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Pronunciacin:La saludVerbosAdjetivosAdverbiosCmo se siente?The following people have differing medical conditions:Partner #1: Describe what is going on with them from the photo using your new vocab. Stay in the present tense for right now so describe their CURRENT condition. Partner #2: Give them advice using deber and using your vocab

Ejemplo:Partner #1: Esta es Mara. No tiene fiebre pero estornuda mucho en la primavera.Partner #2: Mara tiene alergias. Ella debe tomar las pastillas para alergias. No debe estar cerca de las flores.

Classwork/HomeworkNext week well be especially working on Preterite vs. Imperfect.To give you a chance to work a bit with these ideas in English:Underline all the verbs in the write-up you did last night.Using the descriptions in your textbook and in the notes we have taken, go through each verb and decide if it would be preterite or imperfect in Spanish. Write I above imperfect verbs and P above preterite verbs.