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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides mobile applications and social media websites for its members and the world. This presentation was shown at Brigham Young University's Education Week. This is the second presentation in the series The Church's Mobile and Social Presence.



2. TECHNOLOGY USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO SHARE At all times of the day across the entire world, the Church and its teachings are being discussed on the Internet, on blogs and social networks, by people who have never written for a newspaper or a magazine. We encourage people, young and old, to use the Internet and the social media to reach out and share their religious beliefs. Elder L. Tom Perry October 2011 General Conference QUOTES 3. TECHNOLOGY NEW WAYS TO SHARE Now in this day of the Internet, there are new and exciting ways you can do missionary work. You can invite friends and neighbors to visit the new Web site. If you have blogs and online social networks, you could link your sites to And there you can create your own personal profile. Each profile includes an expression of belief, an experience, and a testimony. Elder Russell M. Nelson October 2010 General Conference QUOTES 4. TECHNOLOGY BE A GUARDIAN OF VIRTUE Being a guardian of virtue means you will always be modest not only in your dress but also in your speech, your actions, and your use of social media. Sister Elaine S. Dalton March 2011 CES Devotional QUOTES 5. TECHNOLOGY SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION Technology, when understood and used for righteous purposes, need not be a threat but rather an enhancement to spiritual communication. Elder Richard G. Scott Ensign, May 2013 QUOTES 6. SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK TWITTER GOOGLE+ PINTEREST YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM NETWORKS VINE BLOGS 7. FACEBOOK 44% Of Internet users are Facebook users 1. USA 2. BRAZIL 3. INDIA 4. INDONESIA 5. MEXICO Top Countries 600 Million SOURCE: FACEBOOK NEWSROOM Mobile Users 1.3 BillionTotal Facebook users 219 Billion Photos Uploaded 8. Churchs Facebook Page 9. Facebook Page 10. Mormon Channel Facebook Page 11. WHO TO FOLLOW /FamilySearch /churchhistorylibrary /friend.magazine /MormonTabernacleChoir /MormonNewsroom /LDSinstitute /TempleSquare/Liahona.magazine FACEBOOK 12. FACEBOOK VIDEO 13. TWITTER 6,939 TPS Record Tweets per Second 1. CHINA 2. INDIA 3. USA 4. BRAZIL 5. MEXICO Top Countries 500 Million SOURCE: TELEGRAPH.CO.UK Tweets per day 500 Million Total Twitter users 14. Churchs Twitter Page @LDSChurch 15. Twitter Page @Mormonorg 16. Twitter Page @MormonChannel 17. WHO TO FOLLOW @FamilySearch @mormonchannel @LDSmessages @MormonTabChoir @MormonNewsroom @Mormonorg @friendLDS@ldstech TWITTER 18. GOOGLE+ 343 Million Active Users 1. USA 2. INDIA 3. BRAZIL 4. UK 5. CANADA Top Countries 6 Min 47 Sec SOURCE: GLOBAL WEB INDEX Avg Time Spent per day 500 Million Registered total users 19. Churchs Google+ Page 20. Google+ Page 21. Mormon Channel Google+ Page 22. PINTEREST 80% Percentage of Female Users Garlic Cheese Bread SOURCE: HUFFINGTON POST Most Repinned pin 70 Million Total Pinterest users 23. YOUTUBE 100 Hours Of video uploaded Every minute 6 Billion+ SOURCE: YouTube Hours watched each month 1 Billion+ Total Unique Visitors per month 70% Traffic from Outside the US 24. Mormon Channel YouTube Page 25. Mormon Tabernacle Choir YouTube Page 26. INSTAGRAM 130 Million Active Users 45 Million SOURCE: Instagram Photos shared each day $1 Billion Amount paid by Facebook to purchase it 27. SHARING THE GOSPEL THROUGH INSTAGRAM 28. LDS BLOGS 29. THANK YOU Feel free to ask any questions!