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  • 1. Custom Window Signs, Car Signs & Banners
  • 2. How to Care For
    Vinyl Banners
  • 3.
    • Vinyl banners help increase sales and reach out to
    • Maintaining your vinyl banner will keep your sign reusable
    and make sure it will hold up against outdoor elements
    each time it is used.
  • 4. Proper Hanging
    • Banners are typically hung with rope, bungee cords, or zip ties
    through the metal grommets in each corner.
    • Grommets reinforce the banner and prevent the holes from
    • Leave slack in the mounting material so the banner has some
    movement to prevent the grommets from tearing.
  • 5. Proper Mounting
    • Banner stands and backdrops require pole-pocket mounting.
    • 6. Make sure your pockets are large enough to fit a dowel.
    • 7. Raised the banner to its full height, but dont stretch it as this
    could snap the banner stand poles or cause the banner to stretch
    or warp.
  • 8. Remove Hanging Equipment
    • Completely remove all of the hanging equipment before storing
    your banner.
    • Banners should be rolled and any hooks or ropes still on the
    banner can scratch or puncture the material.
    • Dont store your banner on a banner stand because the exposed
    graphics can get scratched.
  • 9. Proper Protection
    • Roll your banner with the graphics facing inward.
    • 10. This will keep the graphics from scratching and ink from
    transferring to other parts of the sign if it gets hot.
  • 11. Proper Storage
    • Vinyl banners are weatherproof and can withstand different
    conditions, but they should still be stored carefully.
    • Keep them protected from high traffic areas and dont store
    anything on top of them.
    • Keeping the banner rolled protects it from permanent creases
    and folds.
    • Dont store the banner in areas that are exposed to extreme heat
    as this could lead to warping and damage to the ink.
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