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By: Shaney Bates


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What are GMO’s?

• Genetically modified organisms are genetically engineered plants and animals• Chemically advanced to withstand the direct application of herbicides and insecticide• Offered anywhere in the United States•Modified to advance the plant or animal beyond expectation

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Myth or Truth?1. Breeding animals

2. Precise and predictable data

3. Strictly regulated

4. Safe to eat

5. No one has fallen ill due to GMO’s

6.Tested for ability to cause allergic reactions

7. GM animal feed is no risk to the animal or humans health

1. Different than natural breeding, poses special risks

2. Crude and imprecise

3. Varies in most countries from non existent to weak

4. Can be toxic or allergenic

5. No scientific evidence supports this

6. No thorough testing for allergens

7. Feed affects animal and may affect the human consuming it

Myths of GMO’s Facts of GMO’s

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Is My Family Consuming GMO’s?• The sad truth is that

most children consume GMO’s on a daily basis

• In North America 80% of the food contains GMO’s.

• Most common GMO’s:- Soy- Cotton- Corn- Canola- Alfalfa- sugar beets

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Why Organic is Better

•Shopping organic is the easiest way to ensure that you and your family are not consuming products containing GMO’s•Organic foods have very limited synthetic inputs•Apply natural fertilizers such as manure•Use traps and beneficial bugs to maintain crop•Feed animals organic foods•All organic products are labelled as organic•Organic and Natural do not mean the same thing, don’t get confused!

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Organic Vs. GMO

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Benefits of GMO’s on Farmers• Increased crop yield: using herbicides have been linked to crop yields•Using GM seeds will decrease the application of pesticides• Increased profits have been seen in the increasing use of GMO’s

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Concerns of GMO’s on Farmers•Contractual issues requires farmers to sign contracts when buying their GM seeds•Farmers have limited rights to use and retain seeds•Farmers are held liable for an injury, losses or damages from the product

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Facts on GMO’s

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Super Bugs and Super Weeds

• Antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria that’s able to survive after exposure to the antibiotic• Some super bugs still have

an antibiotic that works on them• Pose problems for people

undergoing medical and surgical procedures

• Most common superweeds are resistant to glyphosate• Farmers apply herbicides to

try and control them• Climbing costs of herbicides

to control the superweeds have greatly increased

Super Bugs Super Weeds

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Advantages of GMO’s•Higher crop yields•More informed customers•Farmers have higher incomes•Decrease in costs of farming•Less deforestation•Less starvation in the world

•More thoroughly understood crops•Enhancement of the food product itself•Higher resistance to disease•Less machinery•Less labor requirements•Strict standards they must meet

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Disadvantages of GMO’s•Harm to organisms•Doesn’t taste “natural”•Spread of superweeds•Spread of superbugs•New trade, tariff and quota issues•May cause health problems•Larger companies have more power

•Possible greed to GMO manufactures•Unforeseen allergen risks•Allergies may become more intense•New allergies may arise•Widening corporate size gaps between food producing giants and smaller ones

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Can You Spot the Difference?

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