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  • iGreen Team: OPRs backdoor education approach for green jobs

    City of OaklandOffice of Parks and RecreationAudree V. Jones Taylor, DirectorPresented by: Mark Oliver Hall

  • OPRenaissance: Capture the low-hanging fruit of the new green economy in OPR with strategic collaborations and local agriculture.Low Hanging Fruit: Targets or goals which are easily achievable and which do not require a lot of effort. -Urban DictionaryOPR Low Hanging Fruit Goals:1) Violence Prevention/ Public Safety2) Health/ Hunger3) Park Stewardship, Maintenance& Special Projects

  • Technology + OPR +Education+Strategic Partnerships+ = iGreen Team& a Healthier Community

    SROI Benefits: Increased youth job skills& Awareness

    Increased civic engagement

    Local organic produce= healthy food & healthy people

    Park Stewardship Collaborative Strategy

    Savings on overall capital costs

    Provide and Promote a united Green front; that makes sense and is multi-beneficialGreen Social Re

  • iGreen Team Events:Turn over a new leaf with the iGreen Team! Force for changeGoal: Shift focus from negative paths to sustainable AD-ventures..

    By fully engaging youth*?s for engagement:1)How can i help my community?2)What would i most effectively contribute to this goal?3)Who else could i inspire?Urban Communities with dense youth populations often require specific efforts to engage and encourage constructive activity and instruction.

    The iGreen Team will target the local youth population for program participation.

  • Multilateral agreement to achieve high level sustainable environmental and political/ socio- economic goalsSolicit: Local and non local businesses for public private partnerships and additional funding

    Expose: How and Why to play the OPR way within the iGreen Team

    Expand: Partnerships and effective giving; to support and expand OPR programs

  • OPR+Collaboration+Innovation= Healthy OaklandMunicipal Benefits:

    1) Violence prevention: Innovative Outreach& Marketing Techniques to reduce violence through increased program *participation (*measurable)

    2) Health & Wellness: Provide healthy foods and increase strategic park stewardship

    3) Revenue Generation& Facilities Savings:Establish OPR Farmers markets and increased program participation

    4) Reduction in Capital Cost: Marketing &Capital campaign will help secure and establish other OPR funding sources; and various efficiency projects will reduce operating cost

    In some cases non-violence requires more militancy than violence-Cesar Chavez

    = iGreen TeamAn iGreen Team Project Example:*Cob Structure: Cob is a building material consisting of clay, sand, straw, water, and earth, similar to adobe. Cob is fireproof, resistant to seismic activity, and inexpensive. It can be used to create artistic, sculptural forms and has been revived in recent years by the natural building and sustainability movements.

  • Outreach & Marketing PlanUtilize Partners& Tools:

    Non-Profit YouTube Channel

    Web based viral network fundraising campaign

    Google Ad Words

    Google Earth

    Consolidated, Targeted E-Marketing and Support Database (Web 2.0)

    The iGreen Team will perform a community needs assessment and providea public community asset map; that corresponds with strategic objectives. Utilizing resource capacitiesdetermined through a series of focus groups, panel discussions and youth iGreen market analysis, the iGreen Team will measure and report approved project deliverables.

  • Help Oaklands Urban Gardens catch up with the GREEN Tech waveOPRs new Technology Literacy Project will work closely with the iGreen Team toprovide Oakland youth and visitors alike an opportunity to experiencethe benefits of technology and bridge the digital divide. Users will utilizenew computer labs in recreation facilities citywide and learn innovative waysto learn ethno-botany techniques, monitor projects, communicate with other youthlocally and worldwide and benefit from the accessibility of information.

    iGreen Team Participants will compete for an opportunity to visit the GooglePlex for intensive training& tours with Google Employees

  • Utilize celebrity and strategic Green movement alliances to maximize resources, Go Green and help the most people.



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