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  • 1. This image of Tyler the Creator was featured in NME magazine. I feel this illustrates not only Theartists personality but also the personality of NME magazine. Nme magazine is almost infamousfor their humorous approach towards artists and music. This is shown in this picture as the artistis wearing comical clothing and swearing at the reader/photographer.

2. This image was also featured in NME Magazine. It further proves NME know what their readersare interested in and are able to show the artist in a way that suits them and how they are seenby their fans. This image of M.I.A. shows a playful yet dangerous side to her to compliment hercontroversial approach to her music- i.e. Born Free Music Video. 3. This image was shown in a later edition of Classic Rock Magazine. This image of The Ramonesplaying on stage really shows the difference in concerts in comparison to the present. It alsoshows Classic Rock know how to appeal to their demographic as they include images theiraudience could possibly relate to. 4. This image was taken from photographer Matt Richardson who was voted Highly Commended inthe NME Music Photography Awards 2010, and is shortlisted to win the NME MusicPhotography Awards 2012. This photo summarizes the life of a festival and I therefore think itsvery important to include an image like this. It shows people having fun, warm weather andenthusiasm from the crowd. 5. Again a theme running throughout the images I have chosen is the ability of the photographerto summarize or characterize the artists through the one image. This can be said about theWhite Stripes as they are wearing their signature colours and show them in a quirky condition,often unusual or abstract. This is something the band is infamously well known for. 6. These two images of Lana Del Rey featured in Q magazinewere released during her debut as an artist. These imageshelped to create her persona as a damaged, innocentperson, often related to the American dream. This isshown mostly through the images to the right as she isshown wearing a white night gown and tiara to suggestmaybe prom queen? But with the addition of blood on herforehead to promote this idea of having a darker side. Thisis also done in the image above as it uses dark lightingwhich makes her seem seductive. 7. This is an image of Iggy Pop included in NME Magazine, photographer by Andy Willsher. I feelthis image summarizes Iggy Pop as it shows him doing what he does best, performing on stagein front of an audience. I also think this image is particularly powerful as it uses monotonecolouring which makes it feel more simplistic. 8. This image of David Grohl was featured on the Classic Rock Magazine Website. It was includedwithin the article: Grohl returns to QOTSA for new album in realtion to his previous role inQueens Of The Stone Age. It shows him holding his drum sticks which is out of the ordinary ashe is now best well known for his lead guitar and vocals in Foo Fighters. With a plain backgroundit allows the reader to focus on the artist as apposed to being distracted by colourfulbackgrounds. 9. Finally, this is a very famous issue ofNME magazine as it was a frontcover released soon after the deathof Amy Whinehouse. This iconicimage is so powerful as it showsAmy Whinehouse as simplistic,honest and innocent in relation toher portrayal through the media.Its also such a beautiful image as itshows her with a smile on her faceand in black and white. The blackbackground also adds drama to theimage as the cover is about her andher only as an artist and as an icondearly missed. It suggests nothingshould distract from the image ofher.