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Cloud infrastructure pricing has been incredibly variable across different providers since its beginning. Adding fuel to the fire, many IaaS providers do not offer prospective customers help in understanding pricing, as evident through a lack of transparency. All of the confusion is frustrating and leads to uncertainty that directly affects your bottom line. While there are many factors to consider, this ProfitBricks webinar, "The Secret World of Cloud IaaS Pricing: How to Compare Apples and Oranges Among Cloud Providers," will help guide you in the process of taking control and reducing your pricing frustrations in the cloud. You'll learn: The Current State of Cloud Computing IaaS Pricing and Packaging Overview of Configurations Understanding how to leverage the Price/Performance ratio and the role it plays in the Cloud Computing How to evaluate IaaS providers - See how you can save 43 to 80%, while getting twice the performance


  • 1.The Secret World of IaaS Pricing With: The ProfitBricks 30 Minute Webinar Series:

2. WELCOME Cloud Computing 2.02 Welcome to the ProfitBricks 30 Minute Webinar! Todays Program: The Secret World of IaaS Pricing Why Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) pricing is confusing Breaking down the impact of temporary storage, tiered vs configurable instances, and performance How hidden costs like support and IOPS can surprise you on your bill Pete Johnson Cloud Platform Evangelist ProfitBricks @nerdguru Kenny Li Co-Founder & CEO Cloud Spectator @KennyMuLi 3. 3 Founded in 2010, 125 Employees (July 2013) Global Cloud Computing Service IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) operations in Berlin, Germany and Boston, MA, No legacy infrastructure, hardware or provisioning systems Focus on delivering pure IaaS services with market leading price/performance ratios Strong roadmap with additional DCs and Innovative Cloud Computing Infrastructure ABOUT PROFITBRICKS 4. QUESTIONS, SLIDES, ETC Cloud Computing 2.04 To ask a question: simply enter your questions in the GoToWebinar box These slides will be made available on SlideShare 5. Founded in 2011, 10 employees Performance and Pricing analytics across the IaaS industry Fully automated benchmarking suite to capture performance capabilities and fluctuation throughout time across public IaaS providers Working to establish a standard in IaaS performance in the industry. About Cloud Spectator 6. Has run benchmarks on: 7. Cloud Computing 2.07 IAAS PRICING IN GENERAL What do you think about IaaS pricing? Is pricing straightforward or is it confusing? 8. NON-OBVIOUS STORAGE DIFFERENCES Cloud Computing 2.08 Whats the difference between types of storage you get with IaaS compute offerings? 9. COMPARING APPLES TO ORANGES Cloud Computing 2.09 10. COMPARING APPLES TO APPLES Cloud Computing 2.010 11. TIERED VS CONFIGURABLE SIZES Cloud Computing 2.011 How do tiered vs configurable sizes impact customer cost? 12. FINANCIAL IMPACT OF CONFIGURABLE VS TIERED INSTANCES Cloud Computing 2.012 0 50 100 150 200 250 Cores RAM AWS Tiered Sizes ProfitBricks Cores & RAM Configurable GUI Sliders 13. PERFORMANCE Cloud Computing 2.013 Does performance matter? 14. PERFORMANCE = $ Cloud Computing 2.014 Why buy 4 CPUs when you can get similar performance out of 1 CPU? 15. OTHER COST FACTORS Cloud Computing 2.015 What about other costs like 24/7 telephone support & IOPS? Are those standard across providers? 16. SUMMARY Cloud Computing 2.016 IaaS pricing is confusing, be careful what you are comparing with different vendors Be aware of: Temporary storage vs redundant block storage Tiered vs configurable instance sizes Performance differences = $ Potentially hidden costs like phone support and IOPS 17. THANK YOU + QUESTIONS Cloud Computing 2.017 Thanks for attending! Pete Johnson Cloud Platform Evangelist ProfitBricks @nerdguru Kenny Li Co-Founder & CEO Cloud Spectator @KennyMuLi As a reminder, you can ask questions: Start a 14-Day Free Trial or contact a ProfitBricks Cloud Account Executive: or Call: 1-866-852-8229 Download the companion white paper: Secret World of Cloud Computing IaaS Pricing