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OverviewChanges for SAP in the field of SaaS provider:Acquisitions of Success Factors for HR softwareAcquisition of Ariba for Supply chain softwareLars Dalgaard was appointed as the head of SAPs Cloud business.RCAStrategic stress point in an organization that results in significant change.Platform can act as a benefit for the organization where costs are higher than benefits.Liquidation of trade for more liquid marketIncreasing the entrepreneurial thinking to grow the company either from inside or from outside the organization.

Additional ResourcesSAPs customers should plan on making their own cloud business strategies in order to fit into the cloud portfolio over a period of time.Customers should be aware of other buyers such as, and NetSuite.While moving present systems to cloud, Consider important applications first such as finance and the rest such as CRM secondary so there is least disruption.4ReferencesSuccessFactors presented for users & presenting them within the SAP portal:Easier IntegrationFaster DeploymentRegular UpdatesUnique multi-tenant ArchitechtureMore measures taken for Data SecurityFreedom from nonstrategic IT issuesEasily integrate PartnersImproved ScalabiltyLower, more predictable costsShould Success Factors remain a separate operating unit?Yes it should as it would help different architecture intact such as ByDesignCould the addition of SuccessFactors bring with it enough revenue clout to have an impact on the traditional power structure?Yes, very big impact.But could SAP seek to hike prices as it did with BusinessObjects?


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