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Do you want to give a new look to your window? Or Are you planning to replace your window?


  • 1. Make Your Window More Attractive

2. Want to know latestwindow replacementideas? 3. Here you will get answer of all these QuestionsYou will know How to replace your window?AndHow to add or replace screen toenhance its beauty? 4. Steps to replace window First consider height and width for the newreplacement Measure form the top to the bottom of the sill. Removing a window is tough task, take all visiblescrews out. Use screw driver to remove screws and utilityknife to cut all the caulking around the outside. 5. Remove all the old caulking and ensure tomake your window free of all caulking.Lift and place the window at the rightplace.Have one other person inside to hold thewindow and place the shims. Place your window at the right level. 6. Use new screws that come with new window tokeep them in place.Check everything once again to be sure thatwindow is levelled and in square shape.Use spray to fill in all the cracks of house wallnear window, you can also use silicone aroundthe whole outer frame. This will seal it up tight. 7. Steps to replace Window ScreensIf possible take the windows frame down and keepit on a flat surfaceRemove the old screen from the window frameusing screwdriver.Pry each spline or rubber seal out from frame.Look carefully every corner of the frame for a splineend. If you find any, pry it up with screwdriver. 8. Pull out the entire spline form the window frame.Carefully check holes or cracks in the rubber spline.Replace the damaged one with new spline.Roll the new screen over the top of the frame.Check the size of new screen and if it is larger thanframe then cut it and make only one inch larger on allsides. 9. Install the new screen and with spline tool force thespline and screen down into the window groove.Secure the first side of screen in one corner of theframe and pull the remaining screen tight with onehand.Use another hand to continue to the next side of thewindow.Before you continue to the down the straight thesections, use screwdriver to push the spline andscreen down into the window frame groove at thecorners.Cut/ remove extra screening from the spline grooveusing a utility knife. 10. Is that easy?You can follow the given steps toreplace your windows or screens, butif you are looking for the perfect andprofessional help 11. from various available optionsCurrent windows trends andreplacement ideasUnderstand and learn more aboutwindows replacementQuick and professional service, justone call away