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Presentation by Franois Rf, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Schweiz, @ Executive Circle Summit December 2013, about the social customer, social strategies, CRM and social media and Microsoft.


<ul><li>1.Social aber richtig 03. Dezember 2013 Executive Circle Summit Franois Rf, Principal Group Program Manager Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Schweiz</li></ul> <p>2. Executive Circle SummitSocial is omnipresent 3. The social customer 1.2b44%posts per day just on Facebook and Twitter aloneof consumers complain via social media20% 57% through the buying cycle before they contact youexpect a response within 1 hour via social media 4. CRM in the social age TRUSTTRANSPERANCYACCESSPeople trust people not companiesPeople are able to know everything about your productPeople are able to get easily recommendations from their networkBUYING PROCESS HAS CHANGED: conversations in social media have become more influential to the buying process than traditional sales and marketing tactics. This has a BIGIMPACT on the overall Sales, Marketing, Communication and Customer Care process 5. Executive Circle SummitStart with your social strategy 6. Social Business Opportunities MARKETINGSALESSERVICEMonitor Campaign EffectivenessIdentify InfluencersWork Better TogetherIntercept Buying SignalsSocial Customer CareEarly Warning SystemManage Brand ReputationPublish Social ContentCustomer CollaborationEnriched InsightsKnowledge ManagementMeasure Customer Satisfaction 7. Setting up a strategy 7 Steps to a social CRM strategy 8. Step 1 Where are the opportunities in your business?Social Listening and Analytics is great way to start 9. Step 1 Microsoft Dynamics Overview: First insightsOverview on Microsoft Dynamics CRM KPIs and Timeline 10. Step 1 Channel Timeline and distribution for Microsoft Dynamics CRMTwitter Details for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 11. Step 1 Sentiment on Twitter for Microsoft Dynamics CRMAdvocates and their posts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 12. Step 2 -Social Listening and Analytics to get insights 13. Step 3 14. Step 3 Build a business caseEnd-end scenarios Integration &amp; Closed Loops Data Mining &amp; Analytics 15. Closed loops &amp; Social ROI NetbreezeMarketing PilotReputational risk identified drill down and analyze the situationDynamics CRMLaunch campaign and measure successYammerPush report to Yammer Collaborate with colleagues how to mitigate the risk 16. Step 4 - 17. Step 5 - 18. Step 6 - 19. Step 7 Opportunities Competitors Business Case Organization Roadmap 20. Biggest pitfalls of implementing social A Silo within a companyToo expensive to roll out to many usersNot seamlessly integratedSocial Strategy not aligned with top business goals 21. Executive Circle SummitHow Microsoft supports you 22. Pillars of our strategy 23. Collaboration with Yammer 24. Introduction: Netbreeze 25. Listen &amp; Analyze Global sentiment analysisGain a true understanding of your customers and your business on a global scale across the social web.Share of voiceTrack your brand, products, and influence in 28 languages across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, news channels, blogs, and forums.Competitive intelligenceSee how you measure up against the competition. Identify differentiators, strengths, and weaknesses.Campaign managementMeasure social impact on marketing, sales, and service campaigns. Gain insight on whats working and what isnt. 26. Monitor &amp; Respond Top influencersIdentify and connect with the most influential voices in your community.Early warning systemGain early insight on problematic issues and stay on top of hot topics in your industry.WatchdogGet notified on custom key words, competitive conversations, and industry questions.TrendScoutGet notified when posts and publications differ from statistical expectations. 27. Subra Standalone Social Listening, Analytics (Q1 CY14) 28. Leo Embedded Insights &amp; Engagement (Q2 CY14) 29. Executive Circle SummitNetbreeze EAP 30. Participant Benefits Qualify for accessComplimentary 90-min online consultation on social best practicesTrainingOngoing 1-hour community calls with our social listening experts. Self-serve end-user training materialsSupportAbility to ask support questions and provide product feedback through Microsoft Connect 31. Next Steps Sign up for Connect ionUse.aspx?ProgramID=8174&amp;InvitationID= nbe-H8GB-GBJHNominateFill in the nomination survey Survey.aspx?SurveyID=15430Any questions? Netbreeze Questions Yammer group 32. Besten Dank fr Ihre Aufmerksamkeit Franois RfPrincipal Group Program Mgr Dynamics CRM Mobile: +41 (0)78 844 63 70 Twitter: fruef LinkedIn: Schweiz Ringstrasse 12 CH-8600 Dbendorf </p>