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Sound Devices in Poetry. Give a rhythmic quality to writing Emphasize key sounds, ideas, words, or images. 6 Sound Devices. Alliteration Assonance Consonance Repetition Internal rhyme Onomatopoeia. Examples of Alliteration. Lindsay lollygagged leisurely by the lake. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Sound Devices in PoetryGive a rhythmic quality to writing Emphasize key sounds, ideas, words, or images

  • 6 Sound DevicesAlliterationAssonanceConsonanceRepetitionInternal rhymeOnomatopoeia

  • Examples of AlliterationLindsay lollygagged leisurely by the lake.

    Ryan ranted about his repulsion for repetition.

    Repetition of initial consonant sounds

  • Examples of AssonancePugsley utterly pummels thugs.Nick has a bit of a stick in his pithy wrist.

    Janeen screamed when she heard feet creeping in the street.

    Repetition of vowel sounds

  • Examples of ConsonanceNate gets testy when classmates utter sounds during test time.

    Nelson gets restless and rustles through papers before Easter recess.

    Repetition of consonant sound within words

  • Examples of Repetition

    Poor Jenna keeps coughing, coughing, coughing all day long.

    We must fight! I repeat it, Sir. We must fight!

    Repetition of a word or phraseLENORE

  • Examples of Internal Rhyme

    Rachel has a flair for changing her hair.Andrew cant wait for his Saturday date.

    Rhyming within same line (middle and end words)

  • Examples of OnomatopoeiaThe cows mooed, the ducks quacked and the mouse squealed.

    Trey shushed the class when he couldnt hear the teacher.

    Abby stomped her foot when she saw the assignment.

    A word that mimics the sound it describes


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