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Download Perform CARMINA BURANA - Home - 2011.pdfPerform CARMINA BURANA ... Carmina Burana is generally considered Orff’s ... leading scholars on Carmina Burana having dramatically analyzed

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    CARMINA BURANAJune/July 2011

    at the Athens Concert Hall (tbd) followed by a cruise of the Greek Islands and Ephesus with an optional extension and performance in Patras

    Conducted by:

    Jonathan Babcock Texas State University San Marcos

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    Carmina Burana in GreeceJONATHAN BABCOCK


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    Carl Orffs Carmina Burana is seemingly the perfect merging of modern and ancient . The text is taken from a twelfth century manuscript and the music is set by one of the twentieth centurys greatest composers . Greece, as the cradle of civilization as well as a thriving modern nation, will provide the perfect backdrop for our 2011 concert tour . We will stage the gala concert in the athens Concert Hall which will be a highlight of that citys cultural calendar . for those who have the time we have also been invited to represent the United States at the International Festival of Patras . This festival brings together international musicians and performers to perform in the ancient Odeion, which dates back to the second century .

    I am thrilled to be leading this staged performance of Orffs masterpiece at the athens Concert Hall and in a Greek amphitheater as well . I hope you will strongly consider joining me for this truly exceptional opportunity!

    - Jonathan Babcock

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    JONATHAN BABCOCK Throughout his career as a performer, clinician and educator, Babcock has developed a strong personal style of leadership that inspires, educates and challenges. Babcock has been privileged to work with such internationally acclaimed artists as Stephanie Blythe, Carol Meyer, Matthew Garrett, Anton Belov and 2005 Tony Award winner Victoria Clark. He has led choirs in

    performance at venues throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, including TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) and NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) conventions. As an advocate for contemporary choral music, he has overseen commissions and premieres of new works by composers such as Paul Moravec, David Del Tredici, and Stephen Paulus.

    Babcock is presently the Associate Director of Choral Activities at Texas State University-San Marcos. Prior to coming to Texas State he served as Associate Professor and Director of Choirs at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. He received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in choral conducting from the Hartt School, University of Hartford where he studied conducting with Paul E. Oakley and Edward Bolkovac. His Masters of Music and Bachelors of Music Education were attained at the Crane School of Music, Potsdam College where he studied conducting with the late Brock MacElheran and Timothy Topelewski and voice with Anitra Lynch and Patricia Misslin. Babcock is an active member of the American Choral Directors Association, the Texas Music Educators Association and Chorus America.


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    REPERTOIRECould you please get rid of everything I have written up to now and that has unfortunately been published by you? With Carmina Burana my collected works begin! Carl Orff

    When Carl Orff sent these lines to the Schott publishing house in Mainz in 1937, shortly after the premiere of Carmina Burana in Frankfurt, he was already 42 years old. This was a mature age for a spectacular artistic rebirth. In retrospect, Orffs wish has been fulfilled and even though it is not his first work, Carmina Burana is generally considered Orffs opus 1. Orffs style is so completely unique that it is recognizable from the first measure of any of his works. Today, Carmina Burana is one of the most performed works of our time. Our performances in Greece will aim to capture the true spirit in which the piece was conceived 71 years ago.

    Jonathan Babcock is one of the nations leading scholars on Carmina Burana having dramatically analyzed the score, text, history and modern performance practice of the work. In his May 2006 Choral Journal article he writes:

    Orffs artistic formula limited the music in that every musical moment was to be connected with an action on stage. It is here that most modern performances of Carmina Burana fall short. When Carmina Burana is conceived as a dramatic work rather than a concert piece, it takes on a completely different personality. The visual realization identifies not only the meaning of the text, but the unifying concept that Orff intended.

    This will be the departure point for this performance. Both the performers and the audience will be in for a unique artistic experience!


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    Kusadasi (Ephesus)


    GREECE Greece is one of the cradles of our civilization. It is exuberant, cultured, historical and passionate.

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    ATHENS Athens is rightly dominated by the Acropolis. The city houses one of the worlds finest museums and boasts a history coexisting with a bustling modern city. It is a place of mystery and intrigue and is home to Greeces finest performance venue, the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron). Since opening in 1991, the Athens Concert Hall has been regarded as one of the most comprehensive culture centres in Europe. Its superb acoustics has been acclaimed both by the public and by many renowned performers.

    THE GREEK ISLANDS Cruise to Mykonos, a playground for the rich and famous, stop for a day in Rhodes and experiences the Roman, Saracen, Turkish, Medieval and Italian influences, visit Patmos and take an optional tour to the Monastory of St John and the Cave of the Apocalypse before touring the breathtaking ruins of Ephesus at Kusadasi.

    PATRAS (optional extension) Continue on to Patras via Delphi (and its famed oracle). Patras enjoys a history of four millennia. It has been conquered by Rome, Turkey and Venice. In the 2nd Century the Romans built the stunning Odeon Theater.

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    JUNE/JULY 2011

    Monday, June 27 Departure

    Tuesday, June 28 Arrive Athens

    Wednesday, June 29 Sightseeing in Athens Rehearsal Welcome Dinner

    Thursday, June 30 Rehearsal Explore Athens

    Friday, July 1 Board cruise

    Saturday, July 2 Cruise

    Sunday, July 3 Rhodes morning After lunch rehearsal Optional individual concerts

    Monday, July 4 Disembark Rehearsal

    Tuesday, July 5 Dress Rehearsal Gala Concert

    Wednesday, July 6 Depart for home or Extension tour


    Wednesday, July 6 Transfer to Patras Enjoy resort style hotel Dress rehearsal Patras Amphitheater Concert

    Thursday, July 7 Return to Athens via Delphi Farewell dinner

    Friday, July 8 Return home

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    JUNE 2011

    Monday, June 27 DepartGatewayCity

    Tuesday, June 28 ArrivalinAthens




    Wednesday, June 29 Breakfast(daily)

    Oursightseeingtourthismorningrevealsthismarvelouscity, the Cradle of Civilization. We visit the Acropolis where there may be a chance for a short informal recital

    StopattheAreopaguswherewereadSt.Paulsmessage concerning the Unknown God




    Thursday, June 30 Taketimetoexploretherelics,marketsandmuseums

    of Athens



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    Friday, July 1 WetransfertotheportcityofPiraeustoboardourcruise

    ship (Louis Hellenic Cruises)

    OurfirststopisMykonos,avibrantislandwithits colorful harbor, all-white houses and windmills silhouetted against the blue sky. We will have time to explore this charming island or take an optional shore excursion (own arrangements)


    Saturday, July 2 ArrivePatmosIslandhometotheMonasteryofStJohn

    the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse both World Heritage Sites

    TravelontoKusadasiTurkey,whereashortridetakesus to the breathtaking ruins of Ephesus. Once known as one of the richest cities in Asia Minor, it was a popular Roman resort, center of trade, commerce, culture and religion. St. Paul spent three years walking its marble streets. See the giant theatre where the riot of the silversmiths occurred, the great Temple of Diana of the Ephesians and more



    Sunday, July 3 EarlyweglideintotheharborofRhodes.Thisold

    city was built by Crusader Knights of the Order of St. John, and has barely changed since then. We explore this history in a walking tour which includes a visit to the Palace or take an optional shore excursion (own arrangements)




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