m2

2 2 2

1070 Moggill Road$520,000956m2

3 1 2

103 Marshall Lane$550,000562m2

4 2 2

6 Meagan Street$551,900604m2

4 2 2

30 Aberfoyle Street$561,500589m2

3 2 2

81 Kersley Road$580,0001409m2

4 2 2

18/17 Marshall Lane$580,000142m2

3 2 2

69 Twilight Street$590,000640m2

4 2 1

20 Gleneagle Street$620,000660m2

3 2 1

15/17 Marshall Lane$624,000127m2

3 2 1

Page 6: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

Kenmore Recent sales (continued)

12 Marland Street$624,000693m2

5 2 2

8 Eversden Street$642,000546m2

3 3 2

22 Jewel Street$645,000668m2

4 2 2

23 Fairweather Street$650,000663m2

4 3 2

3 Foinaven Street$660,0001389m2

3 2 2

9 Melita Street$671,2981042m2

4 2 2

12 Darreba Street$675,000582m2

4 2 2

10 Dusk Street$680,000908m2

4 2 2

9 Summerfield Place$712,000640m2

4 3 2

31 Foinaven Street$760,000769m2

4 3 2

2/68 Gilruth Road$800,000229m2

3 2 2

30 Riviere Place$800,000600m2

- - -

37 Margaret Court$930,0001481m2

5 4 2

31 Margaret Court$1,060,0001265m2

5 2 0

21 Kersley Road$5,297,5007754m2

7 2 2

23 Kersley Road$5,297,5007223m2

3 1 4

About this marketplace report. In compiling this report the author has relied upon information supplied by a number of external

sources including CoreLogic RPdata. The publication is supplied on the basis that whilst every care has been taken in the

preparation, no representation has been made and no responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of the whole or any part of

the publication by the author. The transactions reported are for settled transactions reported during January, February & March

2016 and some properties have been excluded on the basis that the information could not be verified to the authors satisfaction.

