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  • Engage. Inform. Convince. Tear off and save.

    Copywriter-Graphic Designerexperienced in producing branded

    publications, marketing collateral, sales

    presentations, web projects, project proposals,

    trade show exhibits, ads and marketing

    promotions. Accomplished:

    Design Makeovers of publications for

    verifiable increases in circulation

    Branding of marketing collateral and

    publications for top visitor destination

    Produced Four Proposals resulting in

    $3.75 billion in military construction contracts

    Write and Produce e-Newsletter on artists

    and events every month

    Making publications beautiful, easily

    understandable, and remembered.

  • Infographics Explain It Better

    Infographics distill complex information into pictures that are

    easy to understand and remember.

    Ocean of Possibilities Map

    plots life goals for which a wealth

    manager can help plan.

    Hard Hat creates a friendly

    theme for a construction

    management contract proposal

    Performance Based Fees

    gauge shows compensation to

    stock advisors follows the

    performance of investments,

    implying that investments in

    these funds have less risk of loss

    because advisors will lose

    compensation if investors lose.

    Resort Self-Tour Map identifies

    the best locations for a wedding

    ceremony and reception. Each

    numbered bullet is keyed to a

    photo of the location.

  • Presentations That Really Sell!

    Thank you for your hard

    work on this presentation.

    We love what youve

    done! Sr. Market Advisor,

    Sempra Energy

  • Some Necessary Promotional Tools

    In addition to the design skills

    [Jim] brings to projects on

    which he works, he is an active

    participant in the creative

    process and keeps things

    moving. I would work with Jim

    again in a hearbeat.

    Stuart Rockett, Copywriter

  • Case Study: UCO Reporter Newspaper (West Palm Beach, FL)UCO Reporter is the official monthly newspaper

    for a retirement community, and its staff is

    mostly volunteer. The challenge lies in working

    with new volunteers every month who dont

    know what to do, and therefore deadlines for

    content may not be met and content may not be

    correct as provided.

    Proposed and implemented new design

    standards in Jan. 2013 when taking over

    Produced a Style Guide document for staff

    Successfully met every press deadline and

    provided a professional look to the newspaper

    each issue

    Improved quality has resulted in increased

    readership, advertising volume and income,

    say the publishers!

    Size of paper is at 64 pages+ in summer

    months when half of the 17,000 residents are


    Hired a professional ad manager to ensure

    ads are accounted for and billed appropriately

  • Case Study: Southwest Spotlight Newspapers (Naples, FL)

    Took over layout and production of the newsprint

    interior of the quality gloss-wrapped newspaper

    serving Bonita Springs, FL in November 2012.


    Improved quality and consistency

    with paragraph and character styles throughout

    Reduced the number of proofs required

    to about half by reducing errors and delivering

    very complete proofs, says the publisher

    Launched and produced a second

    newspaper for Estero in Oct. 2013

    Took over production of outside

    gloss wrap in Mar. 2015. Resized live print

    area of all pages to correct bindery problems

    that had gone unaddressed.

    Took over production of all in-house ads,

    providing one-stop shopping for publisher

    A third publication for Naples, FL

    launches in Oct. 2015.

  • Case Study: Web/Social Media Dance Event Promotion

    James Hance has consistently provided beautiful graphics and the most organized and

    efficient [Cajun and zydeco music website] here in Southern California. The quality and

    consistency of James work has always impressed me. He single-handedly took on the task

    of developing a [Cajun and zydeco music] website in Florida and has done a wonderful job.

    Its creation has led to increased accessibility and visibility [for] the genre, to the delight of

    all who love the music and dance. I strongly recommend Mr. Hance. Hes experienced,

    intelligent and sensitive to the needs of his clients and the communities he serves.

    Karen Redding, Owner, Printing Company

  • Case Study: Web/Social Media Dance Event Promotion

    Thank you, Jim, for the great job you did on the PowerPoint presentation. We won the $50 million

    contract. Another award-winning presentation! We couldnt have done it without you.

    Jeff Clark, Project Resources, Inc.

  • Typical Project Timeline

    Harness the power of WOW!in your next publication, promotion,

    presentation, graphic or marketing

    communication project. Call Jim Hance

    at 813-465-8165.

    Publications, websites, proposals and

    presentations with 24 pages of content

    will typically have a 7-day production

    cycle. If content needs to be written,

    the timeline may be longer.

    Please contact me at 813-465-8165 or


    for a cost estimate of your project.

    Jim has an amazing way to get to the heart of what you want to communicate. He can take the roughest of ideas,

    ask some really thoughtful questions, and design something that says more than you ever imagined it would.

    Jeff Clark, Project Resources, Inc.


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