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Leaders in the Civic Engagement MovementInterviews with 61 leaders from 26 universities in 17 countries written by 15 authors www.tnlc.org/LCEM Mirror the postcard/ report 1Dedicated to the memory of a pioneering leader and champion of university civic engagement, Russel Botman.Mirror the postcard/ report 2

Russel Botman Former Rector and Vice-Chancellor Stellenbosch UniversitySouth Africa

Africa needs a new generation of responsible leaders who will be willing to place the public good before self-interest.Leaders in ArgentinaMirror the postcard/ report 4Rafael Velasco, RectorUniversidad Catlica de Crdoba ArgentinaThe knowledge we produce through our research and teaching has to be for the benefit and transformation of our country.

Photo low quality waiting 5You need to trust young people and give them a chance to participate and to lead.Mara Nieves Tapia, Founder and DirectorLatin American Center for Service Learning Argentina

Leaders in Australia Mirror the postcard/ report 7Engaged universities extend their mission-based activities out of conviction that their role should be transformative.Janice Reid, Former Vice-ChancellorUniversity of Western SydneyAustralia

We must inform and support research and teaching which embeds civic engagement, we cannot leave it on the margin. Barney Glover, Vice-ChancellorUniversity of Western Sydney Australia

Glover article will be written by Lorlene --- new photo requested9Loshini Naidoo, Senior LecturerUniversity of Western Sydney Australia

If we can make a difference in the life of one person in a community, it is a small yet significant step to empowering a whole community.

Not article slide only 10Eric Brace, Executive Educational AdvisorAustralia Literacy and Numeracy FoundationAustralia

Universities that represent the perspectives of diverse learning communities are places which are more inclusive, dynamic and relevant."No article slide only 11Leaders in Burkina Faso Mirror the postcard/ report 12

Amadou Hama Maiga, Director General International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering Burkina Faso We want to improve the quality of education to help more African students engage in research and develop knowledge together.

Quote to be taken from november lcem 13Elodie Hanff, Director of Technople Business Incubator International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering Burkina Faso

Many innovative ideas in line with the needs of green growth in Africa need a helping hand in turning them into businesses.

Quote to be taken from nov lcem 14Leaders in CanadaMirror the postcard/ report 15

One challenge is to ensure the new structure and practices of engagement stay attached to values that are linked to the common good.Budd Hall, UNESCO Co-ChairCommunity-Based Research and Social Responsibility in Higher Education, University of VictoriaCanada

Leaders in ChileMirror the postcard/ report 17Ester Fecci, Director of the Center of EntrepreneurshipUniversidad Austral de ChileChileStudents and youth are capable of taking civic engagement and social responsibility to a new level,for mutual respect, as one human being to another.

18One of our duties is to convey knowledge from the university and make it available to the people. The linkages we have with the community influence the type of science we do and the type of knowledge we generate.Andrea Pino, Director Center of Environmental Studies and Sustainable DevelopmentChile

Photo low quality waiting on new19

Juan Leyton, Community Organizer Neighbor to NeighborChile & USAProjects will succeed when universities approach communities with the attitude, not of telling others what to do, but rather opening their hands and saying, this is what we have to share.

20Leaders in ChinaMirror the postcard/ report 21Timothy Tong, PresidentHong Kong Polytechnic University ChinaUniversity students are builders and leaders of our future world. They must remember rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, and mutual respect is a cornerstone of a civil society.

22Leaders in EgyptMirror the postcard/ report 23In the civic engagement movement we are creating allies and incentives for our faculty and students to think again about conventional practices in higher education and to experiment with new platforms and paradigms.Lisa Anderson, PresidentThe American University in CairoEgypt

Civic engagement is a way of life, a kind of reflex to every small and big decision in our daily lives.Nelly Corbel, Director The Lazord AcademyThe American University in Cairo Egypt

Photo low quality waiting on new25It begins with civil society, where people see positive action, not just wasted words or slogans on the street, but action that changes lives and the course of history.Rana Gaber, Community OrganizerThe Egyptian Youth Federation Egypt

26Leaders in KenyaMirror the postcard/ report 27There is no one-size-fits-all approach to community engagement. Strategies must be context specific.Olive Mugenda, Vice-ChancellorKenyatta UniversityKenya

Leaders in MalaysiaMirror the postcard/ report 29Universities are the conscience of society. We will get lost if we have isolated ourselves from society in our ivory towers. We must serve our community. Mei Ling Young, ProvostInternational Medical UniversityMalaysia

30Kok-hai Ong, DeanInternational Medical University MalaysiaThe need to serve and engage communities has also given the students the opportunities to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom.

