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2. How to Network Effectively 3. Making Cold Calls & SMS 4. 21Effective way to increase your FANBASE on your blog or facebook 5. If you build aFacebookPage, will fanscome? 6. Unfortunately, thisstrategy may not bethat effective andcan, in fact, oftenbackfire. 7. Facebook users can only like up to 500 pagesCreate a Unique Page Image 8. Embed Widgets on Your Page Select from a numberof the new FacebookSocial Plugins and placethem on your page. The Fan Box widget isnow the Like Box and itworks well to displayyour current fan pagestream and a selectionof fans.1 9. Invite Your Yahoo and Gmail Subscribers Assuming you have an email list, definitely send out aninvitation to your contacts via email (severaltimes, over time) letting them know about your fanpage and encouraging them to join. Ideally, providethem with a description of the page and an enticementto join. Be sure to have the Facebook logo/badge appear inyour HTML newsletters. Instead of the usual Join ourFan Page, say something creative like Write on ourFacebook wall, or Join our Facebook community, orCome add your photo to our Facebook group(where group is actually your fan page). Users haveto be a fan in order to interact with your fan page inthis way.2 10. Add to Your Email Signature BlockInstead of promoting your Facebook personalprofile (if you do), include a link to your fanpage in every email you send out3 11. Make a Compelling Welcome VideoCreate an attractive landing tab (canvaspage) with a video that explains exactly what your fan page is about, who its for and why they should become members. 4 12. Steve The Science Guy!After watching his video, you cant help but want to join! 13. Steve The Science Guy!(By the way, with the new Facebook changes, if your custom welcome tab andvideo talk about clicking the Become A Fan button, you may want to change the wording to click the Like button NOW). 14. Use Facebook AppsI recently tested a new livevideo-streaming appcalled Blackjack madness.The app adds a tab to yourfan page called Shows andwhen you broadcast as yourfan page, everyone can viewby default. (You can alsobroadcast as your personalprofile and selectively invitefriends/friend lists). you canbroadcast regular liveInternet TV shows fromyour fan page and createmuch buzz. 5 15. Integrate the Facebook CommentFeature Yet they have organically built well over100,000 fans. As users comment on items, that activity ispushed out into their stream (profile wall andtheir friends News Feeds), whichcreates valuable viral visibility for your fanpage. 6 16. Load Videos and Embed on Your Site Facebooks Video feature is extremelypowerful. You can load video content to yourFacebook fan page, then take the source codeand embed on your blog/website. There isa Become a Fan button right in the videoitself. 8 17. Get Fans to Tag Photos If you host live events, be sure totake plenty of photos (or evenhire a professional GraphicDesigner), load the photos toyour fan page and encourage fansto tag themselves. This, again,pushes out into their wall andfriends News Feeds, providingvaluable (free!) exposure. And remember, a picture says athousand words.7 18. Place Facebook Ads Even with a nominal weekly/monthlybudget, you should be able to boostyour fan count using Facebooks ownsocial ad feature. Its the mosttargeted traffic your money can buy.To buy an ad, scroll to the foot of anypage inside Facebook and click the linkat the very bottom that saysAdvertising. From there, you canwalk through the wizard and get anexcellent sense of how many Facebookusers are in your exact target market.9 19. Develop Custom Tabs for Custom Ads 20. Run a Contest you CAN require Facebook users to become afan of your fan page in order to enter acontest, drawing or competition. 10 21. Link to Twitter Link your Twitter account to your Facebookfan page and automatically post yourFacebook content to Twitter. You can editwhat gets posted, choosing from StatusUpdates, Photos, Links, Notes and Events. I also recommend you promote yourFacebook fan page on your Twitterbackground and possibly in your Twitterbio/URL field too. 11 22. Get Fans to Join Via SMS Your fans can join your fan page via textmessage!12 23. Use Print Media Look at every piece of print media you use inyour business. Your Facebook fan page (as wellas Twitter and any other social sites youreactive on), should be clearlydisplayed. Put your Facebook fan page link(and the logo) on your businesscards, letterhead, brochure, printnewsletter, magazine ads, products, etc13 24. Display at Your office/Business If your business is run from physicalpremises, put a poster on the front deskletting your customers know youre onFacebook. Ideally, you have a simple,memorable username. Incentivize customersto join right away via their mobile device andshow you/your staff the confirmation forsome kind of instant reward! 14 25. Add a Link on Your Personal Profile If youd like to promoteyour fan page to yourFacebook friends, justunder your photo onyour personal profilethere is a section towrite something aboutyourself15 26. Add a Badge/Button to Your Profile Using an app like Profile HTML or Extended Info, you can create your own custom HTML, including a Facebook badge and/ or graphic embedded, as shown in the screenshot below: 16 27. Use the Share Button The Share button is allover Facebook and is avery handy feature. Itonly works for sharing onyour personal profile.17 28. Use the @ Tag As long as youre a fan of your own fan page, you can @ tag it on your own personal profile wall. From time to time, you can let your friends know about something happening on your fan page by writing a personal status update that includes tagging your fan page with an @ tag.18 29. Autograph Posts on Other Walls 19 30. Autograph Other Fan Pages20 31. Maybe Use Suggest To Friends I wont rule this oneout completely as itdoes depend onhow many friendsyou have, yourrelationship withyour friends, howoften you suggestfan pages/friends toyour friends, etc 21 32. Thank youLets hear from you. Which ones have you implemented with success.