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  • 1. hardware and software inventory since 1990. 1998 iInventory Ltd. All rights reserved Index v7 Overview

2. installation remote audit (Windows) agent audit (any platform) import files get reports audit range auto network detection (Windows) software detection and dictionarylicense management enhanced html reportsintuitive tree navigation user questionnaire auto data import database options Online Help Support Licensing User Comments Users Are you in control? WhyiI nventory? Click through or click topicA leading network administration tool for hardware & software inventory since 1990 Automatically collect and report corporate IT assets data for financial decisions, helpdesk efficiency, resource redeployment, security and legal issues, software license compliance, pre-rollout analysis, insurance and mergers- and more Index Features Summary Audit Steps 3.

  • do you know how many desktops you have?
  • how many different software applications?
  • do you need them all?
  • are you getting the best deal when buying software?
  • are you legal?
  • if audited, could you locate your proof of license and purchase?
  • do you control software being installed by staff?
  • do you have a software policy?
  • does everybody understand the policy?
  • are you exposing yourselves to viruses?
  • what would happen to your business if you lost your systems?

index What do you really know about the computers in your organization? If you cannot answer all these questions, you are not in control Start with an inventory audit of your hardware and software - and schedule regular automatic repeat audits Our software makes automated collection and access to audit data easier than you might have imagined Are you in control?hardware and software inventory since 1990. 4. index

  • easy to install and use no specialist help needed
  • inventory agents for most major OS
  • complete product no unexpected costs
  • power features there when required
  • designed for all sizes of organization
  • console flexibility
  • audit up to 100,000 computers
  • versatile deployment methods
  • lightweight low impact inventory agents
  • no TSRs* avoids conflicts *Mac agent optional APP acts as TSR for auto network auditing
  • network light - audit data files average 50k per computer
  • pedigree - 15 years development and 4m licenses issued

Why iInventory?On demand information. Reliable inventory data is essential to manage and control IT assets Having audited your computers for their hardware and software configurations you can selectively report your audit data in relevant formats Audit process options and popular key product features are addressed in this overview hardware and software inventory since 1990. 5. 1.install iInventory console 2.scan and run on-demand remote audit (Windows) - or -build and run agent for a Windows, Mac or Linux audit 3.import audit data4.run reports Audit stepsindex hardware and software inventory since 1990. 6.

  • install console on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 server, Vista
  • multiple console installations permitted
  • space required: -for download file with support components 50mb -installation 20mb-per audit database 1.8mb (empty) to multi-gigabyte-500 records typically 60-80mb
  • central or local audit data management
  • databases can mirror user groups

Installation index You need install the console to the network only if others need supervisory access to iInventory.hardware and software inventory since 1990. 7. index Remote audit Windows Remote audit for Windows is the quickest and easiest way to audit these computers Collects hardware and software information. Auto network detection lets you select the machines to be audited hardware and software inventory since 1990.

  • on-demand audit of Windows computers detected on thenetwork from the console
  • detailed hardware and software configuration via WMI technologies
  • single, groups or all computers
  • no inventory agent required

Remote audit

  • scan entire network from console using NetBIOS
  • Active Directory or IPaddress to discover assets that youwish to remote audit

Auto network detection 8.

  • click-through Agent Wizard and create re-usable editable agentfor a Windows, Mac or Linux audit
  • select detection method fast registry detection OR fast registry detection + in-depth full file scan
  • high level configuration options

index Agent audit Windows, Mac or Linux Agent information Agents can collect more datathan remote audit An easy way to reach computers that cannot be remote audited Display message to users, or run stealth audit hardware and software inventory since 1990. Run agent on target computers

  • nothing installed on targets, minimizing conflicts note:Mac agent optional APP acts as TSR for auto network auditing
  • non interruptive users log in and work normally
  • distribution flexibilityfloppy disk, e-mail, LAN, WAN, internet, intranet, login script, USB disk
  • scheduler option for repeat audits, and the files to be captured or tracked

Create agent 9.

  • import of remote audited files is automatic
  • import agent-generated files to database via console
  • audit records updated and changes tracked
  • software dictionary updates from web server if required
  • agent import function can also be automated

index Import files You may import audit data from Windows, Mac and Linux computers into a single database for cross-platform reporting hardware and software inventory since 1990. Run reports

  • choose from standard reports
  • view in html or grid
  • user definable reports click&build or advanced
  • expert custom report service free with support
  • standard SQL query language
  • use powerful report/query functions in MS Access or SQL Server

Track hardware and software changes between audits by running the Changes report. Hardware fields monitored are user-defined to any level of detail 10.

  • audit range - Windows, Mac, Linux
  • complete product with no extra costs
  • fast and highly configurable
  • stealth audits option
  • three open database options use with other applications
  • auto network detection of assets (Windows)
  • remote 'on demand' remote audits (Windows)
  • in-depth full file scan audit option
  • software detection and dictionary system
  • software license management
  • html reports
  • intuitive tree-style navigation

Features summary index The v7 console has a powerful and robust modern interface It is even easier to use with new features like remote audit, drag and-drop report columns, field renaming and switching report views between grid and html formats hardware and software inventory since 1990. 11. Information collected Audit rangeindex hardware and software inventory since 1990. Windows all workstation and server operating systems95 / 98 / Me / NT 4.x / 2000 / XP / 2003 / VistaLinuxworkstations and serversRedHat / SuSe / Mandrake / Mandriva / CentOS /Ubuntu / GentooMacworkstations and servers withOS 8.1+ / 9.x / OS X 12. Dictionary information Detection information Software detection and dictionary

  • two detection methods 1. fast registry detection2. fast registry detection + in-depth full file scan
  • comprehensive master dictionary 130,000+ definitions for 28,000+ applications and increasing
  • flexible users can add / modify software definitions, e.g. custom software
  • advanced web based master dictionary learns anonymously from user consoles to predict demand for softwaredefinitions. Web connection required but can be disabled for privacy

index hardware and software inventory since 1990. 13.

  • improved feature associating licenses with software packages,operating systems and computers

index Software license management hardware and software inventory since 1990. Report example Enhanced html reports

  • easier sharing of audit data with others
  • enhanced reports - view in HTML or grid format

Intuitive tree navigation

  • simplified navigation of assets and reports with quick drill down into individual assets

Auto data import

  • powerful and easy to use automatic data import feature

14. User questionnaire

  • optionally displays form to users when agent runs
  • requests or forces users to add information that cannotbe auto-detected
  • typically for admin data location, sticker number etc.
  • fully customizable
  • powerful user-friendly admin utility
  • specify required data via fields that you add to the form
  • there are also user-defined fields and administration fieldsfor further flexibility in capturing additional infor