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  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    Project Brief on

    Underground Sewerage System

    In Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation Area

    The city presently generates approximately 100 MLD of sewage (assuming that

    80% of the water supply goes into the sewage).

    Like most of the old towns in the country, Bhiwandi also had dry toilet system. nkeeping with the !o"ernmental #olicies $Bhangi Mukti %o&ana', these were

    gradually phased out and an underground sewerage system was concei"ed in

    1()*+) to cater to the then existing population of -0,000 and a design population

    of 1,00,000.

    The present sewerage system consists of (refer Map no. 6)

    /losed Drains Mostly limited to the central parts of the city.

    pen Drains $2allahs' 3 4ewers

    4ewage #umping 4tations

    4ewage Treatment #lant

    !!! Sewerage System

    mmediately after independence, !o"ernment. of ndia decided to a5olish

    5asket type latrines and li5eration of sca"engers $Bhangi Mukti %o&ana' of

    priority 5asis throughout the country. 6s per the decision taken 5y the

    !o"ernment. of ndia, !o"ernment. of Maharashtra state had prepared a

    scheme to con"ert all Basket type latrines into pit type 7flush type latrines

    throughout the state.

    6ccordingly the phase+ of the underground drainage scheme was planned 3

    designed in the year 1()*+) for a population of -0,000 souls 3 ultimatepopulation of 1,00,000 souls.

    nitially under phase+, no treatment plant was designed to treat effluent

    generated with in the town. nly natural ponds $oxidation ponds' were

    designed to make sedimentation process of solid particles presents in the

    initial effluent collected and after completion of sedimentation process, final

    effluent was to 5e used 5y the near5y "illagers for the agriculture purpose.

    6fter completion of the scheme, "illagers had resisted to store initial effluent

    into oxidation ponds for treatment and hence, as an alternate solution it wasdecided to discharge whole effluent into the creek.

    Later on in the year 1(8(+90 the go"ernment of Maharashtra prepared a

    scheme to co"er remaining part of the Bhiwandi town as well as to treat the

    effluent collected 5y the old scheme with the financial assistance of the :orld

    Bank. This was called as the M.:.4.4.B. 4tage .

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    The scheme consist of Trunks main, laterals, property connections 3 house

    connections to collect the effluent generated throughout the town and con"ey

    it to the pumping stations. ;nder this scheme two pumping stations and one

    sewage treatment plant $18.- M.L.D. capacity' were designed (Refer Map

    No. 7).

    The work of underground sewerage system was taken up 5y the Maharashtra

    :ater 3 4ewerage Board. The actual work started in the year 1(9+9< and

    was completed in the year 1((8. This scheme was operated and maintained

    5y the M.:.4.4.B. till *00*. Later on it was transferred to and maintained 5y

    the municipal corporation.

    6s per the a5o"e scheme, *-= of the Municipal area is now co"ered 5y the

    underground sewerage system. t is now decided to co"er the entire area of

    the city under the underground sewerage system, D#> for which has already

    5een prepared.

    !!"! #stimated Sewage $eneration

    The estimated sewage generation for the year *00 has 5een calculated

    assuming that 90= of the water supplied would form the sewage (Refer

    Table .!).

    Table Error! No text of specified style in document.-1: Estimated Sewage Generation

    %ear Projected &ater Supply


    Projected Sewage

    $eneration 'M()*

    *00- 1*- 100

    *011 18- 1

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    )ecentralized System -.

    The entire city is di"ided into the small areas known as sewerage district 5ased onthe

    1. #opulation density*. Topography. 6"aila5ility of land for 4T#

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    Bhiwandi Nizampur Underground )rainage Scheme 3ased on )ecentralized waste water treatment concept

    #S,IMA,#) P456#C, C5S,S B(5C7 #S,IMA,#S

    Population Projection

    %ear Population Sewerage 8low'M()* &ater demand

    "// 19:;

    "/0 "///// "1"!// ing Mains ooms, Meter

    >ooms, /ompound walls, etc.' -,-00,000.00

    ; mplementation of 4ewer /6D7 4/6D6 for completesewerage network *,000,000.00

    : Land acAuisition -,000,000.00

    9 /omputers, #rinters, scanner, #lotter, !#4 etc. ,-00,000.00

    / #ro"iding and /onstructing fully furnished pro&ect office10,000,000.00

    4hifting of utilities xisting network >eha5ilitation works1,000,000.00

    " /ommunication strategy, pu5lic awareness compaign forwater tarrif rationalisation and &udicious use of waterassetes


    0 /onstruction of staff Auarters, purchase of "ehicles and 1,

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    training to the staff

    Total 2et /ost 0>9/>221>/1

    6dd 11.-- = scalation for year implementation */"!2

    6dd T# 3 /entage charges E 1*= 12!;/>/"!2

    4ay 0>;/>///!//

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    Project Brief on&ater Supply

    In Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation Area

    Bhiwandi+2iCampur /ity Municipal /orporation 6rea comes under Cone (Refer

    !0.&.!' page & of the Regional *lan for Mumbai Metropolitan Region !++!,0!!)

    of Mum5ai the Metropolitan region, which is di"ided into six Cones for the purpose

    of #lanning water resources and hydrometric study.

    The limited water sources and the high population growth ma&orly 5ecause of

    hea"y migration from all parts of country due to the work opportunities offered 5y

    the city has widened the present demand+supply gap.

