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  • 7/29/2019 NUPA Northern Utah Prospectors Newsletter



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    Mining History

    Smoky Quartz





    Next Meeting, September 25, 2013Alan Chenworth, Author of A Guide to GoldPanning in Utahwill be guest speaker. Alan willbe happy to sign your copy of his book during the break. The bookwill also be available for sale.

    Presidents MessageHi everybody,It's been kind of hard to get to some of the claims because of the fires.

    Hope that everybody has been able to get out and do something.Hope that everyone enjoyed Chris Wright's informational talk as much as

    I did. Sure do appreciate him coming out.It is getting close to election time so need to start thinking about people

    that you want on the ballots.Also don't forget to sign up for what kind of food item you would like to

    bring for our Thanksgiving dinner...

    May your pans smile back at ya


    Northern Utah Prospectors Association September 2013

    Gold: $1,311.26

    Silver: $21.77

    As of September 17, 2013

    Check with the Forest Service before planning to go to any Idahoclaims to ensure access. The fires in Idaho have made travel to our

    claims difficult and in some cases impossible.

    Crescent Creek September 2022

    Additional information will be posted for the next outingat the meeting prior and in the newsletter.

  • 7/29/2019 NUPA Northern Utah Prospectors Newsletter





    Mike John


    1st Vice President

    Mike Kozlowski

    2nd Vice President

    Steve Sherman


    Carolyn Durga801-690-4202


    Sheri Gaddis


    Dave DeHeer

    Claims Director

    Lonnie Fausett

    Members at Large

    Kim & Sandy Patterson

    Leo & Donale Richan

    Bob Shriber

    Hal & Lynda Berry

    Alan Meyer

    Curt Dayton

    Treasurers Report August, 2013

    Checking: Savings:

    Starting Balance $ 3,002.96 Starting Balance $ 4843.49

    Deposits 310.65 Interest .41



    Withdrawals 274.57

    Aug 31 Balance $ 2,155.21 Aug 31 Balance $ 4845.12

    WinnersWhite Ticket:

    Rafter Square Hal BerryPick and Hook Set Steve CramerEmergency Blanket Steve Cramer

    Door Prize Nugget Buzz Schraeder

    Blue Ticket:

    Bag of Pay Dirt Frank Kuba Classifier Dave LintonSmall Nugget Brandon WallRegular Nugget D. JensenQuarterly Nugget C. Kendell

    Red Ticket: Dry Washer Bob Shriber

    Door prize (white ticket) winners are asked to bring refreshments to the nextmeeting and are reimbursed with a receipt.

    Holiday GatheringsThanksgiving

    Potluck! Saturday, November 16

    Signup sheets available at the September and October Meetings.

    Location will be announced. Sign up sheets managed by

    Sheri Gaddis:


    Friday, December 13, 6:30pm

    Golden Corral, 988 Washington, Ogden

    Everyone is responsible for their own expenses

    Attendance required for gift and drawings

  • 7/29/2019 NUPA Northern Utah Prospectors Newsletter


    MembershipDuesMembership dues are from January

    through December. Anyone joining

    after October 1 will be considered a

    paid member through the next

    calendar year.

    New membership $40.00

    Renewal $30.00

    Mailed Newsletter $5.00

    E-mail copies of the newsletter are

    included as part of membership.

    Mailed newsletters add $5.00 to

    renewal to help defray cost of postage

    and printing.

    You will have an opportunity to

    choose your newsletter delivery

    preference when you renew your


    Park City Museum Info

    528 Main Street / PO Box 555Park City, UT 84060

    435.649.7457 / 435.649.7384 fax

    For general information:

    Museum Hours

    Monday-Saturday:10 am-7 pm

    Sunday:Noon - 6 pm

    Closed:Thanksgiving and Christmas

    Research Library Hours

    Monday-Friday:10 am-4 pmSaturday-Sunday:Closed


    Members: Free (Become a Member)

    Adults: $10

    Seniors 65+, Students, and Military (with valid ID): $8

    Children: $5 (age 7-17)

    Under 6: Free

    How do you confuse a gold

    prospector?Show him two shovels and

    ask him to take his pick.

