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Experiment Your Way Out of Beta! Or be stuck in a perpetual cycle of ignorance & low revenue Rick Perreault Co-Founder & CEO Unbounce.com Find me on twitter @rickperreault Slide #1 of 24

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Experiment your way out of Beta!


  • 1.Experiment Your Way Out of Beta! Or be stuck in a perpetual cycle of ignorance & low revenue Rick Perreault Co-Founder & CEO Unbounce.com Find me on twitter @rickperreault Slide #1 of 24

2. What is an experiment? "scientic procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact."Important because they test your assumptions & get you closer to the truthIm going to show you 3 types of experiments thatyou should use to get out of beta 3. How do I start an experiment? 4. How do I start an experiment?I heard aboutyou from...I would denitelypay if...I tell myfriends... I hate you because...I love you because... Customer feedback will give you insights & helpask good questions 5. How do I start an experiment? Surveys quick & easy way to get lots of customerfeedback 6. How do I start an experiment? www.survey.ioStep 1: ll out these 5 form elds 7. How do I start an experiment? www.survey.io How did you discover sample app? How would you feel if you could no longer use sample app?What would you likely use as an alternative if sample app were no longer available?-> What is the primary benet that you have received from sample app?-> Have you recommended sample app to anyone? (If Yes, please explain how you describe it) What type of person do you think would benet most from sample app?How can we improve sample app to better meet your needs?Would it be okay if we followed up by email to request a clarication to one or more of your responses?Step 2: email these 8 questions your customers,done! 8. Experiment Type #1 9. Experiment #1 I love surveys! Not only for discovery, test hypothesis as well 10. Experiment #1 My Hypothesis:Customers that pay us the most & stay with us the longesthave a different product wish list than those who pay us theleast (but make the most noise) My Test Method: Survey our customers asking them to priorities feature request & segment to track responses by pricing tiers 11. Experiment #1 Customers paying... $25 per$125 + per month want month want features A, B, features F, G, CH 12. Experiment #1Action Item Use a survey to learn what your customers ndmost import (to get out of Beta)If you have different customer types (Free, Paid,Paid Tiers), segmentI used 13. Experiment Type #2 14. Experiment #2 A/B Test Version A (control)50%Trafc100%Trafc Version B (test group)50%TrafcRunning two or more variations to determinewhich one converts better 15. Experiment #2 Test ad copy, email (subject/body), website & landing pages elements,example: 1. Value Proposition (your headline) 2. Image/Video of product or context of use 3. Core Benets 4. Request for data (form size) 5. Call-to-action (CTA) 6. Trust elements (Testimonials) 7. Secondary CTAs (social sharing) Your conversion rate WILL improve if you test 16. Experiment #2Version A (control) (Variant - new headline) (Variant - new headline + smaller page)Conversion 10%Conversion 14% Conversion 17.5% 17. Experiment #2 Action ItemUse Survey.io question #4 & #5 results to develop new ways of describing your startup and test itagainst what you currently have.I used 18. Experiment Type #3 19. Experiment #3Fake It TestDeveloping features areexpensive so you should testinterest in the feature beforeyou spend time developing it. 20. Experiment #3I Wanted to Know: Would customers be interested in benchmarking their conversion against their industry average?Nothing says interested like clicking a Buy Button My Test Method:Fake Landing page describing the feature with CTA tracking 21. Experiment #3 Landing PageLink from AppCTA, buy for $5/mo 22. Experiment #3Landing Page15% Clicked Buy 23. Experiment #3 Action Item I havent done many fake it experimentsBest advice read The Lean Startup This action doesnt require anysoftware or dev time 24. Thank You!Any questions, ndme on [email protected]