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  • 1.10 12 October 2011, Vienna, Reed Messe WienMedia PortSession: Tablet Publishing TrendsTitle: Storytelling on StrategieSpeaker: Heiko Scherer, KircherBurkhardt GmbH,

2. Storytelling on StrategyMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 3. Whats next -successful cross-media and tablet strategies for news publisher Heiko Scherer, KircherBurkhardtpowered by WAN IFRAVienna, 10.10.11Montag, 10. Oktober 2011 4. Short introduction Digital Publishing services and consulting for various major clients PublishersBrandsMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 5. After one year tablet publishing No, it wont save us - at least not immediately Hype thG rowa bled elsn tai MoSuses ss in BuN ew ChangeDissapointmentMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 6. How can we be successfull here? Prepare yourself for a mass market of tablet PCs h rowt G Hypea bletainS us d els Change s Mo es sin BuN ewDissapointmentMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 7. 1. Adress the multiplatform challenge Media consumption spreads over a growing number of devicesContentsBrandMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 8. 2. Many platforms - but one productNEW FORMS OF ACCESS NEW FORMS OF ACCESS FORMS OF ACCESS NEW Media consumption spreads over a growing number of devicesOne Brand - one Product = One Pricedevice agnostic entertainment / / / Entertainment&entertainmententertainmentInformation& information / / /informationinformation Entertainment& entertainment // /entertainmententertainment Communication& / communication / / communicationcommunication inspirationinspirationInspirationinspirationproductivity Productionproductivityproductivity creationConsumptioncreationcreation monitoring Monitoring monitoringmonitoring XL XL form FormformformXL XLshort formshort formshort Shortform formmedium formmedium formmedium FormMedium formXS XS form form XS formXS Form push pushpush PushpullpullpullPull pullpullpull Pullpush push PushpushTV/DVD TV/DVD TV/DVDTV/DVDsoftware//websitessoftware software / websites Software/Websiteswebsites apps / /websitesapps websitesApps/Websitesapps / websitesApps //widgets Apps widgets Apps/WidgetsApps / widgetsmovies / videogames movies / videogames Movies search / social search Social/Search / socialebooks / /photosebooks photos eBooks/Photos musicMusic music/ / /movies / videogames search / social ebooks / photos music hourshours video Video videovideo video Video casual games casual Games Casual gameshours Games video video casual gamesHours hours Hours hoursquartersQuarters quartersminutesMinutes minuteshours quarters minutesmaandag 30 mei 2011maandag 30 mei 2011 Montag, 10. Oktober 2011maandag 30 mei 2011 9. 3. Partner with leading tech providers And use HTML to customize your productHybrid App Digital Publishing ToolsCustomize Team Up of Market Leadersusing HTML + + Woodwing EnterpriseDigital Publishing SuiteSmart Plug Ins / Tools Content DeliveryEmbeddedReader ApplicationReader ApplicationWidgetsMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 10. 4. Enhance your workflows Dont try to produce leading digital products with old print workowsWoodwing EnterpriseCDS+ Smart Plug Ins/Tools PreparationAssemblyOutputContent StationAdobe InDesignContent Station ReaderApp Access all kinds Maximal creative Multichannel of contents freedom DistributionMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 11. 5. ReThink your digital portfolio Not just transfer your existing brands and productsSo far: Print goes iPadFuture: iPad-specific Enhancement of New iPad-onlyexisting titles titles+A Newspaper on the iPadMultimedia user experiences based on written contentMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 12. 6. Amazon as a new key player Dont rely on Google for a working pay modelPaid Free iOS Android iPad Kindle/Kindle FireVarious Android TabletsWalled GardensOpenMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 13. 7. Mobile devices push the social web Future digital publishing should always implement a social media strategySearch WebSocial WebBased on links toBased on relationships websites and documents between usersMontag, 10. Oktober 2011 14. 8. Prepare for Permanent Beta Constantly improve and develope with agile methods and in short cycles"The New York Times runs inpermanent beta mode."Janet Robinson, CEO of the New York TimesCompany (October 2010)Montag, 10. Oktober 2011 15. Thanks for listening!Montag, 10. Oktober 2011 16. Hybrid app solutions will rise they enable e ective cross platform publishing combining best of both worlds HybridWeb NativeHTML5 Native Platforms Full Feature Set vs.Web Kit Limited Features Device Agnostic App Stores Preferes Free Models Enables Paid ModelsMontag, 10. Oktober 2011