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Monday - Thursday 5pm – 12am Friday - Saturday 5pm – 1am Sunday 5pm – 11pm

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  • Monday - Thursday 5pm 12am Friday - Saturday 5pm 1am

    Sunday 5pm 11pm

  • Blu Bar on 36 Food Menu Monday to Saturday 5pm - 11pm

    Sunday and Public Holidays 5pm - 8pm Nibbles $15

    House marinated Australian olives with feta & rosemary (V) Truffle oil fried potatoes (V) Blu 'Rissole'. Roasted capsicums and blue eye

    Small bites $18

    Smoked salmon with avocado mousse and crme fraiche Air dried beef with salad of celeriac, baby gherkins and parsley Salt and pepper pork belly with calamari

    Rustic Toastie of salami and brie with onion rings Five freshly shucked oysters

    Bigger bites $24

    Mezze plate with cured Italian meats, Australian cheddar with a

    pear and raisin chutney Venison burger with braised beetroot on a brioche bun Black Angus steak sandwich with caramelised onions

    Selection of four Australian and International cheeses (V)

    After work Bite $20 (Only available Monday Thursday 5-9pm)

    Stone cooked pizza with Italian cured meats, olives and roasted capsicum

    Something Sweet $16

    A Ron Zacarpa rum and raisin Eton Mess served with homemade hazelnut ice cream. (V)

    Please note all credit card transactions will be subject to a 1.5% Surcharge

  • Blu Bar Signature Cocktails

    Blu Bars Signature Cocktails have been created by the Blu Bars experienced Mixologists. If you have an old favourite that isnt here, (ingredients permitting) the staff can shake it up for you.

    Alice in Wonderland: 22 A balance of apples, pomegranate and Rhubarb. This drink is a mix of Calvados, Pomegranate liqueur, Dubbonet and Rhubarb bitters.

    Burnt Heart: 19 Tanqueray gin with Aperol lemon juice and pineapple juice served with a Campari dust blowtorched pineapple slice

    Chairman Mao: 20 Glenkinchie scotch twisted with Martini rosso, Chartreuse and Maraschino liqueur.

    Club Tropicana: 20 An exotic mix of Watermelon liqueur, Mango Liqueur, Belvedere grapefruit Vodka, Pineapple juice and Ruby red grapefruit juice balanced with a dash of lemon and a hint of sugar.

    Contempo: 16 St Germain Elderflower liqueur served with Prosecco topped with


    Gold Rush: 21 A delicate mixture of Eldorado rum, Tuaca and Dubbonet, gently stirred and chilled then strained.

    Harbour Serenade: 19 42 Below Passionfruit vodka, Cointreau, raspberry liqueur, raspberry

    puree, lemon, and sugar. Serenade your loved one with this in hand.

    Hello Kitty 23 A mixture of 10 Cane Rum, strawberries, mint and lime all muddled and shaken up

    Lady Perculiar: 20 Hendricks Gin, apple liqueur, peach liqueur shaken lemon juice, elderflower and rose syrup.

    New Orleans Pie: 19 Southern Comfort mixed up with Frangelico, Smirnoff Black, Agave syrup, Lemon Juice, apple juice and a dash of Angostura bitters.

  • Paradise: 16 A tropical mix of Lychee liqueur and Pomegranate liqueur, topped with Prosecco. Southern Hospitality: 19 This is a twist on an old classic. Southern comfort mixed with Jack Daniels and Appleton Rum with a sweet and sour mix and dash of bitters. The way they drink it in the south. Supper Time Martini: 21 Kettle One vodka mixed with Crme de Mure, quince paste, lemon juice and Sugar syrup

    Zakura Old Fashioned: 21 Yamazaki Whiskey is stirred with Nocello Walnut liqueur, Green Chartreuse and spiced sugar syrup. Served over a bitter ice sphere.

    Some borrowed drinks Bellini: 16 Made the traditional way, White peach puree stirred with Prosecco. ElderFlower Margarita: 20 Repasado tequila and St Germains Elderflower Liqueur shaken with Fresh Lime juice. A elegant twist on a great drink. Italian Job: 20 Lemoncello, Campari shaken with lime, fresh passionfruit. Served tall with Ruby Red grapefruit granita. The perfect pre-dinner cocktail. New York Sour: 19 Pampero rum mixed with lemon juice and sugar with a red wine

    float. A clever and unusual twist on this style of drink. Old Fashioned Ron: 22 Ron Zacapa Rum broken down with sugar, chocolate bitters and lots of love. A beautiful rum old fashioned. Served with chipped ice.

    Vanilla Espresso Martini: 22 Remy Martin VS Cognac shaken with vanilla liqueur, espresso, and homemade vanilla syrup. Vanilla Passion fruit Cosmo: 19 Ketel one Vodka, vanilla liqueur, passionfruit puree shaken with cranberry juice and fresh lime. A clever twist on the cosmopolitan.

