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Paul Allen. Paul Allen.,0.jpg. Biography The Beginning Technology Museums Aerospace Creations Business. Science Sport Photos Flying Heritage Collection Awards Timeline of Events Bibliography. Agenda. Biography. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Paul Allen,0.jpgPaul Allen

  • AgendaBiographyThe BeginningTechnologyMuseumsAerospaceCreations BusinessScienceSportPhotosFlying Heritage CollectionAwards Timeline of EventsBibliography

  • BiographyJanuary 21, 1953Seattle, UsaLakeside School, Washington State UniversityDropped out of schoolWanted to work with software

  • The Beginning Paul Allen and Bill GatesComputer enthusiastsWriting software for computersBoth drop from schoolGreatest achievement, the creation of Microsoft, 1975

  • TechnologyAdvance in software and hardware designDigeo, channels that deliver on-demand subjects in the computerFlipStart, laptop with a great technological advance Project Halo

  • MuseumsSeattle's Science Fiction Museum Hall of Fame (SFM)Microcomputer Gallery

  • AerospaceSpaceShipOne Paul Allen sponsored the developmentSpaceShipOne won the Ansari X-Prize in 2004.

  • CreationsCinerama, saved it and open oneDrum Core, a program which is a tool for drummersHospital, Paul Allen reopened It in the 2002Grown Men, a band which he played in

  • BusinessMicrosoftReal Estate, a big area that offers a lot of thingsCharter Communications, acquired by Paul Allen in 1998 Oxygen Media is a 24-hour cable television network DreamWorks, financial backing of Paul Allen

  • ScienceAllen Institute for Brain Science founded in 2002Paul donated $100 million to establish it Allen Brain Atlas was the first project

  • SportPortland Trail Blazers Seattle Seahawks Rose Garden ArenaThe Sporting News

  • Photos

  • Flying Heritage CollectionIn 1998, Paul G. Allen began acquiring and preserving many airplanesThey were flying warriors and workhorsesMany are the last of their kind Allen's passion motivated him to restore these artifacts and share them with the publicIt is the most important

  • AwardsAwarded Life-Time Achievement Award by PC Magazine. Inducted into the Computer Museum Hall of Fame.

  • Timeline of Events1953, he was born1967, Lakeside School1971, Washington State University1975, Allen and Gates found Microsoft1893, leaves Microsoft, gets Hodgkins disease1984, founds Asymetrix1986, Vulcan Ventures1992, stars Starwave1998, buys Marcus Cable2000, senior strategy adviser2003, Allen Institute of Brian Science2004, fifth richest person

  • BibliographyWorld Book. 1917. World Book, Inc. Oct. 11, 2006.<>.Paul Allen. 2006. Vulcan Inc. Oct. 11, 2006. Allen. Computer Base Training. Oct. 12, 2006 M. John. Flying Heritage Collection. 2006. Flying Heritage Collection Inc.

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