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  • 1. 14 December 2012HR Chamber of Commerce Business SmartsNetworking via the New Social Media Carpe Manana!Charles Hendricks, AIA, CSI, CDT, LEED APThe Gaines Group, PLC540-437-0012Cbhendricks@thegainesgroup.com

2. Who am I? Partner at The Gaines Group, PLC, Architecture + Design Member of Central Virginia Chapter of CSI SVBA Secretary and Chairman of the Education Committee Member of the HR Chamber Aging in Place Round Table Member of the Creation Care Committee at Parkview Member JRGBC (Founding member of JRGBC-CV) Adjunct Faculty at Blue Ridge Community College Member of the BRHBA Green Committee Member of the HR Green Network President of the EMES PTF Member AIA-CV Member VSBN Father of Hannah and Sophia 3. Common sense sustainable architecturalsolutions 25 years of service in the Central VirginiaRegion with offices in Charlottesville andHarrisonburg Named Best Green Designers by VSBNin 2008 LEED accredited professionals on staffwith an extensive resume of certifiedprojects. 4. Join the Tweetchat! Go to Enter #HRChamber Include #HRChamber if you tweet Put#HRChamber here 5. Leading the Tweetchat in the room!TBD 6. Leading the Tweetchat from Albequerque!Joy Davis, CSI, CCPRCSI Communications & Web CommunitySr. 7. Review from Last MonthFace to Face Networking1. Marketing = Building Trust2. Goal = Introductions3. When to do it = Always4. Rules 1. Meet everyone in the room 2. Promote others to build relationships 3. Volunteer with Non-profits 4. Follow up with contacts 5. Dont talk over someones head 6. Be clear 7. Practice to get better 8. The conversation is the start, not the end 9. Dress professionally 8. Quick Survey Understanding where to start1. Do you have a Facebook account?2. LinkedIn3. Twitter4. Google +5. YouTube6. Wordpress7. Blogger8. Do you read and comment on blogs?9. Do you do social media marketing?10. Who do you want to talk to out there? 9. What is Social Media?Social media describes the online technologies andpractices that people use to share content, opinions,insights, experiences, perspectives, and mediathemselves.Social Media is about Relationships. 10. Why do it? Business runs on relationships! 11. Why do it? You do not make money with Social Media, you build relationships1. To meet everyone in the room2. To promote others and to build relationships3. To help Non-profits4. To follow up with contacts5. To engage others in conversation6. To be clear7. To practice and to get better8. Because the conversation is the start, not the end Warning! Provide content not commercials! 12. Advertisement without Community 13. Building Community 14. Building Community 15. Building Community 16. Exposing Personality 17. Connecting to the SM Community 18. Connecting to the SM Community 19. Established as an Resource / Expert 20. Building a Bond Connecting on another level 21. Giving to Others 22. Giving to Others 23. Measuring SuccessSuccess Isnt How Many Friends You HaveFrom Dan ZarrellaIts What Theyll Do For You on Hubspot Blog 24. Measuring Success# RTs# Likes# +1s# reads 25. Measuring Success The Real ROI is Trust Relationships are Where Business Happens 26. Measuring Success Moving Beyond Connecting 27. Measuring Success Goal-SettingWhat do YOU want to accomplish? 28. Measuring SuccessWhos Your Target Audience? Half the money Ispend on advertising iswasted; the troubleis I dont knowwhich half.- John Wanamaker1838-1922 29. Measuring Success Key Influencers vs.Largest Possible AudienceJustin Bieber has 31 million followers but would anyone follow you if here-tweeted you? 30. Measuring Success Measuring Success 31. Measuring SuccessITS NOT WORKING! 32. Become Social by being Social Get Started Now Become a voyeur 33. Measuring SuccessGet Started TodayAdd An Hour A Week- Write A Blog Entry- Endorse someone- Like a local business- Post some pics- Write something 34. Thank YouQuestions?Charles Hendricks, AIA, CSI, CDT, LEED APThe Gaines Group, PLC540-437-0012Cbhendricks@thegainesgroup.com