Page 7: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

Chapel HillStatistics at a glance

median pricefor the period $760k highest price

for the period $1.12mnumber of sales

for the period 15 lowest pricefor the period $425k

total sales ($) for the period $11.3m days on market

for the period 42

Chapel HillRecent sales

31 Morningview Street$425,0001140m2

- - -

41 Burbong Street$580,0001012m2

3 1 2

25 Marney Street$610,000645m2

1 1 1

10 Wirra Street$666,000711m2

3 2 1

3 Widgee Place$675,000751m2

4 2 2

93 Moordale Street$730,000572m2

3 2 1

242A Chapel Hill Road$746,101754m2

4 2 0

42 Goolman Street$760,000761m2

4 2 2

1 Chantilly Street$765,000650m2

3 2 2

81 Greenford Street$770,000704m2

4 2 2

4/50 Boblynne Street$819,000535m2

3 2 2

272 Chapel Hill Road$840,000712m2

4 2 2

95 Ludlow Street$847,5001004m2

3 2 2

15 Amberelle Place$930,000906m2

4 2 2

181 Chapel Hill Road$1,115,0001123m2

4 2 2

Page 8: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

Fig Tree PocketStatistics at a glance

median pricefor the period $893k highest price

for the period $1.85mnumber of sales

for the period 12 lowest pricefor the period $550k

total sales ($) for the period $13.1m days on market

for the period 63

Fig Tree PocketRecent sales

190 Kenmore Road$550,000857m2

4 1 2

6 Errogie Place$731,000831m2

4 2 2

11 Agnes Place$760,000943m2

- - -

13 Fenchurch Street$760,000620m2

4 3 2

23 Botticelli Street$765,000744m2

3 2 2

37 Donatello Street$865,000632m2

5 4 2

30 Errogie Place$920,0001028m2

5 3 2

21 Norman Street$1,100,0002796m2

4 3 2

748 Jesmond Road$1,150,000735m2

5 3 2

5/680 Jesmond Road$1,835,000726m2

4 2 2

10 Ningana Street$1,850,0003430m2

4 3 3

28 Barry Groves Court$1,850,000651m2

5 3 3

Page 9: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

Kenmore Hills & Brookfieldˆ

Statistics at a glance

median pricefor the period $925k highest price

for the period $2.2mˆ

number of sales for the period 15 lowest price

for the period $520ktotal sales ($) for the period $16.6m days on market

for the period 97

Kenmore Hills & Brookfieldˆ

Recent sales11/9 Pamela Place$520,000306m2

3 2 2

6 Stoneybrook Street$703,500980m2

5 2 2

16 Mirbelia Street$710,000856m2

4 2 2

439 Bielby Road$793,000711m2

4 3 2

252 Bielby Road$885,00018030m2

4 2 3

261 Bielby Road$930,000707m2

4 2 2

9/157 Brookfield Road$980,0001202m2

4 3 2

211 Rafting Ground Road$1,300,00012130m2

4 2 2

60 Tinarra Crescent$1,600,00011200m2

5 2 2

30 Drysdale Crescentˆ$730,0001147m2

4 2 2

34 Drysdale Crescentˆ$818,0001039m2

4 3 2

61 Boscombe Roadˆ$925,00010120m2

- - -

71 Peronne Placeˆ$1,742,00010000m2

5 3 3

26 Westridge Streetˆ$1,800,00010310m2

5 3 1

50 Bundaleer Streetˆ$2,200,00048740m2

6 4 2

^ Indicates Brookfield sales.

Fig Tree PocketRecent sales

Page 10: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

Pullenvale & Pinjarra Hills*

Statistics at a glance

median pricefor the period $1.01m highest price

for the period $2.72m*

number of sales for the period 15 lowest price

for the period $680k*

total sales ($) for the period $12.56m days on market

for the period 112

Pullenvale & Pinjarra Hills*

Recent sales73 Airlie Road$890,00010000m2

4 4 2

288 Grandview Road$910,00031510m2

3 1 3

70 Herron Road$925,00010130m2

5 3 2

58 Bainbridge Drive$1,010,0004000m2

5 3 2

88 Primley Street$1,100,00040120m2

- - -

35/48 Olivia Place$1,125,0002500m2

5 4 2

230 Obrien Road$1,170,00040450m2

4 3 2

128 Red Cedar Road$1,250,00010100m2

4 2 3

2832 Moggill Road*$680,00010120m2

4 2 2

2949 Moggill Road*$780,00041310m2

3 1 2

44 Glenhurst Street*$2,720,00081300m2

5 4 6

* Indicates Pinjarra Hills sales.

Page 11: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

Kathy de Jong0418 985 969Kathy has been involved in real estate for more

than 20 years, both as an avid investor and

through her previous career of 25-plus years in the

banking, financing and conveyancing sectors.

Kathy’s ability to connect, listen and communicate

effectively with people has greatly benefited her in

her chosen field. It gives her clients the confidence

that they have entrusted the right agent with their

most important asset.

With her exceptional negotiating skills, Kathy

has proven time and again that she can obtain

premium results for both sellers and purchasers,

while her strong professional work ethic has

resulted in a satisfied and happy client base.

Responsive and supportive every step of the way,

you can feel confident and assured when you

choose Kathy to market and sell your property.

You will receive thoroughly professional service

coupled with honesty and integrity. Kathy happily

goes the extra mile for her clients.

With a positive attitude, refreshing honesty, and

a genuine passion for property and people, you

can expect and receive the exceptional service

that has won Kathy the respect and trust of many

home owners.

Phil Zabaks 0403 753 518Meet Phil Zabaks, a proud western-suburbs local

who thrives on being an active leader in the

community. He is renowned for his strong values

and it’s these ideals that drive him to provide his

clients with unmatched service and advice.

Phil is a successful real estate sales professional in

Brisbane’s western suburbs; his market knowledge

combined with his innovative marketing tactics

led him to Fairfax Media and Domain to drive their

advertising strategies. With the ultimate goal to

increase Domain.com.au’s Queensland market

share, Phil spent two very successful years as a

‘high performer’, finishing in the top 5 per cent of

all sales personnel, nationally.

With his vast experience, both in the field

and behind the scenes, Phil understands the

importance of implementing effective advertising

strategies in order to get your home in front of

not just more people, but the right people.

When you meet Phil, you will find that he is a

genuine, honest and friendly agent who you

can trust with your most prized possession –

your home.

You want Phil on your team.

Page 12: Harcourts - 4069 market Report - May 2016

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