    !!0! Sources of &ater supply to Bhiwandi.Nizampur

    The source of safe, pota5le drinking water for Bhiwandi 2iCampur areas can

    5e categoriCed as

    1. #iped Distri5ution 4ystem

    *. 2atural sources 3 pen :ells

    . Bore :ells 3 ?and #umps

    f the a5o"e, piped water is the most important source of pota5le water in

    the city. The piped water supply is a"aila5le to (0= of the population,

    whereas, a5out 10= population, especially in the fringe areas is dependent

    on natural wells and 5ore wells.

    #resently, the city water reAuirement is approximately 1*- MLD, which is

    estimated to increase to 18- MLD 5y the year *011 and *(- MLD 5y year


    ! Piped &ater Supply

    The city recei"es a total supply of 11* MLD from "arious sources out of which

    a5out - MLD comes from Tansa and Gaitarna mains of the Bom5ay

    Municipal /orporation, MLD from Garhala Lake and 5alance 8< MLD from

    the 4hahad Temghar water works (refer table .!). Thus the total watersupply comes to approximately 1*0 litres per capita per day ($onsiering

    una-oiable physi$al losses to be 0%).

    Table Error! No text of specified style in document.-3: Various sources of water suppl for

    !"iwandi-#i$ampur %it

    Agency ,otal ?uantity in M()

    BM/ Tapping $Garhala' 1-.0

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    -): *etails of +ater connections gi(en b !#%,%

    our$e " 2ater supply epartment N3M3

    -: .nnual +ater c"arges

    The corporation pro"ides water at a su5sidiCed rate to most of thedomestic users. The consumers are charged on a flat yearly 5asis depending

    on the diameter of the connection.

    "! 5ther Sources of &ater

    There are a5out -0 open wells in the city, pu5lic as well as pri"ate and more

    than 1,-18 5ore wells, fitted with &et pumps and su5mersi5le pumps for

    pro"iding water to the areas not catered to 5y the piped water supply. n

    addition, the B2/M/ /orporation also operates ( tankers for pro"iding water

    to the "arious localities, especially in the summer season.


    #resence of coli forms in certain localities and a5sence or shortage of

    residual chlorine was found in Municipal tap water in some of the localities

    which indicates that the Auality of water is much 5elow the desired limits.

    !!1! &ater )emand Projections

    6s per the present water supply the city recei"es 11* MLD water from "arious

    sources (refer table .!).This includes the una"oida5le water losses whichare roughly considered to 5e *0=. This decreases the amount of water

    supplied which approximately is 1*0 liters per capita per day. The water

    reAuirement of the city is 1*-MLD. The city faces water shortage pro5lem as

    is e"ident a5o"e.

    ,ype Pipeline )iameter

    HI !/ "!/

    >esidential esidential 1)( 1< 0 0

    ,otal 11< 0

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    Table Error! No text of specified style in document.-/: +ater demand projections 02) 23


    Prospecti@e population

    'in la=h*&ater )emand

    D 01 lpcd 'M()*

    $ross demand 'M()*

    (osses D "/E of total supply

    *001 -.(9 90.8().98

    4ay 100.00

    *00- 8.-0 101.*-1*1.-0

    4ay 1*-.00

    *011 10.)0 1

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    6ssessment >eport of the #ro&ect

    !et appro"als from Forest Department !o"ernment of Maharashtra Thane +

    2agpur Bhopal Delhi 3 !o"ernment of ndia

    !et 6ppro"al from MF, go"ernment of ndia, Delhi.

    Total Time >eAuired in this process 1 %ear.

    3 Step II F B

    /arry out nterprise sur"ey 3 test, prefer detailed designed and appro"al from

    /D xxxx for Design appro"al.

    4 Step II F C

    #reface #lans for :ater Transmission Line 3 :ater Treatment #lant.

    5 Step III

    6rrange for Funds

    6 Step IH


    7 Step H

    :> 2 #>!>44

    8 Step HI


  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    &arna 4i@er ProjectSalient 8eatures

    Sr! no! Particulars Sailant 8eatures

    Name of the project :arna nalla pro&ect. :arna nalla pro&ect.

    " Scope of the scheme 6 :6T> 4;##L% scheme near"illage hadki $kh' on local nalla forwater supply to Bhiwandi town ship

    6 :6T> 4;##L% scheme ne"illage hadki $kh' on local nafor water supply to Bhiwandi toship and irrigate land along left

    5and as well as irrigation on>.B.F. land for "illage hadki $5

    0 Source :arna nalla Local nala &oining to :arna nal

    < (ocation

    1' 4tate Maharashtra

    *' >egion okan

    ' district Thane

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    1' !ross capacty *0.ate 8.)8 10.9)

    ; Control (e@el

    1' >i"er 5ed le"el $m'

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    &ater Supply source de@elopment from Bhatsa 4i@er at Pise Pic=up weir

    Bhiwandi Nizampur City Integrated &ater supply project

    SGNo! &or=s App! Cost inla=hs

    Capital cost payment to $o@ernment + MC$M ///

    " Jead wor=s + allied wor=s at PIS# &eir> ///

    0 Pumping station and it allied wor=s 1//

    < 4aw water transmission up to Pogaon &,Plocation!


    1 4e@amping of Pogaon &,P and MB4 ///

    2 Pumping station at Pogaon 1//

    ; Pure water transmission system from Pogaon &,Pto BNCMC!


    : &or=s of other ,ransmission systems

  • 8/10/2019 Project Brief of Water & Sewerage


    ,otal '4s! In(a=hs*