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The new undergraduate viewbook highlights the key attributes that make St. Ambrose a leading private, Catholic university in the Midwest. In it, prospective students meet current students like Colin Green and the Winkler twins and get an overall understanding of the breadth of programs and services offered.


  • { goal } the right fit

  • { reality} an opened mind

  • THE RIGHT ATMOSPHERE At St. Ambrose, youll have the opportunity to customize your

    college experience, with access to the classes,

    faculty members, leadership opportunities,

    challenge and support you want.

    As a Catholic university, St. Ambrose welcomes students of all

    beliefs to our community. But we hope that students graduate

    enriched by our valuesrooted in the Catholic intellectual

    traditionof exploration, independent thinking, scholarship,

    service, and the pursuit of peace and justice.

    Our programs challenge students to push beyond their comfort

    zones, examine their worldviews, sample new ideas and define

    ethical frameworks that will continue to serve themat school, at

    work, in the community and at home.

    Expect great things to come from your Ambrose education

    and from yourself.

    Get ready to grow: Your St. Ambrose experience will push you to probe deeper, think bigger and see new perspectives.

    { goal } new classes

    { reality } new perspectives

    { goal } family feel

    { reality } family tradition

  • { reality} an education that works

  • Colin Green 10St. Charles, illinois

    Business management and marketing major


    Dodgeball fanatic

    Wednesday night chef

  • Q&ARead more about Colins St. Ambrose

    experience at


    The visit sold me on Ambrose. i met the coaches, the people and the other players. it just clicked.


    Whether charging onto the fi eld, studying in the library or gearing up for a big class presentation, youll get to know

    the campus while you create your own Ambrose reality.

    How have you prepared for life after Ambrose? The Career Center has helped me and my

    roommatesespecially with rsums and

    fi nding internships.

    i did a sales training program last summer

    at AJ Gallagher, a Chicago-area insurance

    broker. On a sales call with my supervisor,

    i made an important contribution: i said

    that i could see the store was very family

    oriented, and related it to my experience at

    St. Ambrose. They liked that perspective

    theyre a Gallagher customer now! That was

    a good experience for me.

  • { reality} a second family

  • A HOME AwAy fROM HOME When you visit campus, ask our students how theyd

    describe St. Ambrose. Chances are, family

    will be one of the first things they say.

    The St. Ambrose family includes people of different faiths and

    heritages and those with varied interests and abilities. Our

    campus is a place where you can share your talents with others

    and experiment with new experiencesbe it participating in

    your first hip hop dance competition or offering to take notes for

    a classmate who is challenged by a disability.

    And because our classes are small (11:1 student-faculty ratio),

    your professors will get to know you and how you learn best.

    According to one student, They dont move on to another topic

    until the whole class gets it.

    You may come to St. Ambrose with a group of

    classmates from your high school, or you may not

    know a soul on your first day. Either way, youll

    be surprised at the new friends youll find almost


    Whether you come from a generations-strong Ambrose family or are starting your own Ambrose tradition, youll

    have many opportunities to build a strong circle of friends.

    { goal } smooth transition

    { reality } helping hands

    { goal } comfy campus

    { reality } comforting others

  • { reality} a higher purpose

  • 13







    N S





    N S




    Y S

    T .

    K I M B E R L Y R D .

    E A ST

    M I S S IS S I P P I R I V E R

    Brady St. Stadium

    Alumni House

    Downtown Davenport

    St. Ambrose University

    Northpark Mall

    Health Sciences Center

    Modern Woodmen Park

    The District of Rock Island

    Vander Veer Park

    9 R I V ER D

    R .


    { reality} close community

  • 712


    L O C U S T S T .

    5 3 R D S T .

    Davenpo r t

    M i nneapo l i s

    M i n n E S O TA

    I O WA

    M i S S O U R i S t . L o u i s

    De s Mo i n e s Ch i cago

    W i S C O n S i n

    1 Central Campus Classes, res halls and most activities are located here. Our beautiful campus spans the late 1800s to the present.