    Elections are coming up.Time to think about who

    you want for 2014 officers

    Mining History

    Learn about Park Citys Mining History

  • 7/29/2019 NUPA Northern Utah Prospectors Newsletter


    Smokey Quartz and Feldspar Crystals at Rock Corral Canyon in the MineralMountains, Beaver County (from: )

    by DustinL. Rooks

    Geologic information:The Mineral Mountains, located in Beaver County, make up the largest exposedplutonic body in Utah. Rock compositions range from quartz monzonite in the northern half of the pluton togranite around Rock Corral Canyon in the south.

    Excellent crystals of smoky quartz and feldspar are found invugs or cavities in the granite. They formed when coolingfractures in the granite were filled by late-stage pegmatitesconsisting of quartz, microcline, and plagioclase.

    Quartz occurs as clear to smoky, euhedral crystals up to threeinches long while microcline is commonly found as euhedral,equidimensional crystals averaging approximately 0.75 inchesin width. Occasionally, large pseudomorphs of limonite afterpyrite can be found in these areas as well.

    How to get there:Travel 0.7 miles south of the railroad tracks on State Route 21 from Milford where a

    Corral Recreation Area sign will instruct you to turn left (east) from the highway. This road is paved for ashort distance but then turns to sand. Continue from the turn-off 5.4 miles to an intersection. Take the leftfork and continue for 1.2 miles to another intersection. Keep right at this intersection for 2.7 miles to thefirst outcrop or inselberg on the left. You can park here or continue to the picnic area in Rock Corral Can-yon.

    Where to collect:Although the quartz and feldspar are not confined to Rock Corral, the best-developedcrystal specimens seem to occur within a half-mile radius of the picnic area. As mentioned above, thecrystals are found in vugs. Look for areas where the quartz and feldspar are easily visible as coarse veins.Examine these areas closely as occasionally they open up into cavities where the crystals had space to


    Useful maps:Beaver and Wah Wah Mountains South 1:100,000-scale maps, and a Utah highway map.These are best for navigational purposes. Also, the Adamsville and Bearskin Mountain 1:24,000-scalemaps. Topographic maps can be obtained from the Natural Resources Map & Bookstore,1.888.UTAHMAP; 801.537.3320, fax - 801.537.3395.

    Land ownership:Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands.

    BLM collecting rules:The casual collector may take small amounts of petrified wood, fossils, gemstones,and rocks from unrestricted federal lands in Utah without obtaining a special permit if collection is for per-sonal, noncommercial purposes. Collection in large quantities or for commercial purposes requires a per-mit, lease, or license from the BLM.

    Miscellaneous:A hat and water are essential.

    Tools recommended:Safety glasses, hammer, chisel, and patience are a must. Have fun collecting!

    About the author:Dustin L. Rooks is a Junior at Southern Utah University where he is majoring in both geology and botany.He is a native of Vernal, Utah where he spends summers conducting range studies for the National ForestService and collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils

    Smoky quartz and microcline crystals from the Rock

    Corral area collected by the author in November of

    1996. Quarter in foreground for scale
  • 7/29/2019 NUPA Northern Utah Prospectors Newsletter


    Crescent Creek Outing

    Friday, September 20, 21 & 22Crescent Creek is south of Hanksville. There is room for several

    trailers plus tents for primitive camping off the highway, 4WD not


    You may find accommodations in Hanksville at Whispering Sands

    Motel (best reviews). The nearest food, fuel, lodging and first aid

    is in Hanksville. As usual.Pack it in, Pack it out.

    The closest water is a bit of a hike downhill from the claim. Very

    small gold but a bit of persistence and digging in a good hole will

    result in a fair bit of color.


    There are several ways to get to

    Hanksville...this is just one:

    Take US 15 South to US 6 east.

    Follow US 6 through Price to US


    Head west on US 70

    Take Exit 149 and head south on

    UT 24

    In Hanksville turn south on UT 95and go approx. 20.6 mi

    Turn right on Lone Cedar Rd (dirt)

    and head south for about 4

    miles then turn right at the fork

    for about 1 mile.

    Trip total about 300 miles each

    way give or take

    Dirt road

    about 20.6

    mi south of



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