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  • 1. Search engine optimization from nimble media SEO From Nimble Media Drive Targetted & website traffic Educate and Entertain Your Target Market Develop brand leadership Kickstart Business growth

2. + Who We Are Nimble Media is an Digital Marketing Services Agency based in Toronto, Canada. We are at the leading edge of the digital content industry, providing engaging, entertaining and educational content for your digital consumer and online community. Content about your business, its products and services, structured towards achieving your digital marketing objectives. We create content that gets people talking with shares, tweets, likes and recommendations. Its the kind of content that builds brands, customer loyalty and drives sales. + What We Do We utilize our suite of research tools and market intelligence to plan and develop a comprehensive digital strategy thats right for your business and unique brand. Our strategies establish and maintain your online profile, drive qualified traffic to your business, and engage your customers (both new and loyal), all while maximizing your publicity, exposure and search engine rankings. Were digital media experts, content authorities and search engine optimizers, and were for hire. With a staff of marketing professionals, web designers, content strategists and over 40 writers and content creators as capable as they are diverse, we have the talent, the team and the means to deliver an effective digital content strategy thats right for your business. And we offer this in a flexible, customizable and adjustable solution. Work with Passionate Professionals Who are Results Oriented and Data Driven focused on delivering Dependable and Affordable SEO services Search engine optimization from nimble media 3. + Market analysis and Website optimization SEO is both an art and a science. The art of SEO is what separates the good from the great. Getting influencers engaged in your content. Spreading the word on social media and in the forums. All of the awesome and super important tenets of good digital marketing matter to SEO. On the technical side: its incredibly important that we make sure at the onset of each campaign that we do a number of things. We need to sit down for a consultation to discuss the campaigns objectives and set out a good list of preliminary keywords to rank. We need to take a look under the hood of your website to determine where we sit and what needs to be done to your website to fine tune it for proper search rankings. We charge a $350 website setup fee because this takes serious time. This is step one in a great search engine optimization campaign. We check for over 150 items at the onset of a campaign, highlights are featured in this chart. Search engine optimization from nimble media Setup -- Onsite Optimization Market Analysis Consultation to Define Goals Extensive Keyword Research Site Architecture Cleanup Technical Error Cleanup HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization Title and Meta Tag Optimization Google & Bing Analytics Google Webmaster Tools H tags Optimization Website Content Writing and Optimization Canonicalization/301 Redirect Image & Hyperlink Optimization Robots.txt Creation/Analysis Sitemap Creation Internal Link Structuring and Optimization Google Authorship Markup In tandem with getting under the hood and cleaning up your website, we set out to understand who you are and what you do best. This way, we can custom tailor our digital marketing strategy to best fit the brand. What is your unique value proposition? How can we position your brand appropriately? Are there special influencers that we can feature in our blog? Do we currently own any off-site channels (i.e. rate MD, yelp, etc.)? Do we currently do any SEO work? What about Social Media? From here we develop out our editorial strategy and calendar. Working closely with our clients to developing the right messaging, the right tone, and the right editorial path to reach the most people within our target market. Across our blog and social media channels. Why do we do this? Well its an important part of SEO, but its also a front-facing part of your business. If you let an ESL write your blog, its going to look like garbage. We take pride in not only generating quality search rankings for our clients, but also in making you look good. 4. + Link bait blogging Traffic generation. Converting traffic into sales. Long-term results. Establishing your business as the thought-leader in your industry. These are all reasons why we take blogging very seriously at Nimble Media. After all, everything you publish helps define who you are. Effective blogging takes more effort than simply throwing together a few posts about your latest products or services. You need posts that are impact-driven, highly relevant and informational. Think shareable content. This can range from the latest news in your industry (and how it relates to you and your customers) to evergreen content like how-to and tips posts, to case studies that show how your service saved your customers time and money. The trick is to write the type of valuable content thats keyword-rich and Google friendly, thereby increasing traffic to your site. More traffic means more sales. And compelling posts help establish you as the leader in your industry. Through all this, youll not only see an uptick in unique visitors to your site, but many of those potential customers will keep coming back to your site, day after day. Simply put, a business that does not have an active, insightful blog will get passed by competitors that do. As part of our digital marketing package, youll be assigned to one of our talented social media technicians (SMTs). Working in concert with you, well carefully craft an editorial style guide that utilizes keywords and topics relevant to your industry. The blog posts will be packed with high-value information thats both useful and engaging. And your SMT will keep his or her pulse on the news and trends in your particular industry. This includes setting up Google alerts and monitoring various Twitter feeds of competitor sites and relative news outlets.Search engine optimization from nimble media Companies with an active blog report 67% more leads Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links Companies that blog Regularly earn five times more traffic 68% of consumers spend time reading content from a brand they are interested in 5. + social media marketing Nimble Media understands the value of social media content as it pertains to the development and maintenance of your brands digital presence. More importantly, we understand how to properly structure social media content in the grander scheme of a digital marketing strategy. Increasingly, social media cues define search rankings. Theres a natural play for search engines when it comes to social media. The more people that engage with you on social media, the more times your links are shared, the more relevant and authoritative your website must be within a certain context. Our talented group of social media technicians will make sure your voice is heard loud and clear in all social media spheres. Not only will they update your social media feeds across your desired platforms, but theyll keep their pulse on the latest trends. Theyll reach out to other thought-leaders in your industry. And, most importantly, theyll engage your social community. This presents your company as modern, competent and reliable. It drives traffic to your website. It helps increase sales. It builds a loyal customer base that will keep coming back. And it helps to build out your search rankings. Nimble Media's social media strategy includes daily curated content within a specific industry, featuring information and content your company wants to present through the most popular social media platforms. Search engine optimization from nimble media 72% of internet users are on social media. Typically for 37 minutes each day 8 in 10 small businesses are using social media to attract new customers 7 in 10 are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media referral 75% of americans use social media to guide their purchase decisions 6. + Link building There are 3 central pillars of SEO. High quality on-site content. An optimized and fine- tuned website. And your inbound link profile. Making sure that we own a serious profile of inbound links from the right sources at the right time is the name of the game for owning high quality local search rankings. We go about this in 3 distinct ways. The first is through genuinely high value link-bait blog content. The second is through a killer social media campaign that pulls on the right linking levers. The third is through the following four common best practices. + Social bookmarking A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Places like Delicious, DIGG, StumbleUpon are high value places where we can contribute and earn social link juice to our websites. We build 5 to 20 high quality social bookmarks each month for your website. + Web 2.0 links Arguably the most important current backlinks, web 2.0 properties are places like wordpress, blogger, tumblr, etc. that allow you to build out a solid profile of high domain authority high- PR links. + directory and business listing submissions We make sure to not only post and contribute to relevant local business directories and business listings, but also post to directories that Google cares about and tracks. Places that have solid domain authority that we can borrow for our SEO campaign. + map submission and optimization Finally. Whats good local SEO if you arent found on various local maps? From Google, to Bing, Yelp, and everything in between. Well make sure that your business is found on every and all maps where a potential patient might be looking f