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My personal use of online tools


  • 1. Social Media Presence A collection of tools I prefer and the relationships between them

2. Online Resume Social Media Aggregator Favorites / Tags Content Creation Formal Networks Informal Networks Google Reader My Blog 3. URL Links Arrows indicate a URL link viewers can follow to find more information about me 4. Online Resume URL links: Facebook Google Reader 5. Online Resume URL links: Plaxo Google Reader 6. Online Resume URL links: LinkedIn Google Reader 7. Online Resume URL links: Online resume (Google page) Google Reader 8. Online Resume URL links: Combined Google Reader 9. Update Relationships Arrows indicate that content added to one site flows to other sites through feeds or applications 10. Online Resume Update Relationships:Twitter Text Message Google Reader 11. Online Resume Update Relationships:FriendFeed Text Message FB Application Google Reader 12. Online Resume Update Relationships:Blog Dynamite Mind Text Message Google Reader 13. Online Resume Update Relationships:Combined Text Message Google Reader 14. Online Resume All Relationships:Links + Updates Text Message Google Reader