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AgendaWhat is a Makerspace? The Case for a MakerspacePlanning for a MakerspaceRunning a Makerspace or programProgramming and planning to make your program/space an ongoing success

What is a Makerspace?

How do you define a makerspace?

Its a space.where people can gather for:DIY projectsCollaborationSelf-LearningMakingExploringSharingTinkering


What can be included in a Makerspace?


Advanced Electronics:CircuitScribeArduinoRaspberry Pi

Sphero 2.0


Beginning Robotics:WowWees MiiOzobotsSphero SPRK+


DronesParrot Mini Rolling SpiderBeBop Drone and Skycontroller


First Lego League: ESTAMRobotic Teens

ESTAMBeginning Electronics:Makey Makey (Video)SnapCircuitLittle BitsCircuitScribe or other circuit pens

Images:MakeyMakey Vat 19

ESTAMImages: Wikipedia

Legos:LEGO Education Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Program KitLEGO WeDo 2.0 Core Set

ESTAMLearning to CodeBloxelsScratch for Kids


3D Printing & Design

ESTAMAugmented Reality:Google CardboardOculus RiftSamsung VRHololens

Images: Amazon, Bestvuy

ESTAMArts:SewingPaintingJewelry Making

Images: Amazon, Montezuma Library, Brentwood Library


Arts:Recording StudioBeamzMusic Classes

Images: St Louis Public Library

ESTAMPhotography:Green ScreensEditing SoftwareDigitization Stations

Images: Green Screen Fun

ESTAMHands On Tools:

Images: Pasco County Librarys Foundry and more here including great policies and programsWood tools.

Lets Play! NEFLIN Equipment Loan and More

Why a Makerspace?

New Horizons Report Image from report:

Evolving from Consumption Space to a Creator Space

Image from:

Play = Learninglearn how to use tools and processes to help them reach their own goals and realize their own ideasshared spirit, ethics, discipline, mutual respect, reciprocity, self-directed learning PlayBook Image from: Library as an Incubator

Participatory LearningHeightened motivation and new forms of engagement through meaningful play and experimentation;Learning that feels relevant to students identities and interests;Opportunities for creating using a variety media, tools and practices;Co-configured expertise where educators & students pool their skills and knowledge and share in the tasks of teaching & learning;An integrated system of learning where connections between home, school, community and world are enabled and encouraged

Image: Source: - Henry Jenkins (

YA & YouthDevelopmentCaring Neighborhood Community Values YouthSafety Adult Role Models Youth ProgramsImage & Anythink Brighton Awarded Grant to Design Teen Makerspace : More on Developmental Assets and Grand Prairie Libraries at teen toolbox -

Partnerships & Economic Growth

Image and ideas for small lib:

Funding IdeasGrants, Partnerships with Tech Companies/ Local Makerspaces, CollegesStart Small Grow Big Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing sitesFriends

What other sources can you think of? Donors Choice

Planning a Makerspace

5 Questions to ask yourself:From the amazing Diana Rendinas Blog

What is the goal of your makerspace?From the amazing Diana Rendinas Blog

What does my library already have?From the amazing Diana Rendinas Blog

How will it be used?From the amazing Diana Rendinas Blog

Where will I get supplies?From the amazing Diana Rendinas Blog

Where/How much physical space do I have?From the amazing Diana Rendinas Blog

Community Assessment

Community Surveys

Survey TipsShortKeep it FocusedUse Scales when PossibleOnline and PaperTarget: Current, Past and Prospective UsersAllow for Follow-Up

More Tips: Qualitrics

Survey SoftwareSurvey MonkeyGoogle FormsPoll Daddy

Idea!Ask survey participants if they would like to:VolunteerContribute more feedback

Focus Groups

Organizing Questions:How many people?Who should be in your focus group?How long?* What should you ask?

* Ideally 45 minutes but no longer than 90-120 minutes

Image and More at:

Tips for an effective Focus GroupDefine who you want to talk withAsk Objective QuestionsNegative Feedback can be the most beneficialDont take it personallyAsk for Clarity12 questions max.More: Quirks, Downloadable Guide at Duke

What are your tips?

Who would you invite? Recruit?What would you ask?

What programs are a success now?

Who our yourusers?

Setting Up a Makerspace

Before you start:Where will my space be?What equipment will I need?What is needed to accomplish my goals?How should it be organized?Organization Idea

Things to considerDont focus on High-Cost Equipment Remember the tools will changeWhat is the purpose?FabricationCollaborationTeachingNoise

More at: EdTech Magazine

Designing SpaceFlexibleRoom for small groupsLots of Electric Outlets*Sealed Concrete Floors recommendedEasy to access supplies/cleaning equipmentGood ventilationSpace for hardware/Space for play

Images from

* Is needed - 220 volts or even three-phase power.

FurnitureWorkbenches/Long TablesMoveable FurnitureShelving for storing supplies & ongoing projectsWhiteboards (or Idea Paint!)

Furniture can be used or made

Image from: Buy used

EquipmentEquipment for each Maker StationCleaning ToolsCollaboration ToolsLaptops with specialized software

Image from

SafetySafety Glasses for those working with:Power ToolsHammering or anything that creates debrisChemicalsFirst Aid KitFire ExtinguisherApronsPost Workshop Safety RulesStaff/Volunteer on-duty

Toothbrush Robots

Implementing & Managing a Makerspace

StaffHow is it going to staffed?What hours?What training does staff need?


ClassesStaffingAssisting Staff


How will users be trained or certified to use maker tools?

Liability FormsExamples:Pasco County FoundryDallasMeadowview Elem.

Room to grow and change

ProgrammingIdeas for a Makerspace

Have Students Solve Problems They Care AboutUsing maker time to allow students to solve problems that relate to their everyday lives will create 21st century learners.Ed Tech Magazine

Passive Programming Ideas

Active Programming

Why not check it out?

Sources for Programming IdeasMakerspace Book Make it At Your LibraryLibrary as an IncubatorInstructablesAdafruit BlogMakerSpaces and the Participatory Library

Great Makerspaces in Florida

St Petersburg College Innovation Lab

Palm Harbors Makerspace for ChildrenSimple set-up SuppliesFurniture ModificationPossibly ElectricalOngoing$192 @month on ave suppliesOver 1000 kids have used the space

Orange Countys Melrose CenterMusic Recording StudioVideo Editing & Recording StudioPhotography StudioConference SpaceSimulation Lab

More Amazing SpacesBroward County Librarys Creation StationStewart Middle Magnet SchoolPasco County FoundryHCPLCs The HiveDunedin Public Library

Lets GetHands-on with NEFLINs Equipment Loan

What ideas can you bring back to your library?Great blog & photo



Icons from Flat Icon: Vectors Market

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