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The slides for my Product Camp SoCal presentation.


  • 1.Show Me The Money! Zero To $200,000 In One Month How To Create Your Own Info ProductCopyright 2012 by John Chow dot Com

2. Who The Hell Is John Chow?#1 #4 Best Marketing Affiliate blog 3. What Is An Information Product? eBook, Downloadable software, membership sites, etc. Easy to create. Most bloggers have enough posts to make many ebooks. Cost of Goods Sold Is Near Zero Price Is Based On Value Very Easy To Scale 4. Work From No HomeCase Study 5. ClickBank Has Over100,000 AffiliatesLooking For Products To Promote 6. Getting YourProduct To The Top Of ClickBank = Money 7. Gravity Score Number of distinct affiliates who earned acommission by referring a paying customer tothe vendors products. This is a weighted sumand not an actual total. For each affiliate paidin the last 8 weeks we add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The more recent thelast referral, the higher the value added. 8. Gravity Drives Affiliates Affiliates Like High Gravity ProductsBecause It Means People Are Making MoneyA Gravity Score of Zero Means Theyre The Guinea Pigs 9. Your Affiliate Clickbank Link http://YOURID.ustrip.hop.clickbank.netReplace "YOURID" with your actual Clickbank ID and youre set. 10. 1st Week of Launch: 1,483 Units Sold 11. One Very Important Final Tip Create TheMarketing First, ThenThe Product 12. Youre Welcome!