period 1 warming up, pre-reading & reading. what are the two main kinds of disabilities? do you...

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  • Period 1 Warming up, Pre-reading & Reading

  • Warming upWhat are the two main kinds of disabilities?Do you know anyone with a disability?

  • BeethovenHe is a famous composerand he is half-deaf.

  • Helen KellerBlind, deaf and dumb

  • Edison

    slightly deaf


  • Steven Hawkingphysicist / mathematician(Black holes theory)

  • Zhang Haidihas no feelingbelow the waist,uses a wheel chairwriter

  • Zhou Zhou, who was mentally deficient from his childhood, now has become a famous conductor in China.

  • Ma Li & Zhai Xiao wei

  • Tai Lihuadeafdancer

  • Pre-readingLook at the pictures and read the passages quickly to find out what disability the four people each have and what they have achieved.

  • Rosalyn Something is wrong with her legs. This disability makes it difficult for her to walk or run. But she loves sports. She is proud to have taken part in competitions and to have broken a record by running two laps (800meters) this year. Her ambition is to become part of the national team for the next Paralympic Games.______________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Richard He is blind, which makes it difficult for him to read ordinary books. However, he has just passed his university entrance exams. He had the questions read to him and used dictation to give his answers into a special machine. He hopes to become a teacher._______________________________________________________________________

  • Sally Something is wrong with her hearing. She is almost deaf. When she is free, she goes to the movies because the sound is always very loud. Although some may think the cinema is noisy, it is suitable for her condition.In spite of the disability, Sally leads a busy life. She likes writing stories and playing basketball.______________________________________________________________

  • Gao Qiang Gao Qiang was born with Downs Syndrome, which is a mental disability.However, he loves acting. Last year he played a major part in the school play. Now his ambition is to become an actor. He takes singing and dancing lessons after school.________________________________________________________________

  • Para1: A/An ____________to Marty and his muscle disease.Para 2: How the disease______________.introductiondeveloped/startedPara3: Marty met a lot of _________at school. difficultiesPara 4: How his life has become_______.easierPara 5: The __________of his disease.advantagesSkimming: Sum up the main idea of each paragraph.

  • Scanning:a muscle disease that makes him very weak

    clumsy and cant run or climb stairs as quickly as other peopleto work for a firm thatinvented a computer football gamegoing to the movies and football matches and keeping pets

    to live one day at a timedont feelor makebut accept them and give them

  • Scanning 1. What is the main idea of Martys Story?2. When was Marty a patient of the unknown disease?3. Martys life was easier at high school because ___________ .4. What does Marty often do in his life now?5. What can we infer from the fifth paragraph?

  • Scanning 1. What is the main idea of Martys Story?A. His disease is a mystery to doctors.B. The disabled should live a full life instead of giving up the hope.C. People around should not make fun of the disabled ones.D. Doctors should work hard to treat the unknown diseases.

  • Scanning 2. When was Marty a patient of the unknown disease?A. Not until he was tenB. Shortly after he was born.C. When he was in high school.D. After he invited the football computer game.

  • Discussion 3. Martys life was easier at high school because ___________ .A. he got better with the help of the doctorsB. he found more things enjoyable in lifeC. some students just ignored to help himD. he invented a computer program to help him.

  • 4. What does Marty often do in his life now?A. He sits around feeling sorry for himself.B. He works in the computer industry.C. He makes up the lessons he was missed.D. He keeps a pet and works hard to live a normal life.

  • 5. What can we infer from the last paragraph?A. The disabled have to work to support themselves as people dont like to take care of themB. Healthy kids should have a chance to feel what disability is.C. Healthy people should give money to the disabled to make them happy.D. With determination and encouragement, the disabled can live a rich life.

  • Detailed reading :clumsy and ______________________________________cant ___________ and can only enjoy football matches _________ ______.feels ______ because of ___________________Invented_______________________looks after_____Disability has helped him grow stronger and more independent . often drop things or bump into furnitureplay football from a bench at a stadiumhas missed a lot of schoolstupidbeing behind the others a computer football gamepets

    Problems caused by his disabilityWhat Marty does in spite of his disability1. weak and cant run or climb stairs as quickly as others2.


    4.5. enjoys writing and computer programming 2.



  • A summaryThe main idea of the story: Though he is a _________ person, Marty never feels ________ for himself and he ________ his life.What kind of person do you think Marty is? disabledsorryenjoys


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