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  1. 1. #1#mike.metral@rackspace.comTwitter: @mikemetralMike MetralSolution ArchitectRackspaceBuild a Better Way of Delivering ITApril 25, 2013cloud success starts hereapril25-26 sanfranciscoMike Metral, RackspaceSolution Architectmike.metral@rackspace.com
  2. 2. #2#Agenda The Open Cloud Model with OpenStack & Rackspace Why Build Cloud-aware Applications? Make the Cloud Your Own The Hybrid IT Model Leveraging Unified Management and Automation Demo Q&A
  3. 3. #3# Open source softwareto run a cloudanywhere oncommodity hardware Aimed to delivermassive scale An ecosystem devotedto innovation Flexibility indeployment/features Standards for broaddeployment No fear of lock-in
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  5. 5. #5#Our Vision: A Global Open CloudALL BACKED BY FANATICAL SUPPORT
  6. 6. #6#The Rackspace Portfolio
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  9. 9. #9#Cloud MaturityLow HighProvisioning TimeHighServerAutomationMulti-CloudApplicationAutomationContinuousOptimizationLaunch through OS ImageBootstrappingLaunch servers via scriptsUse of Chef or PuppetUse of templatesCode once, use everywhereGovernanceHASelf-healingAuto-scalingDynamic workloadsHA ProductionSDLC Test/Dev toProductionBC/DRMaturityValue to Business
  10. 10. #10#Application Centric Model10Cloud Approach Traditional ApproachApplicationFocusedInfrastructureFocusedAppsRightScaleRackspacePrivate Cloud poweredby OpenStackKVMInfrastructureAppsvCloudConnectorvCloudDirectorInfrastructureESX
  11. 11. #11#11Applications & DataRightScale CloudManagement PlatformCloud Infrastructure SoftwareVirtual Servers & Networking, Cloud & Storage ControllerHypervisorCloud Infrastructure SoftwareHost Servers CPU, Memory, Networking, StorageWeb Apps, Dev/Test, Self-Service, etc.CommodityHardwareDefine Your Cloud What customization do you need for your business?
  12. 12. #12#Unified Management
  13. 13. #13#Case StudyBehance is a platform to showcase and discover creative work.CHALLENGES:Fast-growing company with huge amount of images to store, process, anddeliver.RACKSPACE and RIGHTSCALE SOLUTION:Rackspace Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, RackConnectTM, DedicatedNetwork Attached Storage (dNAS) all managed with RightScale CloudManagementBUSINESS OUTCOME:Company can rapidly scale its business; able to store lots of user-generatedcontent; saves time and money; allows their development team to focus onbuilding a better product.
  14. 14. #14#Workload Liberation Preserves Choice14Cloud Management PlatformInternalPrivateExternalPrivatePublicMulti-Cloud filtersGeographyCostPerformanceFeaturesComplianceSecurityExisting Vendors
  15. 15. #15#DEMO
  16. 16. #16#RightScale and Rackspace OnboardingScoping &DesignProjectPlanning &GuidanceGo-liveSupportActivitiesProject scopingRackspace andRightScale architectsand engineeris assigned toyour teamDeliverablesArchitecture designdocumentStep-by-stepwork planActivitiesDedicated projectmanagement andscrumsTechnical guidanceto track progressand troubleshootDeliverablesTracking of projectwork planActivitiesTesting & Optimizationassistance andguidancePre-launchdeployment reviewLaunch day supportAccount ManagersassignedDeliverablesLive System
  17. 17. #17#Scoping & Design Commitment to new Philosophy Willing to break-the-glass Identifying appropriate next-gen architecture Decouple application layer Transformation of data layer Enhancing & evolving personnel skill set Hardware Tailoring compute, storage & networkingresources to your application needs Identifying appropriate targets for on-demand capacityActivities Kick-off call Project scoping call Rackspace +RightScale architectand engineer isassigned to your teamDeliverables Architecturedesign document Step-by-step workplan
  18. 18. #18#Project Planning & Guidance Use of pre-built RightScaleTemplates, Alerts, Escalations andMonitoring Advise on application deployment andmanagement best practices OpenStack Training RightScale TrainingActivities Dedicated projectmanagement andscrums Technical guidance totrack progress andtroubleshootDeliverables Tracking of projectwork plan
  19. 19. #19#Go-Live Support Testing, Optimization and AutomationTest| Rackspace 24x7x365 Fanatical Support Access to OpenStack expertise Monitoring Remote Patches & Upgrades RightScale/Rackspace Support No Hand Off policy Infrastructure and Application support unified Post Evaluation Review Next Phase PlanningActivities Testing &Optimizationassistance andguidance Pre-launchdeployment review Launch daysupportAccount Manager isassignedDeliverables Live System
  20. 20. #20#Why RightScale and Rackspace? Keep the why in mind We believe in a new and better way to deliver IT to your business We will help you get there Youll escape the drudgery, flakiness and inflexibility of the old way Youll become the person who moves your company forward Tap into the RightScale & Rackspace Braintrust Work with the cloud experts RightScale is the first cloud management platform and has launched over5 million cloud servers through its platform Rackspace is known as the leader in providing choices forcustomers, starting the OpenStack initiative and Fanatical Support. You wont find a better team to work with
  21. 21. #21#Thank You!Questions?