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A lesson on the principles of war and how Napoleon would have used them. We use this to plan a Napoleonic era battle.


  • 1. Napoleonic Warfare Principles of War

2. First a note about military symbology

  • Infantry (foot soldiers with muskets)
  • Cavalry (horsemen with swords)
  • Artillery (cannons)

or 3. Principles of War

  • Mass
  • Economy of Force
  • Maneuver
  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • Surprise
  • Unity of Command

4. Mass

  • Mass concentrate power at the decisive place and time (maximize your firepower)

This is going to hurt 5. Economy of Force

  • Use minimum energy/ forces in non-critical areas.

Main effort (mass) Secondary effort (economy of force) 6. Maneuver

  • Moving to put your enemy at a disadvantage

7. Intelligence

  • Gain information about the enemy
    • Use cavalry and skirmishers

Locates a hole and reports back Finds enemy and reports back Finds enemy 8. Security

  • Keep the enemy from gaining information about you

Your Army Keep enemy cavalry away 9. Surprise

  • Hit the enemy when and where it is least expected

10. Unity of Command

  • One person in charge.
  • Not rule by committee
  • Not democratic
  • Alliances are hard to control

11. How they fight Usually inlines :Mass many men together or InSquares : To protect against cavalry charges 12. Now, Plan Your Own Battle - when units fight who wins? Attackers Even (Heavier guns win) Square Destroyed Weakens Infantry Weakens Cavalry Artillery Artillery lost(infantry damaged) Square destroyed Even fightCant happen Infantry Artillery lost(cavalry suffers some losses) Cavalry retreats(Heavy Losses) Infantry destroyed Even(heavy beats light) Cavalry Artillery Infantry Square Infantry Cavalry 13. Our Napoleonic Battle Plan You Decide! 14. North Artillery Range Musket Range East Woods WEST WOODS Walled Farm 6 tall walls Wheatfield 3 tall wheat Cornfield 6 tall corn Road Ford Ford Wheatfield 3 tall wheat village BG2 D3 B2 BA2 D2 B1 BA1 DA2 D1 FL2 FL1 FG1 FG2 FG3 FG4 F4 F3 FA6 FA7 FA5 FA4 FA3 FA3 FA1 FH1 FH2 BL2 D4 BG1 BL1 BH1 B3 BA3 BA4