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Health related and relevant to all.


  • 1. Healthy... waysto live a wholesome life

2. The road to liberation and salvation, the Vedic philosophy of nirvana and moksh, attainedthrough these 17 healers...FOR ALL THAT HEALS, GIVESHEALTH...Improved circulation, hormonalbalance, mental equilibrium,emotional wellness, loweredBP, better digestion and anoverall immunity that makesyou invincible... 3. AirAir means prana thelife sustaining force of human beings whichweaves the very fabric of life. Every form of life on earth is connected toair. So by breathing consciously, you becomeconscious of life itself.. 4. Water Our body is made up of 75% water keep it hydrated. Water maintains the health of every cell in the body, helps eliminate by- products, aids digestion, improves the texture of the skin, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. 5. Food Food can transform and influence the mind. It provides nutritional support, produces energy, maintains life and stimulates growth. Good food means a healthy mind and that means a healthy body. 6. Exercise Exercise challenges the body, strengthens muscles, improves the cardiovascular system, improves efficiency and functionality, aids weight loss, boosts the immune system and helps the prevention of disease by increasing energy and strength. 7. Rest The body oscillates between activity and passivity. Rest, which is the passive stage, is very healing. It induces calmness, reduces stress, decreases muscle tension, lowers BP, slows heart and breath rate. Never take your burdens to bed. 8. MeditationThis is the self healing,the act of letting tobrings inner peace anddissolves tension andstress. 9. Prayer Apart from invoking divine intervention, prayer is empowerment. It charges us spiritually and is a great workout for the soul. 10. Sunshine The light and heat of the sun has a warming and cheering influence, it is a healing element because heat and light are energy, so absorb sunshine. 11. ThoughtThe state ofconsciousnessunderlines almost everyhuman action, so keepyour thoughtsconstructive, and youractions selfless ... notselfish. 12. AttitudeThese are our judgmentsand feelings, defined asthe readiness of thepsyche to act or react in acertain way. Keep yourthoughts positive always,it increases self-esteem. 13. BehaviorBe responsible,remember that we arenot alone, we live in anenvironment where lifeis coexistent andenergies co-respond. 14. CompassionHaving empathy andsympathy for one andall is compassion... avirtue next to love. Themoment you hatesomething outside ofyou, youcorrespondingly hatesomething inside ofyou. 15. Benevolence To err is human, to forgive is divine. Forgiving yourself and the world and not holding anyone responsible including yourself, for anything is unshackling yourself. This act leads to emotional contentment and also promotes physical health and healing. 16. Creativity Stimulating the imagination with originality of thought generates energy, values, love and beauty. 17. Grace This is elegance of manner, and only people who are aesthetic, loving and creative get endowed by grace. Humility is grace. 18. Gratitude Be grateful for your existence, for all existence, count your blessings, acknowledge everything you receive, be aware of how much you have been given... not of what you lack. Giving thanks makes you happy and more humble. 19. PhilanthropyThis is simple love forhumanity, there is joy ingiving, fulfillment insharing, bliss in caring,reaching out tosomeone with just asmile or a prayer ingood faith can unleasha powerful and joyousresponse in yourself. 20. Heal ourselves and heal the world Every bit of thesepointers influences yourmind, body and spiritand triggerstransformation with ahealing touch... So letus heal ourselves andheal the world. Heal thy is... Healthy... 21. Bid Stress Adieu Bring inner peace... Spread harmony Keep smiling Feel happy Use nice words Do nice things Let life be joyful... 22. ReflectionYou wont need a mirrorto reflect the changesyou feel in your soul,because you will see theeffect it has in yourlife... 23. Bliss...