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  • Sports Activities foster a child's overall Growth & Development Presented by: Jesus' Sacred Heart School


  • Health Benefits of Sports ActivitiesStrengthens your child's heart making it more healthy so that in future your ward be free of any heart issues.Your Child's lung becomes more energetic and enhance itscapacityHence, Bones and other wear & tear of your child becomes more energetic


  • Emotional Well being and Mental Fitness These Sports activities produces a sense of relaxation and increasesthe comfort level within the child's mindProper exercise and sports activities produces Beta-Endophrine in the child's body which is 100 times powerful then morphine Thus increasing appetite and mental fitness and helping your child with good emotional health


  • Academic Benefits of Sports ActivitiesChildren applies the same dedication and hard-work in the studies like sportsTheir Concentration level increases resulting in making them morefocused in their studiesChild Uses the team spirit to learn and grow synchronized withothers


  • ConclusionWe at Jesus' Sacred Heart School are dedicated in making a multidimensional growth of your child, we organize sports and athletic events periodically so that every kid can perform great in their academic, social and emotional parameters


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