social selling: it's about the listening, not the talking

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An exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today #SMTlive Sponsored by @OneQubeMe Spider If you’re a modern sales professional, you know the sales process evolves before you get involved. The modern customer is already educated on your product. They’re researching solutions on their own. It’s your job to find out what your customers are talking about online and how you can help them. Fostering a culture of listening within your sales team is key to success. The best social sales representatives are listening first, then connecting with customers in meaningful ways. Learn how to: Uncover the most effective social media platform for your brand. Utilize social media to discover opportunities for engagement. Build credibility online so customers want to consult with you. Implement a social selling strategy within your sales team.


  • 1. Social Selling: It's About the Listening, Not the Talking#SMTLive

2. Join the Conversationlong and Follow a thoughts 157,34 your share t Twitter a 5e on #SMTlivSubm quest it your ions i n the GotoW Prese ebinar ntatio windo n w#SMTLive 3. Thanks to Our Sponsor 4. Our Speakers Bryan Kramer, is a Social Business Strategist and CEO of PureMatter where hes led his agency to consistent growth over the last 10 years earning a spot as one of Silicon Valleys fastest growing private companies by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Bryan has been listed as the 43rd most talked about marketer by global senior marketers in a report study via LeadTail, #26 by Kred as a Global Top CEO Influencer on Social & as one of The Top 50 Social CEOs on Twitter in the world by HuffPo @bryankramer Robert Moore is Co-Founder & President of Internet Media Labs. Internet Media Labs is single minded in our focus building technology & services that drive relevance in social media & the enterprise. We connect businesses and brands with consumers, enabling them to build, manage & maintain meaningful relevant relationships and engagement at scale. @MediaLabRat Tami Canizzarro is Global Director of Marketing, Social Business at IBM. Tami is responsible for driving IBMs Smarter Commerce initiative and working with companies to better connect with todays always on customers. Her organization oversees global marketing activities for IBM Industry Solutions Division, which includes communications, channel development, demand generation, digital and social media. Tami has a passion for digital marketing and speaks internationally on the topics of Digital Marketing & Social Business. @tamicann Robin Carey founded Social Media Today LLC, a media company which brings together many of the worlds best thinkers about business and policy topics, in 2007. Prior to that, she ran her own media consulting company for 16 years, and worked with Time Inc, Newsweek, BusinessWeek and Ziff-Davis. She leads a team that curates web-based content about social media and other topics, speaks frequently about social media and business. @robincarey#SMTLive 5. 5 Steps to Social Selling 1. Build your personal brand identify to become an influencer. 2. Get to know your prospects before you walk in the door. 3. Listen to your clients and watch for sales triggers. 4. Prospect for new clients. 5. Build and foster relationships. #SMTLive 6. "The best reps are not just present in social media, they position themselves as credible and influential sources in customer networks." - Sales Executive Council#SMTLiv 7. and dont forget to build relationships.Make customers LOVE you.7#SMTLive 8. Getting Started 1. Start listening to your customers and prospects on social channels. 2. Update your LinkedIn Profile. 3. Set a weekly goal for adding new contacts to your network. 4. Build Twitter lists and start engaging with influencers in your industry. 5. Join a LinkedIn Community in your field and participate. #SMTLive 9. 1. Identify Your Audience 2. Create a Listening Strategy 3. Choose your Technology 4. Build Social Evanglists 5. Create a Response Strategy 6. Be Accountable#SMTLive 10. Dont be a social egghead #SMTLive 11. OwnedCreate a Listening Strategywe bs ite vis itEarnedPaidcom plet e pur chaseLinear doesnt exist anymore. #SMTLive 12. Create a Listening Strategy(Culinary Degree| Degree) NEAR/5 (School | certification | College | colleges | Careers | Career | Degree | Degrees | Institute | Center) | (@MBA | @LeCordonBleu| CIA" | @LCB| @CulCenter| Become a Chef"#SMTLive 13. There is no more geographic, its personagraphic #SMTLive 14. #SMTLive 15. Create a Response StrategyTimeliness Makes The Impact Stronger!#SMTLive 16. Be Accountable#SMTLive 17. Upcoming Webinars 2/25 Social Organization: How Centers of Excellence, Collaborative Management and Seamless Enterprise Structures are Working 2/27 The Social Employees: Transform Your Employees Into Brand Advocates#SMTLive

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