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  • Old Genes can be Stylish;

    Test Yours Today!

  • And Others?

    July 2015

  • Now for an Historical


    mtDNA Y-DNA

    atDNA X-DNA

  • Let Us Go Far Back In Time

    Back to the days before Genetic DNA Testing

    Back to another millennium long ago

    Back, back to the beginning

  • In the beginning there was

  • In the Beginning, There was

    Bennett Greenspan

  • Yes, in the beginning

    there was Bennett


    Founder of FamilyTreeDNA.com in the year 2000.

    Bennett started doing genealogy in 1999 while unemployed.

    His wife thought it would keep him out of the kitchen.

    He found a possible cousin in Argentina, but Bennett couldnt prove the relationship.

    The University of Arizona helped him do DNA testing.

    Realizing the potential demand, he started FTDNA.

  • The Pioneer in DNA Testing for Genealogical Research

  • The FTDNA Pitch

  • FamilyTreeDNA Testing


    Buccal DNA (cheek swab) DNA collection


  • FTDNA Sample Collection

    Buccal swab DNA sample collection


  • FTDNA Test Kit Instructions

  • The Four Types of DNA

  • Me










    Grandma Grandpa









    Grandma Grandpa


    How Does DNA Fit into Genealogy?

  • How The Four Types of DNA are

    Passed From Parent to Child


    Y-DNA - patrilineal line, passed from father to son.

    X-DNA passed from father to daughter, and from

    mother to both sons and daughters.

    atDNA (Autosomal DNA) - The other 22 pairs of

    non sex-linked chromosomes, inherited by

    everyone from both parents, half from each.

    Extra Nuclear

    mtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA) Passed from mother

    to both sons and daughters.

  • Family Tree DNA Tests for Males

  • FTDNA Y-DNA Tests

  • FTDNA Y-DNA Tests The BIG Y

  • SNP Tests

    Individual SNP tests are @$39.

    SNP Kits, for Haplogroups G and R

    were offered in early 2015 @$129. The

    first Gs to order received a discounted

    price of $99. They were time consuming

    and FTDNA had trouble keeping up with

    demand. They stopped taking orders

    until a time when they could complete

    the orders in a more timely manner.

  • Family Tree DNA Tests

    for Both Males and Females

  • FTDNA mtDNA Tests

  • FTDNA atDNA Tests Autosomal

  • Family Tree DNA Combo Tests

  • FTDNA Comprehensive Genome DNA

    Test for Males

  • FTDNA Comprehensive Genome DNA

    Test for Males - Upgrade

    Upgrade price for existing customers will be less. For

    example, since I have Family Finder and 37 marker Y, my

    cost for this would be only $288.

    Other upgrades have been reduced also.

    My cost only $288

  • Transfer DNA Tests to FTDNA

  • Transfer Test Results for FREE?

    Family Tree DNA is now accepting, in

    fact encouraging, data transfers from

    both 23andMe (V3 chip only) and

    Ancestry.com at no charge to the


    However, there is a limit to the

    functionality of the Family Finder

    interface for users of the free offer.

  • Whats the Catch?*

    *For free, your top 20 matches will be visible to you.

    *In order to contact those matches or unlock the rest of the Family Finder functionality and tools at Family Tree DNA, youll have to pay $39 or recruit 4 additional people to upload their files, whether they pay to join or not.

    *Compared to retesting at $99 or the previous transfer price of $69, this is a great value for those people who have tested with AncestryDNA or 23andMe.

  • Transfer DNA Tests to FTDNA

  • One Size Fits All Approach

  • AncestryDNA

    Introduced in 2012

  • AncestryDNA

    Autosomal testing only.

    No Y-DNA or mtDNA.

    No DNA segment data discussed or even acknowledged.

    Upload to GEDMatch required to glean DNA segment data.

    A new concept called Ancestry Circles, an amorphous concept based on a readily recognizable shape, apparently meant to divert attention to the lack of segment information.

