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Breakfas ts A Book: What is Ignatian Spirituality? Ignatian Terms Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ Eucharis t MAGIS First Jesuits Go Do Not Be Afrai Serve Pope Francis @ WYD ‘13

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MAGIS. Ignatian Breakfasts. Ignatian Terms. A Book: What is Ignatian Spirituality?. Pope Francis @ WYD ‘13. Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ. Go Do Not Be Afraid Serve. Eucharist. First Jesuits. First Principle & Foundation. GO!. Beyond our Comfort Zone. Ignatian Discernment. Share - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Ignatian BreakfastsA Book: What is Ignatian Spirituality?Ignatian TermsFr. Pedro Arrupe, SJEucharistMAGISFirst JesuitsGoDo Not Be AfraidServePope Francis @ WYD 13

Kevin VanWinkleGovernment & GeographyBe Not Afraid!The Lord is with You!Ignatian DiscernmentWith us not only for usEucharistdaily birthdays / anniversariesAdoration today and many fridaysUniversaleverywhereCloud of WitnessesAll the timeFirst? PrayPray for light to make the best decisionPray to know Gods willPray to be open to the options availablePhase 1: Clear ChoicePhase 2: Analytical ApproachPros & Cons!IncarnationNoticeSPIRITUAL Consolation & SPIRITUAL DesolationNotice Jesus in Gospels

What is Ignatian Spirituality? D. Fleming, SJ Pages 89-94 22-Nov-13Incarnation


SERVE!Sing to the Lord a new song Psalm 96Ignatian DiscernmentConsists in Words, Melody & Your Life!ID with JesusA life of service How we life our faithFor OthersOvercome our selfishnesswash one anothers feetBe a source of strength and encouragementAll the timeFor everyoneFirst? PrayPray for light to make the best decisionPray to know Gods willPray to be open to the options availablePhase 1: Clear ChoicePhase 2: Analytical ApproachPros & Cons!Consolation & DesolationPhase 3: ConfirmationOffer Choice to GodAsk for Peace and Consolation

What is Ignatian Spirituality? D. Fleming, SJ Pages 89-94 6-Jan-14Two Standards


ServeI must know and love myself first.Gratitude for my gifts AND the opportunities to use them.Acknowledging and working on my faults.For my studentsMeet them where theyre at.Help them be better than me.In what I teachObjectives from my Geography syllabus:understand the social justice concerns present throughout the world and possess the desire to affect positive change.think of the world in a global context, avoid ethnocentricity, and embrace the value of cultural differences.Lions for LambsTodd Hayes: You dont think school should be as social as it is academic? Getting two educations?Professor Malley: I think if you cant balance the two you shouldnt be here.

Malley: You're great with words, Todd. But what would make 'em better is if they had a heartbeat. If they were rooted in any kind of experience, if you had knocked on doors, licked envelopes, been to a damn public rally, just put yourself on the line in any way.Hayes: Licking envelopes, that's putting myself on the line? Malley: Infinitely more than just talking.

Hayes: Im gonna pay my taxes. Im gonna obey traffic lightsMalley: Thats super. I was thinking about something bigger.

Hayes: You think it's better to try and fail than fail to try?Malley: Yeah.Hayes: But what if you end up in the same place?Malley: At least you did something.

Malley: The decisions you make now, bud, can't be changed but with years and years of hard work to redo it. And in those years you become something different. Everybody does as time passes. You get married, you get into debt. But you're never gonna be the same person you are right now. And promise and potential... It's very fickle. And it just might not be there any more.

Kevin VanWinkleGovernment & GeographyTo SHARE:How do you add to the heartbeat of StudentsColleaguesFamily / friends / selfWhat standard helps you in serving God Others SelfThanksNext?!?Ignatian LunchJesuit Dining RoomPlease Come

Wednesday, Jan 8 (B)Thursday, Jan 9 (A)

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We want enough food!!!Important Dates Ignatian BreakfastsMay 6 (Tuesday)DiscernMen @ Prep RetreatMonday January 20Staff & Faculty RetreatApril 17(Holy Thursday)6-Jan-14

Prayer for GenerosityMay the almighty Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit grant us the grace,that knowingly we may and want to seek and beg for these two things: To be loved by God and His saints &To love God and His saints.

From now on however, we must strive more for the better, the more generous & be more attentive to what has been neglected by us. we must seek more ardently to give signs of our love than seek the signs indicating that we are loved. And these signs will be the efforts we take for the sake of Jesus and all people.Amen

A Prayer of St. Pierre FavreOn Christmasday, 15426-Jan-14Jim FisherStatistics

Monty HallTo SHARE:Favorite Faith StoriesGospel storiesStories of the SaintsFaith moments in your life.10 Q(Thank You)

Prayer for Generosity"I have to become present to myself in God.

In my culture I am constantly dragged away from myself.

The phone, lights, emails, noiseeverything is going on to drag me away from myself. So the first thing I have to do is come present to myself as an individual whom Almighty God has chosen as his own.

I belong to God & I have to become aware of that now& that means becoming aware of the gifts that God is giving to menot in general, not in the past, but right now, today."Fr. Joe Tetlow SJ

An Ignatian Advent Prayer

GO!Beyond our Comfort ZoneIgnatian DiscernmentShare joy, wonder of life,Wonder of faithWith othersBring ChristTo every encounterTo every friendshipTo every person I meet First? PrayPray for light to make the best decisionPray to know Gods willPray to be open to the options availablePhase 1: No Doubt about it!Call of MatthewConversion of PaulSt. AugustineSurrender to a clear movement of Grace

What is Ignatian Spirituality? D. Fleming, SJ Pages 89-94 13-Sep-13First Principle & Foundation

19Candace Thompson.Thank YouArchitecture II

Prezi Next?!?Ignatian LunchJesuit Dining RoomPlease Come

Tuesday, Sept 17Wednesday, Sept 18

Please respond to e-mail indicating your choice of lunch periodWe want enough food!!!Important Dates Ignatian BreakfastsNovember 22 (Friday)Do Not Be AfraidJanuary 6 (Monday)ServeMay 6 (Tuesday)DiscernWomen @ Prep RetreatFriday, November 8Men @ Prep RetreatMonday January 20Staff & Faculty RetreatApril 17(Holy Thursday)13-Sep-13Principle and Foundation Lord my God, when Your love spilled over into creation, you thought of me.I am from love of love for loveLet my heart, God, always recognize, cherish,and enjoy your goodness in all of creation.Direct all that is in me toward your praise.Teach me reverence for every person, all things. Energize me in your service.

Lord God, may nothing ever distract me from your love...Neither health nor sicknesswealth nor povertyhonor nor dishonorshort life nor long life. May I never seek nor choose to be otherthan you intend or wish. Amen.

(Ignatius Loyola, Spiritual Exercises, adapted by Jacqueline Syrup Bergan and Marie Schwan)

Prayer for Generosity