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1. Collaborative PlanningThis student is an all round student with interest in a wide range of subjects. In year 9 s/he istaking French as a second taster language and optional subjects cover the Humanities Arts andTechnologies. The elements courses cover Literature, Geography, History and Film Making 2. CollaborativePlanningIn Year 10 he/she is following two Sciences, History and Chinese to go with English Language,Literature, Maths and Global Perspectives GCSEs. There is also the possibility of GCSE inEnterprise. The other Elements course s are in Art, Geography and History 3. CollaborativePlanningIn Year 11 he/she moves on to a pre IB course in Maths, having taken the GCSE. The other GCSEcourses lead to final exams this year. The elements course on Cryptography will build further onthose Maths skills while Journalism will improve communication. The Marine project has theextra bonus of picking up a SCUBA qualification along the way 4. CollaborativePlanningThis student has already decided where his/her interests lie s/he is a passionate scientist whoknows that their future will lie in an area where Science plays a big part. In year 9 a broadeducation means that they are following the Arts and Technology options, and will Improve theirICT skills with Animation 5. Collaborative PlanningIn Year 10 the Sciences come to the fore, with three GCSE optins to o with Spanish, EnglishLanguage and Literature, Maths and Global Perspectives. The Marine Environment Projectpushes their Science theory into the real world, and two more compute based courses improvethese skills as well as gaining Adobe certificates 6. CollaborativePlanningIn Year 11 he/she moves on to a pre IB course in Maths, having taken the GCSE. The other GCSEcourses lead to final exams this year. App design will push the computing skills even further,while the Science course in elements will cover areas that are outside and beyond the GCSEcourses. The History course will set the stories of history in broader cultural context. 7. CollaborativePlanningHere we have a student who is passionate about the Arts and is looking to go on to Art Schoolafter Island School. The options in Year 9 are predominately Arts related and the basicCantonese will help the student explore the professional Art world in Hong Kong 8. CollaborativePlanningIn Year 10 Arts and Textiles are GCSE courses with Biology, Chinese, English Language andLiterature, Maths and Global Perspectives. Fashion and Vision and Viral will emphasise thecreative skills. There is an emphasis on communication through journalism and some Psychologythrough Criminology. 9. Collaborative PlanningIn Year 11 GCSEs are taken in the summer, but the Arts are still pushed in Architecture andTheatre. The Theatre project also has a Community Service element which will help prepare foryear 12 CAS, along with Explorations.