sport management mgr. zuzana kuncová. what is sport management (smt) about? concerns the business...

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  • SPORT MANAGEMENT Mgr. Zuzana Kuncov
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  • What is sport management (SMt) about? concerns the business aspects of sports and recreation
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  • SPORT MANAGER (SMr) works in: profesional sports college sports recreational sports
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  • their work INCLUDES: event management
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  • facility management
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  • sports marketing sports economics (finance)
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  • sports information
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  • CONTENT THE FIRST TERM PART ONE sport, sport categories, branches PART TWO management, marketing, my career
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  • THE SECOND TERM PART THREE human body, training, healthy diet PART FOUR sport in the region, the czech athletes, competitions
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  • YOU NEED:!!! access to exercise book 2x (notes, vocabulary) OUTPUT: SPORTS NEWS EACH LESSON !!! TESTS PRESENTATION 1 st term INTERVIEW - 2 nd term
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  • SPORTS MANAGEMENT AS A SUBJECT OUR AIMS (CLE) !!!: speak and use English language as much as possible learn vocabulary hard express your thoughts clearly communication with a team-mate, a coach, a reporter learn about sport and its background
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  • atmosphere communicative cooperative creative polite Thank you for your attention