    2 Gathering Place industrialists, bishops and travelers have all called this Victorian beauty home. The mansion now hosts Ambrose alumni events.

    3 Kick Back Adjacent to the main campus, Vander Veer Park offers a botanical garden, ice skating (weather permitting), rollerblading and a great place to study under the trees.

    4 Game Time The football stadium is walking distance from campus. Youll find pre-game tailgates, and post-game celebrations of another Fighting Bees win.

    5 New Investments A new $11.5 million academic building creates amazing collaboration opportunities at Genesis Medical Center.

    6 Shopping Fix Choose from stores such as Von Maur, Abercrombie, American Eagle and Hollister.

    7 Get It Done Big box stores like SuperTarget and Borders, a movie theater, restaurants and an awesome Chinese buffet at Hy-Vee are clustered in this shopping area.

    8 Take Me Out Cheer on the Fighting Bees or the Quad Cities River Bandits baseball team. This park features its very own hot-tub deck and a cornfield!

    9 River Views Take in world-class art and impressive architecture at the Figge Art Museum. Or stick around for the summer and enjoy the Beaux Arts, Blues and Bix festivals on the Davenport riverfront.

    10 Hit the Town Over the river youll find plays, nightlife, restaurants and a festival-friendly pedestrian mall.

    11 Go to the Show See major music acts, touring shows and local professional sports teams at this venue.

    12 Jet Set need to get here fast? Major airlines offer direct flights from hubs including Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit and Memphis.

    M I S S IS S I P P I R I V E R

    i L L i n O i S

    Brady St. Stadium

    Alumni House

    53rd St. Corridor

    iWireless Center

    Quad City International Airport

    { reality} close community

  • { reality} new horizons

  • BuSy AS A BEE You bet. Weve got clubs, arts, speakers, lectureseverything youd expect in a

    thriving academic community. The St. Ambrose

    difference is that youll actually get to participate.

    So try things on for size! Join the Bags intramural team. Check

    out the Hubbard Street Dance Company at our Galvin Fine Arts

    Center. Go to Bible study at Christ the King Chapel. Hear about

    the importance of the Koran at a book festival lecture, or play in

    the Jazz Band. You get the idea.

    And when you start thinking outside the classroom, think

    way outside. We encourage students to pursue study abroad

    opportunities. Our students have traveled to ireland,

    Ecuador, Australia and more than 30 countries to sample life

    and learning in a different culture. Even if no one from

    St. Ambrose has ever been to the country youre

    interested in, we can help you make it happen. Your

    friends will be envious, and your family wont seem as far

    away as you might think. And, by the way, study abroad

    scholarships are available.

    Do something different. You wont regret it.

    Try something new, whether its going to a concert at Galvin or celebrating at Last Blast.

    { goal } big fun

    { reality } big brother

    { goal } small school

    { reality } worldly education

  • { reality} a safety net

  • Kate Winkler 11Evergreen Park, illinois

    Elementary education major

    Serious jogger

    Afterschool volunteer

    Clean freak

    Alison Winkler 11Evergreen Park, illinois

    Early childhood education major

    Student teacher


    Facebook junkie

  • Discover a major that fits, pursue your passion (whether its volleyball or fashion) and carve out your own path.

    The Student Success Center is one of the best things at Ambrose. Theyre there if you need help with a paper or a full-time tutor. They know what theyre talking about.


    {KATE} Definitely. it took a little longer for Alison to adjusti jumped into it

    and she was homesick. i came here and broke

    out of my shell. ive been taking different

    courses and going in different directions.

    Q&A {

    Are you having different St. Ambrose experiences? {ALiSOn} Agreed. Kate explored some different majors, while ive stuck with one. We

    have the same big group of friends, but shes

    closer to different parts. She helped me get

    through my homesickness. next year, im even

    thinking of studying abroad!

    Read more about Kate at and

    Alison at

  • { reality} not exactly roughing it

  • Youll love the Ambrose lifestyle: upscale residence halls, a growing campus and fun in the Quad Cities.

    ROOM SERVICE Our students actually refer to one of our res halls