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  1. 1. Jesus ChristJesus Christ Is Also Referred As JesusJesus Of NazarethOf Nazareth Is The Central Figure Of Christianity Whom The Teachings Of Most Christian Denominations Hold To Be The Son Of God. Christianity Regards Jesus As The Awaited Messiah Of The Old Testament And Refers To Him As Jesus ChristJesus Christ a Name That Is Used In Non-Christian Contents. Christians Believe That JesusJesus Has A Unique Significance In The World And Was Conceived By The Holy Spirit, Was Born Virgin, Performed Miracles.
  2. 2. Jesus ChristJesus Christ Was Born On 25th December 7-2 BC; In The Family Of Joseph (A Carpenter or Skilled Craftsman By Trade ) And Marry At Bethlehem of Judea. JesusJesus Has grown up in Nazareth At Galilee. Mostly, JesusJesus Worked Alongside His Father Joseph As A Carpenter. Jesus ChristJesus Christ Spent His Life Spreading The Message Of Love For Mankind, Humility, Purity, Servant- Hood, Obedience And Devotion To God.
  3. 3. In early Christian times, There Were no pictures of him made during his lifetime or even for about 150 years afterwards; making images of Jesus was banned because people believed it was like making images of God. Then, people used the symbol of the lamb to represent The Lord. Then the people who ran the Church said that Jesus should be shown as a man, not as a symbol. This was meant to help people understand the greatness of God and to feel that Jesus suffered, just as any other person would.
  4. 4. In Islam, JesusJesus (Commonly Known As Isa) Is Considered One Of The Gods Important Prophets And The Messiah Is A Bringer Of Sculpture And Was Born Virgin, But Neither The Son Of God Nor The Victim Of Crucifixion. According To The Quran, Jesus Was Not Crucified But Was Physically Raised Into The Heavens By God. Judaism rejects The Christian and Islamic belief That Jesus Was The awaited Messiah, Arguing That He Didn't Fulfill The messianic prophecies.
  5. 5. Love one otherLove one other Immense valueImmense value of each personof each person Reality ofReality of judgment tojudgment to heaven or theheaven or the hellhell God forgivesGod forgives those who askthose who ask for it !for it !
  6. 6. Original sin:Original sin: all humanity is inherently separated from God The sacrifice of JesusThe sacrifice of Jesus a sinless representative of humanity (a scapegoat) - as the ultimate atonement for the sins of humanity Heaven and Hell:Heaven and Hell: -Eternal life for those who are saved by the blood of the lamb (Jesus) -Eternal damnation for those who are not so saved
  7. 7. JesusJesus in his entire lives gave many sacrifices for the sake of the entire humanity. He gave his life for the welfare of the humanity. And thus, he deserves to be honored by all of us.