social media monitoring: everybody's talking! are you listening

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This is an overview of social media monitoring, which starts with the basic principles of listening, measuring and engaging. It also features examples from top companies that show a variety of use cases for social media monitoring, including customer engagement, customer service, marketing efficiency, community building and customer insights.


  • 1. Everybodys Talking!Are You Listening?How Social Media TechnologyBrings Online Conversations toYou

2. 2011 Radian6 3. 2011 Radian6 4. 2011 Radian6 5. #radian6 6. 7. 8. The Great Divide 9. Volume of Conversations250 milliontweets/day 10. Volume of Conversations1.5 billionposts/day 11. Volume of ConversationsBillions ofblogs, comments,communities 12. Monitoring the volume of social mentions requires people or technology.Tweet [email protected]#radian6 13. Three Phases of Monitoring Listening Measuring Engaging 14. ListeningBrand and ProductMentions 15. ListeningDiscover Signal fromNoise 16. ListeningMonitor Competitorsand Industry 17. ListeningFinding Influencers 18. MeasuringSet a Goal 19. MeasuringConnect with BusinessGoals 20. MeasuringMeasure what you canMove 21. Engaging Respond to Questions 22. Engaging Share Valuable Content 23. Engaging Track Activities 24. Successful monitoring requires actionable goals that can be measured.Tweet [email protected]#radian6 25. Building Healthier Online Communities Advice and Recommendations 26. Building Healthier Online Communities Discover Content and Recommenders 27. Building Healthier Online Communities Answer Questions and Publish Content 28. Building Healthier Online Communities Solve Customer Problems 29. Listen tocustomers [email protected] soyou can answertheir questions. Tweet [email protected] #radian6 30. Integrating Feedback into Marketing Refresh Everything Campaign 31. Integrating Feedback into MarketingMonitored thousands ofconversations overnight 32. Integrating Feedback into MarketingImmediate feedback 33. Integrating Feedback into MarketingChanged ad spend forfollow-up campaign 34. Collect real time feedback like @Pepsi to make smarter marketing decisions. Tweet [email protected] #radian6 35. Discover and Build a User Community Inner Circle of Power Users, Fans and Advocates 36. Discover and Build a User Community Over 25,000 Members 37. Discover and Build a User Community Product Suggestions and Comments 38. Discover and Build a User Community Product Roadmap, Prioritize Features and Catch problem 39. Discover and Build a User Community Advocates Share and Spread Content 40. Discover and Build a User Community Recruit New Members, Find New Communities 41. Build an Inner Circle community like @IntuitInc for product reactions. Tweet [email protected] #radian6 42. Making B2B Social Media WorkListening toEngineers, BusinessOwners and forIndustrial Topics 43. Making B2B Social Media WorkFocus on Blogs andForums 44. Making B2B Social Media WorkContentMarketing, Product andService Concerns andCompetitive Intelligence 45. Making B2B Social Media WorkDistributed to ProductMarketing and DealerRelations 46. Making B2B Social Media WorkDiscover New Leadsand Retain Customers 47. Listen across theB2B distributionchannels [email protected] [email protected]#radian6 48. Social Media Command Center Monitors over 25,000 Daily Conversations 49. Social Media Command Center 11 Languages 50. Social Media Command Center Twitter Reach is Greater than Top 12 US Newspapers 51. Social Media Command Center Find Every Conversation and Respond for Service, Sales and Community 52. Social Media Command Center Route Relevant, Timely Customer Feedback to Anyone in Company 53. Social Media Command Center It is also about getting that information to the right people wherever they are in the Dell organization, globally and functionally. Manesh Mehta VP Social Media and Community 54. The @DellCommand Centerachieved 46%more customerreach with thesame employees.Tweet [email protected]#radian6 55. Engage Athletes, Fans and Customers Real Time Feedback to Inform Marketing, Product and Communications 56. Engage Athletes, Fans and Customers Turn a Leading Sports Brand into a Leading Participatory Brand 57. Engage Athletes, Fans and Customers Realized Increases in Site Traffic, Engagement and Sales 58. Engage Athletes, Fans and Customers Every single person in marketing is seeing the insights brought to life in real time. It reminds them how important it is to know the heartbeat of the consumer. Bonin Bough Global Director of Digital and Social Media 59. You dont need afancy room to doamazing socialcustomer service.Tweet [email protected]#radian6 60. 61. Thank YouJeffrey L. CohenSocial [email protected]/b2bsm2Road (previous slide):