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  • Business ecosystem creation Supporting collaborative business concept development

    Jaakko Talvitie, TIVIT Ltd.

    TIVIT Business Forum, 12 April 2011

  • Some business ecosystems in consumer ICT markets

  • What makes a business ecosystem?

    A business ecosystem is a collection of businesses and companies collaborating or competing by utilising a common and shared set of assets

    A business ecosystem is founded on an ecosystem core

    Ecosystem core

    Platforms, technologies, processes, standards or other assets common to and used by members of the ecosystem in their businesses

  • Ecosystem creation what do we mean? The world in 7 days?

    Has been done once in world history and even that is widely disputed

    The next global winner ecosystem in ICT?

    Microsoft and Nokia are giving it a try

    Facebook is a serious contender

    Business ecosystems exist also in a smaller scale!

    A few companies is enough to form a business ecosystem

    Public institutions can also contribute to business ecosystems

    As buyers of products and services creating demand

    As regulators regulation can form an ecosystem core

    Value networks can be viewed as business ecosystems, although in many cases an ecosystem core cannot be indicated

    Working in a business ecosystem is a competence lets learn this together!

  • Benefits A working business ecosystem provides several benefits for companies

    Market creation: accelerated development of new markets

    Market expansion: market coverage and volume not possible for any party alone

    Market access: an open, accessible market with transparent operation

    Access to complementary competences and business models

    TIVIT ecosystem creation support aims to:

    Help companies in taking the initial step from an ecosystem concept into a sustainable business ecosystem

    Provide a collaboration platform for business concept development, combining the benefits of in-house and joint development

    Support business concept development by providing funding channels (Tekes), a model agreement, and by acting as a neutral ecosystem facilitator

    TIVIT is initially targeting its R&D programs (examples this afternoon) as sources of business ecosystem seeds and business concepts

    Open to any company consortia with an ICT focus

  • Ecosystem concept







    Ecosystem concept architecture

    January 2011 TIVIT business ecosystem creation

    Ecosystem concept

    Defined and documented ecosystem idea

    A collection of prorotype business models with a common core

    Ecosystem core

    Platforms, technologies, processes or standards common to and shared by business concepts

    Can also be a feature or a part of the ecosystem concept (virtual core)

    Business concept

    A prototype business model

    A prototype value network

  • TIVIT business ecosystem & business concept development process

    January 2011 TIVIT business ecosystem creation


    Ecosystem & business concept


    Business conceptdevelopment & trials


    - Ecosystem idea


    - EPM nomination

    - Players and roles

    - Key use cases

    - Initial system


    - Business case


    - Ecosystem concept

    description (ECD)


    - Informing Tekes

    - Service


    - Product


    - Technology


    - Integration

    - Testing

    - Trial preparations

    - Trials and data


    - Data analysis

    - Business case


    - Transfer plans

    - Marketing and

    publicity plans

    - Transfer of learning

    - Ecosystem support


    - Final


    - Result seminars

    and publications

    - Funding reporting


    Opportunity exists

    Ecosystem & businessconcepts defined

    Ecosystem & conceptacceptance


    E0 E2 E3E1

    - Commitments

    - Ecosystem Frame

    Agreement (EFA)

    - Technology plans

    - Product plans

    - Service plans

    - Trial plans

    - Integration plans

    - Ecosystem program


    - Business concept


    - Tekes applications

  • TIVIT services in ecosystem creation support Program preparation phase

    Consortium building

    Ecosystem idea formulation and presentation

    Ecosystem Concept Description editing and presentation

    Ecosystem Frame Agreement facilitation

    Ecosystem program plan facilitation and editing

    Funding application coordination

    Program execution phase

    Facilitation of Ecosystem Steering Group activities and meetings

    Tekes reporting coordination and editing

    Progress reporting in TIVIT Board

    Ecosystem support plans contribution, coordination and editing

    Facilitation of consortium meetings, workshops and forums

    Final documentation coordination and editing

    Facilitation of consortium collaboration and operations (online tools etc.)

    Results seminar facilitation

    PR and communication

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