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Process mining introduction based on examples with Disco, a process mining tool of Fluxicon.


  • 1. Process Mining Intro Email: Levy Phone: +972 (0)54-6881739
  • 2. ChallengesBusiness processes: Need to be customer centric (quality, speed, reducing contacts) Need to be efficient (costs, reducing waste) 2
  • 3. Typical Situation Ideal Process Process Reality 3
  • 4. Root Causes Subjectivity Everyone sees only a part Exceptions Poor visibility 4
  • 5. Processmining canhelp by ... 5
  • 6. Leveraging IT Data When processes aresupported by ITDetailed logs record: Executed activities When By whom 6
  • 7. Data Requirements Process Instance or 1 Case identifier Status or Activity 2 attribute (process step) One timestamp for 3 status change, start or completion of activity
  • 8. Process Mining Extract As-is process from existing IT data Advantages: Objective (fact-based) Quick (automated) Complete (all variations) 8
  • 9. Process MiningProject Determine Via DB Analyze As- Present results questions administrator is process (e.g., report, Process CSV file or Answer presentation, scope database questions workshop etc.) Which IT extract systems
  • 10. Purchasing Process Planned Actual Process Process 6 days (up to 48 Goal: 3 days days) 10
  • 11. Benefits (1)Enables Waste Visibility Hidden Activities
  • 12. Benefits (1)Enables Waste Visibility Idle times in process
  • 13. Benefits (1)Enables Waste Visibility Animation reveals bottlenecks & repetitions
  • 14. Benefits (2)Verify compliance regarding the approved and official process flow Visual Comparison Explicit checks: - Existing model - Rules
  • 15. Benefits (2)Discover compliance issue Skipped activities
  • 16. Benefits (2)Segregation of duties Violation of the 4-eyes rule
  • 17. Benefits (3)Social collaboration patterns
  • 18. Benefits (3)Comparing employees performance
  • 19. Benefits Get objective picture of actual processes Discover waste (to improve quality and cost) Monitor effects of process changes Verify that rules and prescribed processes are followed in reality 19
  • 20. When not applicable? Completely manual processes (no data available) Data is known not to be trustworthy (does not represent the real process) Problems that need to be solved are not related to the process 20
  • 21. ContactFluxicon Email: Phone: +31-62-4364201 Web: http://fluxicon.comDafna Levy Email: Phone: +972 (0)54-6881739