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    LIDL 1544 Garston Road

    East Poulton FY6 8JE


    DATE: 17 May 2016

    PREPARED BY: Jerome Hamill

    ON BEHALF OF: TC Construction Limited

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    1 ALL 2 Site manager update

    J Hamill

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    1.1) Project description; The project is consists of the demolition of a recently acquired building in Poulton followed by a new build Lidl Store. Demolition works will include:

    Site set-up of compound, hoarding & signage erection; Demolition of existing building and associated services (Mechanical Garage and 2x Existing NHS buildings); Crushing of materials on site and form stock pile Removal of redundant materials to site landfill

    External New Build works include but are not limited to construction of the building extension and all associated works and temporary works:

    Ground works Block/brick work Underground drainage including attenuation tank Drainage connections Install cold water supplies Floor slab and construction of a new load bay Internal / external walls Roofing, including rainwater goods Alucobond cladding Window and door systems Hard & soft landscaping and car park works Signage etc.

    Internal New Build works include [but are not limited to] the fit-out of the store and all associated works:

    M&E - electrical, HVAC etc. Flooring Retail fixtures and fittings Decoration

    Any works other than suggested should be reported to the Construction Safety Team at Santia for review of potential hazards. Start Date: TBC Duration: TBC 1.2) Details of Client, PD, PC, CDM-Advisors and other consultants; Client Lidl (UK) GmbH Lidl Runcorn RDC

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    Blackheath Lane Manor Park Runcorn WA7 1SE Tel: 01325 532 4091 Mob: 07590 010 236 Contact: Alistair Butler e-mail: [email protected] Principal Designer

    Structural Design Solutions Ltd

    Unit 9,N5 Business Park


    Co. Mayo


    Tel. +353 (0)94 9034914

    Contact Mark Mulcrone

    [email protected]

    CDM Advisors Santia Consulting Ltd Santia House Parc Nantgarw Cardiff CF15 7QX Tel: 029 2085 2852 Contact : Donna McKay email: [email protected] & [email protected] Principal Contractor Tinnelly Construction Ltd 10 Newtown Road Rostrevor Co Down BT34 3BY Contact: Mr Gerard Tinnelly (Director) Mob: 07425 623400

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]

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    Contact: Mr Paul Jones (Project Manager) Mob: 07425 623407 1.3) Extent and location of existing records and plans; Drawings provided for the purpose of this new build consisted of: 8594-P01G Proposed Site Plan 8594-P03C Proposed Elevations Poulton Existing Red Line with Notes 1.4) Restrictions that may affect the works Construction work operations will be carried out within the limits of the site restrictions regarding noise, working hours and environmental constraints are as specified within the construction requirements of the contract. Access / Egress A detailed Traffic Management Safety Plan will be developed prior to arrival on site and issued with the CPH&SP. Access to the site is off Garstang Road East. Rear access to the site is Via Furness Road. Site is bordered by Domestic and commercial properties and pedestrian walkways. Access to commercial properties and pedestrian walkways will be maintained at all times during the works. A separate access gate must be provided for pedestrians entering the site to reduce the risk of collision with site traffic. Designated pedestrian access routes around the site will also be required and must form part of the Principal Contractors Traffic Management Plan. Segregated walkways for pedestrians will be considered on site providing safe access / egress routes from site welfare areas to place of work as far as is reasonably practicable. A separate access gate with a digital keypad will be provided for pedestrians entering the site to reduce the risk of collision with site traffic. Designated pedestrian access routes around the site will also be required and must form part of the Principal Contractors Traffic Management Plan. TC will be allocated a suitable compound area on the site for storage of materials etc. this area must be cordoned off and at a minimum this fencing must have adequate signage and be locked to prevent access to member of the public. TC will be responsible for the erection of the required safety signage adequate to warn others of the rules and dangers presented by the proposed works. Note: Any work that takes place outside of the site boundary must be fully protected at all times, each individual contractor will be responsible for ensuring the protection is in place before work commences and in maintained for the duration of the works,

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    Security Arrangements and Perimeter Fencing Works area will be secured by means of total perimeter hoarding. Gate and warning signs will be erected the designated access point. All persons entering site during hours of business at the designated access point will be required to report to the site office. Unauthorised access will be prevented as far as reasonably practicable. Plant will be immobilised by means of removing ignition keys and locking of cabs. The Poulton site should be considered high risk and CCTV will be installed. All materials, tools, plant and fuel should be safely stored away at the end of the day.

    All plant should be fully inspected each morning for damage. Existing Services TC referred to service drawings prepared by the design team. In the absence of service drawings the contractor will be required to conduct an underground survey (LUGS) and a standard survey of the buildings to gain the necessary information to ensure safe systems of work can be executed. TC will also not commence works until it receives a letter from LIDL/Power contractor confirming power to site has been isolated. It will also verify this by requesting its own Electrical contractor check the cables. Deliveries and traffic Due to a large school (Hodgson Academy) been located at the end of Moorland rd, it is recommended that any deliverers avoid school start/end times to avoid issues with pedestrians (school children) and congestion. It is also recommended that the site traffic plan and rules are forward to any delivery companies once they have been established. A record of these emails will be kept in the site safety file. Working Hours There are restrictions on working hours due to the close proximity of residential housing. The hours of permitted working on site are; 07:00 to 19:00 Mon to Fri 07:00 to 13:00 Sat No working on Sundays Please also refer to any planning conditions that may be stated within the planning consent from the local council. Asbestos Garage and NHS building An asbestos survey has been carried out on the 14


    July 2015 by Trident Surveying Limited and it has been confirmed by the survey that the site is contaminated with;

    Asbestos insulating board forming the ceiling and associated debris. Asbestos cement sheet debris and also forming the border along the driveway.

    TC construction has engaged a fully licenced contractor (Malrod) to remove these materials. All RAMS, insurances, Licences, etc will be requested and verified by TC and reviewed by Sandia before

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    the contractor comes to site. Before any demolition works begin, Malrod will confirm in writing that the areas are clear of asbestos and provide us with relevant clean air certificates at each phase passes. They will also secure any areas while works process, communicating on a daily basis with the site manager providing information on the progress of works and any concerns they may have. If it is a requirement for the site manager to enter any of the restricted areas, they will need to have the suitable PPE and inform Malrod that they are doing so. Asbestos contractor is to be on site for 4/5 weeks. Stage 1 - garage Contractor is to start works in the garage area of the site. They are to seal of area and remove all asbestos from area. Once complete they are to confirm with site manager and provide clean air certificate. Once done, TC operatives are to enter building and carry out soft strip using scaffold were necessary. Once completed, plant will move in to pull down walls and roof. All arisings transferred using skidsteer loader to relevant waste skip for recycling. Stage 2 NHS building In week 2, the asbestos constructor is to enter NHS building to start works. They will work from the Garston Road end of the building. The building is to be sealed and only authorized personal may enter. This building is to have a phased approach to the asbestos removal (Asbestos contractor is to provide a detailed phased plan before work start). As each phase of the building is completed, the contractor is to seal of the area and present the site manager with a clean air certificate. TC operatives will then move into this area to carry out soft strip. This will continue until the building i