  • Classics A brief history of the Cocktail.

    The first description of the word 'cocktail' that appeared in print was in 1806, in the Balance and Colombian repository, a publication from Hudson New York. A gentleman wrote in and asked the question 'what is a cocktail', in which the editor replied, a cocktail is stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters. Since then the cocktail has gone through many transformations. Our Classics list is like a time line of the greats ranging from the 1800s

    modern day. If your favourite is not on there please ask the staff and they will do their best to accommodate. Happy Drinking.

    Mint Julep: 20 Bourbon with muddled mint leaves and sugar all tossed together with crushed ice. The history of the Mint Julep is a little cloudy; we do know

    that the first time it appeared in print was around 1803.

    Originally made with a peached brandy, the julep

    nowadays is served with bourbon. It is also the national

    drink of the Kentucky derby.

    Pimms No1: 18 Pimms topped up with lemonade and garnished with seasonal fruit. Pimms was first produced in 1823 by a gentleman called

    James Pimm. It is a gin based spirit with quinine and herbs

    and is also meant to be served as an aid to help

    digestion. It was originally served in a no1 tankard, hence

    the name.

    Sazerac: 22 Remy Martin VS stirred with Peychaurds Bitters and sugar, Served with a Lee Fee absinthe wash. Mr Peychaurd invented his bitters in the late 1790's for

    medicinal purposes, While in New Orleans he started

    working with a local Bar owner and mixing the bitters with

    a Cognac (Sazerac de forge et Fils) that was being

    imported. This cocktail is now considered the official

    cocktail of world cocktail week.




  • Sours: 20 Whisky or Bourbon shaken with lemon juice and sugar. Stained with a dash of bitters. The sours started of a whole big family of cocktails from

    the Collins to the Fizz to the Rickey. It also started the way

    for the margaritas, Sidecars and Daiquiris. Sours can be

    made with almost any spirit or liqueur!

    Dark and Stormy: 20 Goslings navy seal rum mixed with fresh limes and Goslings ginger beer. There is a bit of mystery behind this classicA bartender

    made a sailor a glass of ginger beer and left out the rum.

    The rum then gets added and it creates a dark cloud

    over the ginger beer. The sailor then quoted Thats a

    storm cloud that neither a fool nor a dead man would

    sail under?

    Martinez: 19 Tanqueray Gin shaken with Martini Rosso and Maraschino liqueur. The Martinez is the grandfather of the Martini. Originally made by Jerry 'The Professor' Thomas. This drink was made for a gold miner on his way to the town of Martinez. The Drink then reappeared in Thomass guide in

    1887. Manhattan: 20 A blend of Canadian Club 12yr, Rosso vermouth and Angostura bitters. The Manhattan was invented in at a banquet in the

    honour of the Presidential candidate Samuel J Tilden, in

    the Manhattan club in New York by a Dr Iain Marshal.

    Old Fashioned: 20 Bourbon Whiskey stirred with Sugar and bitters.

    The description of the Old Fashioned very much fits the

    description used in 1806 to describe a cocktail. The name

    however was first used in the Pendennis club in Kentucky.

    It was the favourite drink of President Harry S Truman.






  • Mojito: 18 A classic simple mixture of Bacardi Rum, fresh limes, sugar and Mint. All served up with crushed ice. The history of the Mojito is a bit of a myth. One story is

    that it used to be the drink of Sir Francis Drake back in the

    1500s. With the introduction of Bacardi superior in 1862

    the drink soon started to change and by the early 1900s

    it was unofficially the official drink of Cuba

    Daiquiri: 18 Bacardi Superior Rum shaken with fresh lime juice and Sugar. Invented by a manager Jennings Cox of a mining

    company while entertaining guests who had run out of

    gin and used local produce to mix up this drink.

    French 75: 17 Gin shaken with lemon juice and sugar topped with bubbles.

    Invented in Harrys Bar in Paris, a customer referred to this

    drink as in having the same kick as the 75mm howitzer

    artillery gun used in the 1st world war.

    Mary Pickford: 18 A mix of Bacardi Superior Rum, Pineapple juice with a

    dash of Maraschino liqueur and a drop of grenadine. This cocktail was named after the original American

    sweet heart. Created by a bartender in the hotel Seville

    in Havana whilst Mary was filming a movie there.

    Negroni: 20 A classic balance of Plymouth gin, Martini Rosso and Campari. Count Camillo Negroni walks in to a bar, and after a bad

    day he asks the bartender to make him a Americano but

    replace the soda with gin for a extra kick. The bartender

    did this and added an orange slice as well to signify the







  • Hemmingway Daiqu