  • Regular Ancestry DNA Price $99

  • Sale Ancestry DNA Price $79

  • Amazon Prime $79

  • 23andMe

    Testing can cover areas of

    interest such as adoption,

    deep ancestry, ethnicity,

    genealogy, and health

  • Google Co-founder Sergey

    Brin and his then wife

    Anne Wojcicki attend the

    23andMe Spit Party

    This event to promote the launch of 23andMe took place at the IAC Building on September 9, 2008 in New York City.

    Anne Wojcicki is the CEO of 23andMe. Her sister, Susan, heads YouTube.

    Sergey Brin is a primary investor in 23andMe.

    Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki were divorced in May 2015.

  • Sample 23andMe DNA

    Collection Spit Kits

    23andMe uses the saliva collection method

    to obtain DNA samples

  • 23andMe Lab Video

  • 23andMe Has Changed

  • 23andMe Difference

  • See Yourself Differently

  • Carrier Status Reports

  • Ancestry Reports

  • Wellness Reports

  • Trait Reports

  • Tools

  • Research

  • Laboratory Analysis performed by

    2013 James R. Lannin, Jr.

  • Geno 2.0: Next Generation Reveals New Details of Your Ancient Ancestry

    Geno 2.0: Next Generation (Geno NextGen) is the next phase of the Genographic Project, National Geographics pioneering effort to decode the story of individuals deep ancestry hidden within their DNA.

    Geno NextGen builds on the success of Geno 2.0 by growing the analytical capabilities of the test and enhancing the participant Geno 2.0 experience.

  • Here are the new and enhanced

    features of Geno NextGen: They are including

    thousands of new Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA mutations

    This allows for the highest resolution in maternal and paternal haplogroup (family clan) assignment, shy of genome or chromosomal sequencing.

    The new mutations will allow for dozens of new haplogroup stories.

  • More Features

    Regional affiliations will now be estimated from eighteen populations.

    By analyzing more than 700,000 mutational markers across the entire human genomean increase from the 150,000 used in Geno 2.0researchers can now estimate the geographical components of your DNA from double the number of regional affiliations and then compare these results to more than 50 reference populations.

    Participants can learn if they are similar to people from Ireland, Germany, Lebanon, or maybe all of the above.

  • The Genographic Projects

    Commitment to Participants We are recalculating the Neanderthal DNA

    percentage with higher precision. In the last three years, we have learned much more about who Neanderthals were and how they interacted with our ancestors, and we are incorporating what we learned into the new experience with a recalculation of participants Neanderthal DNA.

    Next Gen participants looking for genealogical matches can now easily transfer results to our laboratory partners at Family Tree DNA and search for relatives across their large database.

    As a continued promise to all participants, the Genographic Project will not test for or report on any medical markers and will never sell DNA results. To learn more about the Genographic Project or how to get a Geno NextGen kit visit us at www.genographic.com.


  • Genographic Discoveries

  • Genographic Discoveries

  • Genographic Project

    DNA Collection Kit

    A project of the National

    Genographic Society, The

    Genographic project is

    directed by Spencer Wells,


    Dr. Wells, who received his

    PhD from Harvard, is both

    a geneticist and an


    He serves on the Advisory

    Board of


    where the Geno 2.0 test

    kits are processed.

  • Beyond Genealogy Video with Spencer Wells, PhD

  • The Big Four A Summary

    Family Tree DNA Ancestry DNA

    Genographic Project 23andMe

    DNA Testing Vendors

  • Available Tests by Vendor

    Vendor Autosomal Y-DNA Y-SNPs mtDNA X-DNA Advanced





    The Genographic Project only offers the Geno 2.0 Test. They

    provide refined Haplogroup information to in their report, Y-DNA

    for males and mtDNA for females and males.

    X-DNA Testing is done as part of the autosomal Test at Family

    Tree DNA and 23andMe. It can be seen on their sites as a match

    criterion. Ancestry DNA does not release any segment matching

    information on their site. Their customers must download their

    raw data and then upload it to GEDmatch to match by segment.

  • Price of Available Tests by Vendor

    Vendor Autosomal

    Y-DNA Y-SNPs mtDNA X-DNA Advanced

    FTDNA $99.00



    $169+ @$39

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