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If you want to be a successful publisher or business in 2013, building your email list must be a key. In this talk, we'll explore how effective businesses and publishers in a variety of industries grow their email lists - online and offline - and how you can apply what they're doing to your own list-building strategy.


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2. Why build your email list? 3. 4. 5. Your email list is 6. Email gets people back to your 7. To join your list, peopleneed 2 simple 8. 1. A way to join 9. 2. A reason to 10. Why Do People SubscribeTo Email Lists? 11. 1. Theyre passionate about your topic 12. 13. 2. They want to beentertained 14. 3. They want to 15. 16. 17. 4. They want to connect 18. 19. 5. They havesomething to 20. 21. If you want people to join your list, you MUSTaddress at least 1 of 22. How do you get people to joinYOUR list?(Hint: not this) 23. Make it EASY 24. Can you find the signup form? 25. 26. Set proper expectations 27. 28. Remove anxietyof joining 29. 30. Focus on how thereader benefits 31. 32. Offer Something 33. 34. Can Social Media Build Your Email List?(Yes) 35. 42%Check email 4+ times/day 36. Easily add formsto 37. Welcome page forTwitter followers 38. Building your list offline:Its all about 39. Even when usingnifty tools 40. What to do now:Identify & strengthen your offer. Why willpeople want to join your list?Make it easy for people to subscribeCreate awesome emails that make yourreaders tell their friends! 41. OK, Question time!