31James Koh, Associate ProfessorInternational Medical University MalaysiaUniversity community engagement has been a large part of the IMU vision as well as its culture. Social responsibility is deeply expressed through the way Malaysians take care of family and community.

32Sharifah Hapsah Shahabudin, Former Vice-ChancellorUniversiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaMalaysiaCivic engagement helps people to see beyond their differences.

33The university has the moral responsibility to create a positive impact on the public especially in developing the human capital of the country as well as the lives of people.Datuk Noor Azlan Ghazali, Vice-ChancellorUniversiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaMalaysia

Photo low quality34Saran Kaur Gill, Former Deputy Vice-ChancellorUniversiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaMalaysiaTo obtain the buy-in for partnerships, I had to convince and persuade academics, industries, NGOs and the community of the value of this field; I had to show them what we could do.

No photo yet35I believe everyone in society has helpful knowledge and every student has good ideas. It is our job to give students a chance to find a vision toward success, and to enjoy life and develop their career along the way.Mohd Fauzi, ProfessorUniversiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaMalaysia

Photo low quality36Leaders in MexicoMirror the postcard/ report 37Universities, as anchor institutions, need to be attentive to the surrounding needs in their communities, to eradicate poverty, and corruption. This type of awareness is contagious and is fundamental for any leader.David Noel Ramrez Padilla, RectorTecnolgico de MonterreyMexico

Photo low quality38As soon as a professor in a university stops sharing or extending knowledge beyond the classroom, he or she becomes obsolete.Ernesto Benavides Ornelas, Director of EngagementTecnolgico de MonterreyMexico

Photo low quality39Mara Bravo, Coordinator of Brigadas ComunitariasTecnolgico de MonterreyMexico

Poverty is not only material but is also cultural in the matter of empowerment. It is difficult to make people believe change is possible.

40Sara Ladrn de Guevara, RectorUniversidad VeracruzanaMexicoLearning to appreciate and love the differences we all have is a path that leads toward a more equitable future.

Photo low quality --- will request new photo 41Beatriz Rodrguez Villafuerte, Vice-RectorUniversidad Veracruzana, Campus Orizaba-CrdobaMexicoIt is very important that the development of professionals and academics includes a vocation of giving back, to ensure they have this kind of commitment for the rest of their lives.

Article - ANCHORS42Clona Maher, Coordinator for International Cooperation Universidad VeracruzanaMexicoBoth the community and the students are changed through the engagement with one another.

Photo low quality43Leaders in PakistanMirror the postcard/ report 44Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Founding PresidentAga Khan UniversityPakistanThe community is the most important partner for a university.

It is extremely important students get a sense of purpose with their education. Technical knowledge is crucial, of course, but the purpose of education is greater and leads to a purpose in life.Sohail Naqvi, Vice-ChancellorLahore University of Management Sciences Pakistan

46There is so much potential for growth in Pakistan. The people are extremely talented and there is so much they can do. All they need is a platform and some support.Maryam Ahmed, Co-Founder Literaty Pakistan Program Lahore University of Management Sciences Pakistan

47By enabling students to interact with under-resourced members of a community, the students see new perspectives and get the chance to give back.Hamza Ayub, Secretary Literaty Pakistan ProgramLahore University of Management Sciences Pakistan

48Leaders in RwandaMirror the postcard/ report 49Its all well and good to say we are teaching through community outreach, but we are struggling when it comes to assessment. Teachers are discussing different approaches and we are eager to learn from others.James Gashumba, CoordinatorUniversity of Rwanda, Nyagatare CampusRwanda

Photo low quality50The first and most important achievement is ac