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Kelly McArthur HUMS 1581 Community Mapping Project Campbell River BC

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  1. 1. Kelly McArthurHUMS 1581Community Mapping ProjectCampbell River BC
  2. 2. Located on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, Campbell River is home tothree First Nations and they make up 10% of the overall population of 32,000.Tourism, fishing, forestry, aquaculture and mining are the main industries.
  3. 3. Our HistoryLong before the Europeans arrived, amigration of the Kwakwakawakw peoplefrom further north, overtook the Coast Salish.The Wekayi settled at Cape Mudge and theWaiwaikum at Campbell River. (Laich-kwil-tach)In 1859 the ship HMS Plumper wascharting the area and our river was namedafter the ships physician Dr. SamuelCampbell.
  4. 4. Campbell River Community Needs andCapacities The first several several slides will document some of Campbell Riversproblems from a needs perspective. The remainder will present thecommunity from a capacity building perspective. The top three areas of concern are related to social problems in mycommunity.HomelessnessMental HealthUnemployment
  5. 5. Social HousingJobsMore InvestmentCampbell River really needsFacilities for theElderlyPrograms andservices for theMentally IllHelp !!
  6. 6. Homelessness, Mental Health &Unemployment As the cycle of poverty continues to keeppeople marginalized they are often isolatedand left to face these challenges alone. Our social safety net is failing to providesolutions for these problems The numbers of people in our communitywithout a safe place to live, adequate food andsustainable employment , continues to rise. The recent closure of our mill put more than400 people out of work. The arrival of Wal-Mart and Target offered newjobs, but most are part time and pay onlyminimum wage. People who have Mental Health issues aremost likely to be dealt with by police becauseof a lack of facilities to provide day programsand supervision.
  7. 7. New ways of building capacities are at work in our area. They aremade up of the building blocks that I have called Civic Spirit,Community Spirit, Neighbourhood Spirit and Volunteer Spirit
  8. 8. The John Hart Generating Station upgrades-Just one of the projects underway that is creatingnew jobsPaving the Way for CollaborationThe John Hart Generating Station islocated in the area of thetraditional territory of the We Wai Kai(Cape Mudge), Wei Wai Kum(Campbell River) and Komoks FirstNations. BC Hydro had beenconsulting with these First Nationson a project to replacethe aging generating station andreduce impacts. In 2012, agreementswere signed with We Wai Kai, WeiWai Kum and Komoks Nations
  9. 9. The new Campbell River Hospital is underconstruction!The much anticipatednew hospital isproviding constructionjobs now and is acommunity buildingblock for CampbellRiver and the North ofVancouver Island.Civic Spirit
  10. 10. Neighbourhood SpirithopeshelterCommunity organizations, businesses and the Cityhave worked together to provide a shelter for theHomeless. It will remain in place until the spring.The community is fashioning a plan for a morepermanent housing solution. This is a Primary buildingblock that originated here.
  11. 11. Secondary Building Blocks: Police, Fire Stations, Ambulance Service and manyother resourses including Elementary and Secondary Schools.
  12. 12. NeighbourhoodSpiritI toured several of the neighbourhoods and askedresidents what they enjoyed about living here. Theseare some of their comments: I can walk along thesea walk every day, I meet friends and learnSpanish right at the coffee shop, The naturalbeautyIts a friendly townI love the Tidemark Theater
  13. 13. Community Services Directory A comprehensive directory that gives you complete contact information forservices and organizations. Complied by the John Howard Society. NIEFS and Work BC have supports for employment, education and training.
  14. 14. Recreation and activitiesCommunity Spirit
  15. 15. Volunteer SpiritVolunteers make Campbell Rivers organizations thrive!There is opportunity to serve the people in our community through volunteering.Just a few of the options include:The Campbell River Hospice SocietyHabitat For HumanityThe Tidemark TheaterThe Campbell River MuseumCampbell River HospitalRiver City Players
  16. 16. I hope you will come and visit us here!