iday 2016 - mobile marketing workshop

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  • MobileMarketingWorkshop


    @deepakabbott @msadani@pathik


  • Pathik Shah

    Head of Growth Hike


  • HIKE

    Fastest growing Indian app 100M users in 3 years!

  • WHAT

    Growth != Rocket Science Growth != Complicated, Cool Hacks Growth == Simple understanding of your

    product and user behavior.

  • WHAT

    The best growth hack? An awesome product! The best way to grow? Word of mouth!


    How to get people in? How to get them to the Aha moment? How to deliver core product value recurringly? How to get them to bring more people in?

  • AHA

    Who are your best, highly engaged users? What are they doing? How did they discover your core product

    value? How to do that for everyone else?

  • CPV

    You are not your user. Talk to real users. Build a community.

    Know their problems. Validate your solutions. Obsess to wow them. Obsess to fix their

    issues. Focus on your users. Not on the competition.


    Try some shit. Measure it. Throw away the stuff that doesnt work. Improve the stuff that does.


    Egoless. Data driven. Fuck intuition. Use data to call out bullshit. Enable the whole team to do it.

    Detached to ideas, focused on outcomes. Respect people, but constantly challenge ideas.

    Focus on real value, not on hype. Ruthless prioritization. Do not focus on short term metrics. Do the right thing.

    Hire people smarter than you.

  • Mohit Sadani

    VP, GrowthSnapdeal


  • Whatwelearntalongtheway

    1. Growthisateamsport2. Datasgreat,butyoudonthaveallofit3. Choosethemetricsthatreallymatter,

    everythingelseisinput4. Everycustomertouchpointdrives

    growth5. Separatefocusforthebigthingsand


  • DeepakAbbot



  • GrowthHackinghasNoMagicalWand.


    CommonSense AttentiontoDetailing DataDrivenDecisions QuickIterations&Experimentation Outofthebox(App)thinking UserExperience

  • GrowthHack#1 HighNPS


    DelighttheCustomer Alwaysruleintheirfavor RiskofOverServing