public relations. 17-2 what is public relations?

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  • Public Relations

  • What is Public Relations?

  • PR DefinitionA planned and systematic two way process of communication between an organization and its publics designed to build relationships and create good-will, understanding and support for the organization.

  • What are Publics?

  • Publics DefinitionAny group that has an common interest that can potentially impact an organization's ability to achieve its objectives

  • Two Kinds of Publics External Internal

  • Publics ExerciseGet into groups and come up with all the publics for the following organizations:Moorpark High SchoolSouth West AirlinesStarkist TunaDetermine what the impact is of each public on the organizations ability to achieve its objectives

  • Levels of Publics ConvictionOpinionA conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proofAttitude Feeling or position with regard to a person or thing Belief Like an opinion but stronger: Ones core values

  • Public OpinionWhat most people in a public thinkTransitory and unstableBased on perceptionsEdward Bernays defines Public Opinion as:Ill defined, mercurial, and changeable group of individual judgments

  • Differences between PR and AdvertisingPRCredibility of 3rd party endorsement TrustNon-Paid ()

    AdvertisingRuns exactly as advertiser approved ControlledPaid

  • Tobacco PR StrategyConsidering your new knowledge on publics, what is your opinion of the tobacco industry stated strategy?

  • PR - Three levels of controlControlledUncontrolledSemi Controlled

  • PSAs given by company News Release - company Corporate, institutional, advocacy advertising Brochures, flyers, magazines, newsletters Annual reports Photographs, films, videos Displays, exhibits Speakers, staged events Books Controlled Media

  • New Release - third party News features Press conference Op/Ed pieces Talk shows PSAs third partyUncontrolled Media

  • Word of mouth (buzz)Viral marketingSpecial events and sponsorshipsBlogsSemi-Controlled Media

  • Videos, DVDs and CDs Ideal tools for distributing in-depth information

  • Effectiveness and PREvaluation is based on setting measurable objectives Baselines of criteria are establishedBaselines are compared to measured results

  • Publicity vs AdvertisingThe management team of XYZ, Inc. has only enough budget to use either a PR campaign or an advertising campaign to get senior citizens to join their health spa.Split into two groups and each select one side. Make your case.