social media strategy where to start??

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  • 1. Social Media Strategy Where To Start?? Created By Cygnis Media :

2. Social Media Efforts Identify your needs Identify your audience Analyze your competition Engage your audience Determine which channel will serve which purpose Choose the pertinent solutions Allocate resources Measure your return on investment 3. Flow Chart of Social Media Strategy 4. Key Elements From Your Social Strategy Link to Your Website Retargeting Focus Your Social Media Effort Email Is Still King Don't Ignore YouTube Keep Original Content Flowing Maintain a Personal Blog Don't Forget Facebook Targeting Make Your Employees Your Advocates 5. Increased Use Of Social Media 6. Some Reasons People Love Social Media We desire community We desire to extend our communities We desire to connect and reconnect We desire real world connections We desire having our own voice We desire safety & control We desire to be insiders We desire a level playing field We desire access to the top 7. Thank You Social Media Strategy Where To Start?? Created By Cygnis Media: